HTC One Sense 6 update

Just this morning we noted that Sense 6 for the Verizon HTC One M7 had been upgraded to "complete" on HTC's upgrade tracker, but the update wasn't yet available — well now it is. HTC One M7 owners on Big Red are being treated to a 642.8MB download that will update their device to HTC Sense 6, bringing along all the goodies we've come to expect from the modern interface.

Sense 6 debuted on the HTC One M8, and while not all of the features from the M8 are migrating down to the M7, enough are to make it worth your downloading and installation time. It brings with it a refined user interface, an updated Blinkfeed, camera app, and more. Sense 6 also moves the apps into Google Play so HTC can update them without having to push a complete system update for the device.

Those of you with Verizon HTC One M7 smartphones, let us know what you think of your new update!

Via: Android Central Forums; Thanks to @VanceMC14 for the heads up!


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Verizon HTC One M7 update with Sense 6 rolling out now


Glad it seems Verizon is getting a little quicker with updates. I hope they allow the M8 update with power saving mode. Verizon and Samsung did well keeping the S3 and S4 updated when I had them.

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I just realized this too. I believe it was missing from the Verizon M8 also... Not sure what Big Red has against power saving.

My question is do you lose any of the current wallpapers, after upgrading to Sense 6. I liked the backgrounds better on the M7 than I do on my M8

Just to let all of you know, the T-Mobile update for the M7 included an Extreme Power Saving Mode. So it's probably safe to assume the Verizon update does, too.

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Try Battery Doctor (Battery Saver) on Google Play. I used to use Snapdragon for HTC One (M7), but I get much better battery mileage out of BD vs. Qualcomm's own app...

Man, I updated my one (M7) yesterday and am seriously regretting it. they changed the camera around and the cool zoe function is essentially useless now. Also, I cant send texts with pictures attached (MMS) without mobile data being on. Weird huh? while the update did seem to make it a bit more snappy, the phone lost some functionality. I wouldn't update if I were you until they have a patch...

I have a HTC one M7 by ATT&T that was unlocked when I purchased it and my provider is Metro PCS whom T-Mobile owns. When can I expect the new update to sense 6 and the Lollypop upgrade? Can anyone help me?