Small update with system enhancements, still based on Android 4.1.2

HTC One phones that were sold unlocked via HTC, including the developer editions, in the U.S.A. are getting a small over-the-air update today. As you can see it's a 17MB file containing "important enhancements and bug fixes". Without seeing the actual change log, we're going to guess this is an update you'll probably want to take.

When all said and done, you're at Software Number 1.29.1540.16,  Android version 4.1.2 and HTC Sense 5.0. The usual warnings about root and custom recovery apply, so be sure to have that RUU handy, or wait for a flashable version.


Reader comments

US based HTC One unlocked and Developer editions getting small update


I'm going to guess it's similar to the Sprint update that improved the sensitivity of the capacitive buttons and a bug fix for Blinkfeed.

I could be completely wrong but I think this is 1 or 2 updates ahead of where we currently are on Sprint. Not sure how consistent build numbers will stay but the 1.29.1540.10 we just got on Sprint, Europe received weeks ago (and I believe they contained the same improvements). And they've actually received a 1.29.1540.13 update since.

I just want HTC to release the kernel source so cutom kernels don't break camera, bt, etc on these new bases.

So it has to be stock recovery? That's unfortunate. Would that brick the phone or just give an error? Yes, I'm thinking about attempting it.

It errors out. I had to use the factory image to roll everything back to get it installed, but that's because I couldn't wait for a flashable version from XDA. I would just hang tight, someone will post one.

It supports LTE for sure... 3G/HSPA+ only in markets that have been refarmed for the iPhone. I live in the California Central Valley, started getting LTE last week. 20mbps :-)

Just updated my developer edition, the capacitive buttons are much more responsive, finally. It was getting frustrating.

This didnt work for me. After flashing the recovery and trying the update, the phone rebooted and then was stuck with an exclamation mark.
Restarted the phone again and it showed the old version. Tried it twice.