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Easily follow and respond to conversations from the timeline view

Twitter is pushing out updates today across its apps and website to make it easier for you to track the flow of conversations in your timeline. Now when browsing through tweets, conversations will be indicated by a blue line that links up between two or more users' profile pictures. The conversation will show at most three replies in the timeline itself, in chronological order, and if there are more replies you'll be able to hit a button to expand the complete conversation outside of the timeline. You can then reply to the conversation directly from this new view.

It's an interesting change that we think is necessary to help users wrap their heads around the way conversations work in Twitter, and it will just make things easier to follow overall. It is interesting that your timeline will now not be completely chronological, as the replies listed underneath the original tweet will be time stamped differently.

Other than the new conversation feature, the latest update on Android brings the ability to report individual tweets for abuse or spam. Users with lower-end handsets should also see speed improvements and a 50 percent reduction in overall app size. You can grab the latest version from the Play Store link above.

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Twitter improves conversation view, ups performance on low-end devices


It would be nice if I could use their website. It's a bunch of jibberish since that supposed SEA hack yesterday.

I dont think so. Its really amazing that the "official" Twitter client is still so bad compared to Falcon Pro or many others.

That's not true. It does what it's supposed to do and it does it really really well. That's why the general public use it and not all those other clients. Back in the day the app was bad now it's great. Not everyone wants a full browser in every app etc overloaded with features to do something as simple as tweet.

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Put images in the timeline and I'm there. Why the delay in doing this? All the good 3rd party twitter apps have it.

The previews would be nice but why they haven't added a sync system like tweetmarker or allow more than 100 tweets to load at a time is really long over due.

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The new conversation layout is not an improvement at all... It's rather unintuitive.

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The new convo timeline is a complete disaster. You constantly see the same convos appearing at the top of timeline.... The entire conversation! ... Completely unusable for me, I don't want to be reading the same stuff 40 times because someone decides to reply to a tweet from a week ago.
Had to uninstall Twitter app. Moved to tweetcaster. Finding it ok so far

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