Verizon HTC Thunderbolt training

The bad news: We still don't know when the HTC Thunderbolt will be available on Verizon. The good news: If the above pic is any indication, it looks like training has begun. So it likely won't be too long now before you'll be able to get your hands on that hunk-a-hunk-a-burning LTE goodness. In the meantime, you'll have to make do with our hands-on.

Update: Yes, it's noted that the TB will rock simultaneous voice and data on LTE. Pretty cool, eh?


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Verizon employees getting training on the upcoming HTC Thunderbolt


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If this is the training for the Thunderbolt, surely there'd be some pricing info listed in there, right?

Also, it's definitely not being branded as a Droid device? That's strange.

That was probably the last time HTC took on the Droid name. They probably told Verizon that killer robots clash with their marketing department's style.

Hey phil it will be out thursday march 17 just a heads up and the bionic should be out between april 23 and april 29 mark those dates down in ur calender

Ahh u follow the panda to my friend told me those dates yesterday when he got off work but it does line up with the stuff the panda said ill see if I can find out more on the bionic relase date

motoblur = bionic fail. Plain vanila I would jump, but I like sense much better then motoblur. I dont think we will need dual core in our phone now anyways and most of use get a new phone once a year, (or every 6 months lol) So when we do actually need dual core, we will be getting a new phone anyways. I wouldn't want to be an early adapter to dual core. Who knows what battery life or anything else that will happen. Maybe thats why they gave such a larger battery with the bionic. All I use my phone for is phone, GPS, TXTing, google voice, light gaming when Im bored at work. So I don't need a dual core and obviously this phone will function fine with gingerbread and probably be no problem with honeycomb either.

Yeaup me too. With 3 lines on my account if each goes up 20$ I am going to have to pass. We all have and love our Incredibles... a slightly larger screen would be nice (4"). All the specs in the world don't mean squat to me if my bill jumps up $60

This is the first public (well, it's public now thank to Phil :) ) documentation that the ThunderBolt will support simultaneous 4G data and 3G voice. Previously Verizon had stated that "not all" of the first generation of 4G phones would support that. Glad to see that the ThunderBolt is one of them. That puts the pressure on the others. I've updated the comparison spreadsheet to note this feature.

I think it was in the Q&A session after Verizon's event at CES. I'll try to find the link and will post it here. Watch this space. :)

Thanks for the link, Vdefender. You can find the discussion about simultaneous voice and data at 40:01. Here's a transcript:

Q: For simultaneous voice and data, will the devices support them, especially the phones?

A: It is our intent that some of the devices will support that in the first half launches.

Q: Will it be device specific? It won't be across all of the launch devices?

A: Not ready to comment on that but it could be on some devices and not all.

It's says it right in the leaked picture Phil the 3rd line down. Look over it again good sir and maybe you'll see it :)

I wish this phone was just designed a little better.. I can look past the single core.. the kicker for me is the well... kickstand. I want a phone with a kickstand, but you can't cahrge it and use at the same time..?

I think what he is referring to is the fact that he wants a kickstand on the phone with the charger port on the opposite side of the phone so you can kickstand and charge at the same time like the EVO. When you kickstand the TBolt, you can't charge it b/c the charger port is on the down side of the phone. He doesn't like that fact....

I love my Incredible and I want to want the Thunderbolt. But its just a slightly improved EVO. Its just not HTC bringing their A game. With the Thunderbolt coming out it means probably 6 months before another HTC phone hits unless the Thunderbolt avoids the Droid moniker. So I'm waiting on the Bionic.

im new to android...whats the past history with releases once training slides are released? within few weeks? or you could it still be March release like black_man_x keeps hinting at?

...also, do you think verizon workers might know release date now? or can they get training without release date? im gonna hit my buddy up at VZW but just wondering how reliable the info could be at this point

Same here my friend works for verizon and said the TB will be out march 17 the panda also hinted at that date to but for the bionic my friend is leaning more torwards april 28 or may 5 I knoew for a fact verizon employees know the relase dates at least two months before a device comes out because my friend does and I usually get my phone about 3 days early like verizon employees my friend hooks it up 30% discount on devices and my plan so trust me when I say it will be out on the 17th

great, so im gonna have to get my new phone and worry about f*cking it up on one of the most drunk days of the year!

Any word on the TB having the USB-to-HDMI technology? Been looking, cant find anything. Seems silly to release without some sort of hdmi support...

While I love HTC phones, this just doesn't have two features that the Bionic will have: Dual core processor and higher resolution display. The Bionic will also come with a larger capacity battery.

Just adding a dual core processor on the Thunderbolt would have me buy this over the Bionic, but unfortunately, I think that the dual core processor will seal the deal for me.

Qualcomm only recently started showing off Dual Core Snapdragons. I doubt HTC had access to them while testing this puppy. Besides, it uses the same second gen Snapdragon the G2 has, but clocked up an additional 200MHz from the G2. And the G2's plenty zippy.

The high res display I can understand but when are some of you people gonna realize that a dual core processor in a smartphone, at this moment in time, is practically useless on Android? Froyo and Gingerbread were not built or designed to handle a dual core...if it was, Google would had had Samsung put a dual core in the Nexus S. Honeycomb is when you're gonna want a dual core and guess what, by time Honeycomb comes out, your beloved dual core phones, i.e. Bionic, will more than likely be outdone by something newer. 1ghz single core is the best way to go right now with the current development out in Android. Dual core will be nothing more than a power hog.

Ill love to give pics and more info but my souce is a verizon employee and he didn't wana spill to much info but the dates he gave me in up with some stuff blackmanx said I think he also wrote a poem about it

After reading that "slide", is it new news that this device is going to support simultaneous voice and data capabilities? I thought this was a restriction of the design of the CDMA network

It's true that CDMA as currently implemented by Verizon cannot do simultaneous voice and data. They said they're working on a solution for that but haven't announced an availability date or whether it will require a phone hardware or just software update.

What that bullet and my comment are about is the ability to use two different radios (CDMA and LTE) simultaneously: CDMA for voice and LTE for data. That's a different animal than trying to do both over CDMA simultaneously.

Methinks Verizon doesn't want too many products in the spotlight at the same time. So perhaps February is the month of the iPhone, March is the month of the ThunderBolt, April is the month of the Bionic, and so on. Keeps the buzz going instead of firing all of their guns at once and then being quiet for a few months. Easier on sales, support, and distribution to spread out the new products.

EGGZACTLY! This is the same thing they said about Flash 10.1 (aka Froyo) on the Fascinate... Five months after launch, and it's still "just a month away!"

if its not coming out till March 17, isn't it a little early for training? Also- Do you honestly think the Thunderbolt will not be upgraded to 2.3? if they are upgrading the incredible why wouldn't they upgrade the thunderbolt?

Who's the knob that reckons only MOTO are Droid lmao HTC dream aka g1 was the worlds first Android phone there for if there's only one Droid its HTC dumb cunt lol

Wow, epic failure of reading comprehension and douche-restraint. The right response is "The Droid name was used on the Incredible and the Eris". The Dream/G1 was *not* branded as a Droid since it wasn't sold by Verizon. The Droid moniker is something Verizon specifically pays Lucasarts (the Star Wars people) a lot of money to stick on the back of their phones.

Let's contrast that with your response: "I am a dumb turd, and here's an insult to boot!" Way to go.

And you're even more dumb. "Droid" is a line of Android phones on Verizon.

edit: Guess I'm too late - dumb work :)

Seems odd they'll start training on the Bolt then switch gears to focus on the iPhone for the next month and a half. Any chance the Thunderbolt gets released before the end of January using CDMA 3G data.Then in March Bolt owners would be given the option of upgrading to an LTE data plan when the new LTE SIM cards are ready.

I agree completely on this one. You cannot tell me that retail sales and customer service is being prepped for the ThunderBolt 60 days prior to its launch with the iPhone set to release in 23 days. I smell a quiet release with a big advertising campaign later on as they get closer to the other 4G phones.

Most of the training will be forgotten or glazed over IF its March 17, and who launches a phone on the biggest Irish Party Day.


Nope. That's the purpose of an Early Termination Fee and I'll bet Sprint's lawyers are better than your's. All carriers need to make sure customers stay around long enough for their monthly fees to offset the subsidy the carrier gives you when you purchase new phones. It doesn't make good business sense for them to give you a $400 discount on a phone just to have you bail for another carrier before they can recoup that cost in profit from their service.

You do have the option trimming down your service to the bare minimum (i.e., cancel all optional services like insurance) and just pay the monthly fee until the contract runs out. That may be cheaper than paying the full Early Termination Fee. While waiting for your Sprint contract to run out, you're free to start up a new service agreement with Verizon and port your Sprint number over. You can have Sprint assign a new random number to your old contract so you can move your number over.

Do you have a smartphone with 3G service, is Sprint giving you 30 days notice of their new pricing plan. Read the terms of service that Sprint sent you or you originally signed prior to today's announcement about the increase. IF, that's a bit if mind you they are in violation of the TOS, you might have a chance.

Maybe the Thunderbolt will be released before the iPhone. This states that the Thunderbolt will be the first VZW phone to make Skype video calls. The iPhone 4 was just given that ability earlier this month. So for the Thunderbolt to be the first it will have to come out before the iPhone.

Lmao yeah I really should have read ot properly lol thought he was on about the Android pedigree in phones I hold my hand up an beg for forgiveness lol......... as for the insult well ill let it go this once :p

On HTCpedia they say that the thunderbolt has been map (Minimum advertised price) Its 299 with rebate of 100 will be $199