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HTC phone owners can get a full-screen experience, and 'Me' tab wonkiness is fixed in latest update

The official Twitter app for Android, given a major visual overhaul last week, has been updated again today with a couple of important bug fixes. First off, the "Me" tab, which would occasionally fail to load, should now be fully functional at all times. And owners of HTC devices will welcome the fix for an issue which left them with a dead menu bar at the bottom of the screen. (That's not listed in the official changelog for the new ver. 4.0.1, but we've confirmed it on our own devices.)

HTC devices without a physical menu key -- including the HTC One -- must use an on-screen menu bar in certain apps, losing a portion of the screen in the process. Since last week's update the official Twitter client no longer used the legacy menu key, however the app still continued to show the (now non-functional) bar on HTC phones, much to the chagrin of users. As you can see in the photo above, that's no longer the case.

The changelog also lists UI improvements for Honeycomb devices, if anyone out there's still rocking an Android 3.x tablet.

To grab these latest fixes, hit the Google Play Store or use the handy link above.


Reader comments

Twitter updated with 'Me' tab and HTC menu bar fix


Really annoying now that HTC and Facebook are working hand in hand together on devices. SURELY HTC can get them to fix this issue. Right? RIGHT!?

I'll be getting an HTC One during launch week. This is good news.

Alex, does Google Wallet work on your HTC One? I hope it works on the unlocked version.

Why is there even a Google Wallet when the damn thing won't run on any new device. That is a joke, All new Android phones should have Google Wallet on it. No one should shove anything down our throats.

Now works on my stock N7000 (still without JB!). 4.0.0 only loaded once then crashed hard every time you try to open it. I do like the look better, but why not update the post window style.

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Man this new font is hard to read. Does the Twitter app really not have any "Settings" or "Preferences" pane? Or is there still an HTC problem (I have the Sprint 4G LTE) that's keeping me from getting to the settings?

Doesn't the One allow you to map the back button as menu with a long-press, effectively eliminating the black bar menu issue? I thought I had read that was an option on another blog.

I love the first twitter reply in the picture above. It's probably the best best piece of advice that should be offered to all android twitter users.