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HTC has published its unaudited February 2012 revenue numbers, which show that the company made NT$20.294 billion (~$688 million) last month. The figure represents a 36.79% year-on-year drop for the manufacturer, but is a step in the right direction from the 52.55% year-on-year drop in January. HTC made NT$3.679 billion (~$125 million) more in February than it did in January, a 22% increase in revenue.

After a tough fourth quarter of 2011, HTC will be hoping to turn around its fortunes with its new flagship series, HTC One, which was unveiled at Mobile World Congress last week.

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Unaudited Feb. 2012 HTC revenues show signs of recovery


I'm ready to upgrade my 3D for something with a quad core, bigger battery and a bigger screen. Hope they announce something soon for Sprint, I want to stick with HTC.

HTC lost my trade when the started putting Non-removable battery's and No SD Slots in a lot of there new phones.