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A slight premium over U.S. pricing, but it's in stock and ready to ship

While Google's Chromecast app for Android broke U.S. exclusivity, the dongle itself still remains M.I.A. At least, officially, anyway. There was a brief time when Amazon customers could get their hands on them, but if you're wanting one now, online retailer Zavvi is the place to go. It'll cost you £39.99, which is more than it costs in the States, but shipping is free and they're in stock and ready to go according to its product listing. 

What it doesn't say is how many there are, so if you really want one, acting quickly is your best bet. Hit up the source link below to order, and if you're still undecided, check out our full Chromecast review for everything you need to know. 

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UK retailer Zavvi offering Chromecast for £40


$29.99 at Best Buy in the US with as a student. Need University EDU address and sign up on the Best Buy Website.

$119.99 for the Pebble too

Not £19. We have VAT, then there is import duty to pay. I got one direct from in that brief window and it came to £34, from a £23 starting price.

Bought mine over 2 months ago for what I thought was a premium price of £43. And it came with the Netflix code. Be interesting to see what Google charge if they ever release it officially

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Got one from Best Buy. I like the options that Roku has over Chromecast, but having access to Youtube is a must!!! Chromecast is a decent alternative. Give and Take... One of these streaming video services needs to allow for CBS... Paying amazon for shows that you can stream for free is ridiculous.

Im confused, is this article about finding Chromecast in general or just in the UK? Because Amazon's Chromecast still says it's in stock for US.

The clue is really in the heading... Re-read it..

(Just incase you miss it, the 1st two letters give it away a little bit)

Especially when the sky box (rebadged roku LT) is £9.99

Google won't launch here until there's the content to back it up.. Netflix is poor (sky have all the film rights so it's full of 5+ year old films and B movies nobody watched the first time around) and the only other supported service is YouTube... Needs at least iPlayer etc. before it has any hope of selling to the masses.

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I agree. There is no content on mine that I can't already get ten times over from my TV, my WD Media Player, my Blu Ray player, my set top boxes.

The only new feature is being able to cast Chrome tabs (including video and sound) to the TV, or cast the desktop (minus sound) to it. The mouse pointer disappears, so it's useless for games. ITV Player stutters and groans. Video playback is hit and miss. Even screen updates on Chrome games do not always happen unless you cast the whole desktop, in which case the sound and mouse are gone.

In its present form, Chromecast is a dead duck.

Amazon uk are fulfilling orders of chromecast for a third party for around the same price, and have been for a couple of weeks. I think i'll wait it official in the UK before I buy one.

I managed to get mine through the Amazon loop hole. I wonder if these come with a UK charger as the Amazon ones didnt ?

Also Google really need to update the chrome mobile browser and gallery to support chromecast. Also drop box support would be good too!