Galaxy Tab 10.1

Bloomberg reports that UK Judge Colin Birss has ordered Apple to post notice on the Apple UK website -- as well as Financial Times, the Daily Mail, Guardian Mobile magazine, and T3 -- stating that Samsung did not copy the iPad's design. This comes on the heels of the ruling from the British High Court stating that the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, 7.7 and 8.9 are sufficiently different from Apple's design, and that all of them are strongly based on prior art. Apple must leave notice on their UK website for six months informing consumers of the ruling.

Apple's counsel of course pushed back against the ruling, citing that in essence they would be forced to advertise for their competition, telling the court “No company likes to refer to a rival on its website.” Of course, no company wants to spend millions to defend their products from invalid lawsuits, either. 

We hate legal squabbles around here. But we love this turn of events, only because this sort of punishment just might make those billionaires think twice before filing the next frivolous lawsuit. Hopefully, Judges in the US are paying close attention.

Source: Bloomberg


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demontooth says:

Can you strong arm Rene into posting this on imore?

taharka says:

LOL. This is outstanding.

All I want is for these companies to go back to trying to out innovate each other so that I get better products in the end.

UnfocusedHTC says:

I agree with taharka. We the consumer are the only ones suffering here.

icebike says:

I think the idea that the consumers are suffering is a bit overblown. Annoyed maybe. Suffering? Not so much.

Cellphone technology, the price of bandwidth, and the limits of miniaturization is the factors that inhibit the arrival of better cheaper devices. Legal costs are a tax write-off, something the manufacturers claim as a cost when doing their corporate tax returns. Governments get less money.

With new phones appearing every month, its hard to say we are being deprived. And since the carriers get most of our dollars, its hard to say we pay that much more for our phones either.

Gator352 says:

Uh....What koolaid pool you drinking from??

First off, we the consumer do suffer at the hands of frivolous lawsuits, such as the banning of such product from store shelves. Apple wanted an injunction and samsung pulled off the shelves but they lost. Now Apple is doing the same thing here in the US!

See I for one do. not. like. apple. and will avoid them at all costs and that soley is my perogotive because I prefer Samsung to apple. Now if they get pulled, I can't buy it. makes me suffer....especially at the hands of the idiotards in Cupertino.

Nuff said.

capt4chris says:

You said it!

robotaholic says:


commander 4 says:

I agree!!Apple is acting like 3 year olds when it comes to Android because they getting beat every turn in sales and not any money(they make money but they're not kings anymore)and the mystical iPhone5 still may be the same size,etc. Judge Kohn I hope you're reading this article.

robotaholic says:

Tell this to people who pre-ordered the HTC Evo 4G LTE. They were directly affected by this crap and over what? It was found that the phone didn't even infringe at all...but pre-paying customers still had to wait. This hurt both Sprint & HTC...all because Apple is doing this crap.

You couldn't be more dead wrong Icebike.

briankurtz79 says:

Think twice? Yeah right. Has anyone there at ac seen the latest patents apple was awarded today?! 2 of them include viewing messages and email on a touch panel. Yeah.....this is all just gonna get worse.

Fraydog says:

Instead of complaining, why not just contact Rene by e-mail or give him a heads up on Twitter. He just posted a lengthy post on the scroll bar patent that was quite level-headed.

gogators813 says:

Frayeddog is a troll from imore! He didn't even bother to change his name.

zambalis says:

bahahaha i may be late reading this but im sure if he does it will sound like Apple agreed to show pitty for the weak earthlings.

gogators813 says:

He was up all night trying to put a positive spin on it. When they finally posted it he was bragging about new patents. No new products to brag about.

McRoth says:

This is AWESOME! Hopefully other countries will take notice & do likewise. Also, maybe it'll help THEM to think twice next time!

objdadon says:

Ha Ha! Ha Ha! That's all I got to say! LoL!

ExtremeNerd says:

The UK has bigger balls than the American lawmakers do. What a shame this would never happen here in the states.

craigf#AC says:

I gotta think that notice on Apple's website will make its way into the US court cases.

"You see, Your Honor, even Apple's very own website admits that our products do not infringe on their patents, so we're confused as to why Apple is now claiming that we do."

Treknologist says:

This is exactly what I was thinking. This now can be used against crApple on any court since this would be out in public domain.

DLD511 says:

In 6 month they Wont be able to.

Lol. Wish it was longer.

Gimik says:

This is ownage on an unprecedented scale.

Shadowriver says:

Or whole thing is not so big scale as people think :p

Love it :-)

Roboticz says:

Somebody should show this to American Judge Lucy Koh!!!

TheBigFerret says:

This is warming the cockles of my sumptin' tsst tss

gigajoe84 says:

Double guns

Hand_O_Death says:

I love this punishment. I hope he specified it had to be on the front page with large font size. Knowing Apple, they will put it on a flash player banner.

overfloater says:

File under: LOL

I never thought I'd ever be a fanboy of a judge.

manu_up says:

So how should the other tablets be designed Crapple? Triangular or ovaloid? Idiotic morons.. this is justice.. I don't care about the ruling in favour of Samsung.. but the ruling against Apple is sweet justice. If they can force the law to impose bans on other products then the law must have the right to impose on how Apple apologizes to other companies. Xoom won in Germany.. samsung wins here.. Apple.. ur own customers will start to feel ashamed of holding ur devices at this rate..


tomh1979 says:

no only is this awesome, but freaking hilarious.

infg3570 says:

if lucy koh could only get her head out of her ass...

infg3570 says:

if lucy koh could only get her head out of her ass...

cocos#AC says:

Dood...its so far up there, at this point, I think its impossible. Nobody would dare mount an expedission to get it out of there.

atg284 says:

Love this ruling ! Serves them right!!!

So, how do you like them apples, Apple?

Brilliant ruling. Hit 'em where it hurts.

When they do this, I will screenshot it, and it will be the background for everything I own. Even my wedding photos.

n0obpr0 says:

Print them out and posted them in your nearest Apple store LOL

robotaholic says:

LOL! this made me spew water on my keyboard -

Touchpaddle says:

When the British government officially lost the war in 1783, were they required
to post this fact in British newspapers?

"13 colonies now an independent nation to be called the US of A...." :D
Bet they got some kind of waiver from having to do that in the Treaty of Paris. :D

hellaf says:

Well seen as how the British Press wasn't owned by Rupert Murdoch or News Corporation in them tha days, the newspapers just reported the news....

This story made my whole afternoon! The punishment is absolutely perfect in every way -- what better way to punish a tattletale than by making the accuser stand on a pedestal wearing a dunce cap. Awesome.

randyw says:

Sell tickets and let the crowd throw rotten fruit at them.

Markb709 says:

I was getting a great laugh out of this too...but let's celebrate when this actually happens. We all know apple will do everything imaginable to prevent this....or they'll have some minor scribble somewhere stating "Galaxy tablet not to be confused with ipad" or something.

I'm really doubting that this will turn out to be anything major in the end, but I'm really hoping I'm wrong for sure.

janesa13 says:

Several people on other tech sites mentioned that the notice will have to go through Samsung and the Judge's approval.
If this is true, then I doubt it would be an extra fine print at the bottom of the page.

Ommadawn says:

Not a peep about this ruling on iMore...

robotaholic says:

Rene is the most unbalanced and biased pro-Apple blogger I have ever read. He will put a slant on this news item that you wont believe. He has lost all credibility if you ask me. He needs to just do the technical support for the Mobile nations podcasts and drop everything else.

cobrakon says:

He's not the most, but he has a reserved seat at the Appllinati table.

Cyrilmak says:

Jobs would rather stop selling devices in Europe then abide by this ruling. In short, he'd rather burn Apple to the ground than say ANYTHING good about Android or any of it's manufacturers. Period.

I'll be interested in what direction this new CEO will take.

Dan29466 says:

Thank you, android central, for bringing me news that makes me smile.

...and howl with laughter.

janesa13 says:

Please please have a new post once the apology is posted on apple website. I will use that as my wallpaper :D

Btw the folks at XDA is having fun with this. It would be even funnier if the one hanging upside down is Tim Cook.

DrDoppio says:

The UK judge made Apple Samsung's bitch, lol.

DLD511 says:

I want to see this on the website. ^___^

This won't be on the US apple site though right. -____-

zambalis says:

it says the uk store so i think it would be either or i looked this morning but didn't see it on either

zambalis says:

ok so i skimmed over at imore and it doesn't actually have an editorial about this other then a hyper link to the page it was already on but he does mention it in his video blog... does anyone else think Rene just likes to hear him self speak..

CeluGeek says:

Everybody keeps missing the part about the judge saying the Galaxy Tab wasn't cool enough to be compared to an iPad. Both Apple and Samsung got owned.

Fraydog says:

Everyone just missed the point. This judge tried to pull a Posner, except he missed the mark and wasn't cute. Apple will appeal, get it overturned, and then drop the Galaxy Tab lawsuit in the UK. Unfortunately, there's a word that comes to mind for that judge: unprofessional. Interpret the law buddy and leave the marketing squabbles to the marketing people. He had to have his grab for attention.

This helps Android not a bit, as Nelson Muntz-esque comments don't either.

mchan1 says:

The judge had the right to pronounce the sentence which includes telling Apple to post it publicly online so he's not overstepping his authority. That was the sentencing portion of the ruling!

You have an issue with the law and how it's interpreted!

Fraydog says:

If only Judge Birss would have interpreted the law and left it at that. Just say "not Samsung didn't copy" and leave it at that. The issue that can be overturned isn't the initial ruling, it's the apology. Yes, lack of professionalism can be overturned. Now was it wise for Aple to issue any response to the initial ruling? No, but they're still going to use the "apology" as an advertising opportunity. Knowing how well Aplle uses these sort of things as shots, the judge would have been better served by issuing a ruling.