Whoa! That's pretty slick! If you can't see the video, let me describe it -- a fellow from the Chinese forum ePrice is using a paired Bluetooth headset as a remote camera button on his HTC One X. Not all headsets will work (and unfortunately my Motorola headset falls into that not-working category), and the button combination needed seems to vary a little bit, but this seems to be an undocumented feature with the One series phones. Give it a shot, and holler in the comments if your headset works -- 'cause I need a new one now.

Source: ePrice (Chinese). Thanks, anon!


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Use your Bluetooth headset as a remote camera shutter on the HTC One series


Jerry, you're not going to "accidentally" leave your phone in the girl's locker room again are you? ;)

Sounds to me like this trick would work with a regular hands-free set of earphones... clicking the dial/play/pause button three times could trigger it.

works on my motorola wireless headphones, just hold the call button and it will take the photo. tried with various combos of play pause on my old pre ear buds, triple click does redial even in camera app and long hold doesn't do anything.