By popular request from a few folks in the office, here's a quick look at how the Motion Launch gestures work on the HTC One M8. You'll see some helpful pop-ups for this when you first use the phone. If you want to turn the gestures off, go to Settings>Display and gestures>Motion Launch gestures.


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Using the Motion Launch gestures on the HTC One M8


I love using gestures on my M8. Hope they add a swipe feature to put the phone into sleep mode. Yes, I'm rooted and know I can grab a mod to do this, but a native feature would still be nice.

You don't need to be rooted to add a gesture to put it to sleep, there are apps in the Play Store that will do that. I am using the Knock Lock app - just set an area on the screen to tap to turn the screen off and it will do it when you tap twice.

The one I use is called Screen Off and Lock. I personally think it works the best out of all the others, but it replaces the Google Now gesture (swiping up from the home button). I don't use Google Now so for me this app is absolutely perfect

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This is what I use too but in conjunction with Nova I set it to double tap the screen to turn it off.

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This, screen off and lock, use it with most launchers double tap gestures works great on nova, apex, sick sky havnt tried on other launchers but if it has a double tap action/gesture in the launcher settings it works.

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What I would like to do is turn off gestures selectively instead of all at once. I only use double tap to turn on. I don't use the swipe features and I notice that sometimes my phone will turn on in my shirt pocket because of it. Additionally it'll turn on when I'm cleaning the screen.

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Yeah, while I like the feature it does make it really hard to clean the screen on the fly, have to turn the phone all the way off to really do it.