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No date was given, but previous leaked information points to May 30

Verizon has confirmed that the Samsung Galaxy S4 will be available on their network during the month of May via Twitter this afternoon. We've previously seen a May 30 date leaked from Staples for the Verizon version of the S4, but no actual date was given today.

As just about every other US carrier has given out release information on their version of the Galaxy S4, it' nice to see Verizon say something -- even if it is just the month. With May right around the corner, I've a feeling we'll know more soon. Of course, we'll let you know as soon as we do.

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Verizon confirms Samsung Galaxy S4 coming in May


So happy not to be a part of the cosmetic graffiti carrier with the disabling bloatware and overrated network. Tmobile pisses all over Verizon every day.

Nope, he is the epitome of the term fanboy. He believes whatever phone he currently has "pimp slaps" all others and every carrier other than one he's currently on is "crappy", "worthless", or being "pissed on". Case in point: this time last year he was on Verizon and was saying how "BOSS" it was. 8 months before that? Sprint and how "legendary" they were, all the while saying how "crappy" Verizon was.

I am a Verizon customer and I even say they are crap. Care to argue that point? And as for "why dont I switch to another carrier if Im not happy with Verizon?" Because the rest are crap also.

If both of those statements are true, then I assume Verizon is the least "crappy" of the carriers for you in your area, no? Put another way, Verizon is the best for your needs. The best of the crap is still the best.

Besides, my point was that he's a mindless hypocritical fanboy. While on Sprint he was running around saying how crappy "the devil" Verizon was, but then signed up with them for a Galaxy Nexus and started "applauding" them and saying how "boss" they were on all the blogs.

... except the Verizon S4 will only have branding on the back... like all the other S4's (as the render above confirms)...
As for the "disabling bloatware", 3 things: 1) bloatware which can be disabled without root or any hacking since Android 4.0. Get with the times and stop complaining about a non-issue. 2) The Verizon version of the S3 has about the same amount of "bloatware" as the T-Mobile version, making your point moot. 3) I love how you "know" there even will be "disabling bloatware" on an as-yet unreleased phone. Just like you "knew" the S4 would have a flexible display, 3GB of RAM, and "a pad" on the phone to measure blood pressure/blood glucose levels.
Finally, I think the 110 or so million people who use Verizon's network every single day would beg to differ about it being "overrated". Especially considering Verizon won the top customer service award for the second year in a row. What an ignorant fanboy.

Not for me. Verizon's the only reliable choice for me . AT&T has problems with connection and reception in my area. Failed calls retry , failed call retry. finally it went through. too much of this .

True dat...f'em.. Glad the N4 came and OUTTIE I went from VZW.. Save money and 100x better baby.

I notice you left out "better coverage" or "faster data speeds" from your list of benefits of being with your new carrier.

I guess it just depends on what is most important to you.

He may live in an area where the coverage is good. And my buddy's nex4 gets 16mbs download speeds. I know when my ETF for Verizon hits the $100 mark (in a couple months), i'm out of there.

The only reason I'm still with them is because I used to be a VZW employee.

So, you are willing to pay your "high" Verizon bill for a few months, then pay the ETF? I can only hope that is the cheapest option. If I hated my carrier/coverage/service so bad, I would get the heck away, and sell my phone ASAP.

They all crappyify and bloat it up. I have had AT&T and Verizon and both do it. So do all the others.

Vzn doesn't know how to read a calendar, huh?
The S4 comes out on various carries the last week
of APRIL, learn to read a calendar Vzn!!!
APRIL it's the month baseball season starts.

Wednesday 4/24, I will be at the T-Mobile store,
a case has already been shipped out for my
S4 from Amazon.

I was thinking about switching to Verizon next year but after their repetitive sequence of getting phones and updates last, no way. Other than having best coverage, I don't see how they're highly rated.

I value coverage, but I value not getting bent over, having my wallet taken and being overcharged with underwhelming data speeds and data caps on Verizon. LTE in my market is maybe 3-8Mbps not what I consider fast for an LTE network that is supposed to be FAST.

AT&T, HSDPA+ & LTE coverage will eat Verizon's lunch. Leaving for AT&T, will be glad to be on AT&T now I just have to wait for the 32GB GS4 on AT&T, sure I could get my GS4 now on AT&T, but I want 32GB.

Verizon makes a lot of customers happy. They provide a fast reliable network and excellent customer service. They are the largest carrier. So it looks to me like they do something that their customers are happy with.

How many people that visit this site actually wait for the carrier to release an update? Most of the time you can find a leak months before it's released OTA.

I'd love to take advantage of T-Mobile's awesome pricing. But sadly I need to be able to make phone calls, and send and receive texts, and generally have good service. T-Mobile in my area can't compete, neither can at&t or sprint the way VZW can.

I'm still rocking my nexus from vzw, bloat free running AOKP. My contracts up in July, I'll continue on with vzw, i might pick up a GS3 on swappa.. But this phone is still like new after a ton of use. It'll be hard to ditch my nexus.


I had to switch from TMO to VZW for coverage; we are pretty active and coverage on TMO here is good in the city or I5 corridor, most places off the beaten path and no coverage.

My upgrade is available now, but my GNEX is doing fine. I'm interested in the S4 but think I might hold off for a while to see what else is coming along.

Tmo on my side of the world,great coverage,I can send and receive text message,generally good service and no rooting required.Holla!!!!!!!!

One of the things that Big red has to deal with is the fact that they use a special dialer to work on their CDMA network. As that dialer is closed sourced and needs to be adjusted for every device.

My post with a single speedtest screenshot gets auto-deleted as spam, but this is allowed to get posted?



Any idiot who has a signature exactly the same as their prominent username should be deleted. He isnt spamming, whereas posting links or embedding images takes up non verbal space. You are not AC, you do not decide what is and is not spam.

there will be an announcement as well in may for verizon, when i found out the first thing that came to my head was they will announce people with grandfathered unlimited data cannot buy the phone outright and keep unlimited data.

Dont know if you guys know, but as the last carrier to release flagship phone, they have less bugs and issues with their phone compare to tmobile or att who wants to release flagship phone asap so they can get more customers

Dont know if you guys know, but as the last carrier to release flagship phone, they have less bugs and issues with their phone compare to tmobile or att who wants to release flagship phone asap so they can get more customers