Better GPS lands for unlocked and dev M8

Two weeks ago a GPS performance update hit for the European editions of the HTC One M8, and today it's out for those with unlocked or developer edition phones. The update, which weighs in around 40MB (your exact mileage may vary) brings the software version to 2.22.1540.4 and is available now over-the-air.

It's a fairly simple changelog this time around:

This update contains important enhancements and bug fixes, include: - GPS performance improvement

GPS performance update for unlocked HTC One M8

So go ahead and fire up Settings > About Phone and check for an update yourself.

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Unlocked and developer edition HTC One M8 getting GPS performance update


The One M8 already has the best GPS of any phone I've used... But I guess there's always room for improvement?

Its been very good for me, but not quite the best. I've had it go a little haywire on me just a few times. However not anywhere as bad as my n5...unusable in downtown Chicago.

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Sooooo, curious here.. If I'm rooted and flashed with say... Cyanogenmod... What's the best way to (a) realize I have an old version, and b update it. Speaking generally, as an s3 owner. Is this just an Android update, or a firmware update (of what kind?). And how might I get this?