HTC One with a dbrand skin If you're a registered member here at Android Central then you know we always have a contest happening. And if you're not registered, well -- now is as good a time as any. The winner of our awesome HTC One contest sponsored by dbrand is posted below, and if you were chosen watch your email as we'll be following up to get your info. Stay tuned for more upcoming contests folks. Congrats to the lucky winner!

The winner is:


Congratulations! If you're not a winner this time, keep your eyes open for the next opportunity!

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Qwkslvrmz says:

Congrats!! Enjoy that sweet new phone!!

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Winston Loh says:

Congrats - enjoy your new phone !

Firescar96 says:


Dammn :/

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Floss82 says:

Ugh I hate contests I never win anything :( lol

djashk2 says:

i really want a droid for free badly...
cheerio mate...

.lucky guy!

AlGiedi says:

Congrats to the winner!. Enjoy that gorgeous piece of hardware. Waiting for my time to win someday :(

rafaelluik says:

Congratulations, it's really beautiful.

dharmik28 says:


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Congratulations!!!!!! best phone on the market enjoy

Asterii says:

Oh you lucky man or woman, congrats.

Rajesh Karia says:

congratulations to the winner, well deserved.

TaiwanTeddy says:


Zepster says:


daft says:

Gratz! I hope he has a good time with this awesome phone :)

Kayl_Galaxy says:


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Lucky you..congrats.

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Umar_Ghouse says:

Congratulations sixpkjoe6!
A day will come when I win a phone, but today is not that day :p.

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dreaddie says:


dt808 says:

Sweet, enjoy!

someguy01234 says:

Enjoy it!

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aqibkhan says:

congrats.hope i will win much better phone

nib187 says:


Chucky1 says:


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Congratulations mate.. Guess im never gonna win anything on AC. I was really looking forward to winning an HTC One. And I know that I won't win the photo contest either. Guess I have to cry myself to sleep today. :/

Khalsa4G says:

Ah super lucky! Beautiful phone. Congrats!

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Furan746 says:

Oh you lucky you. I'm never going to win anything :(.

Geoff Choy says:


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bgbagz says:


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pmjj says:

Congratulations!! Enjoy

imrewind says:

A big Congratulations. Enjoy the new phone.

nukem98 says:

Gtatz. Enjoy the new phone.

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Congrats! Enjoy that beauty!

MercuryTYTN says:



fightcrazy says:

Very Lucky,
I have never won anything in my life, nothing. Have fun and enjoy.

Ryan_A2013 says:

Congrats. I never win anything

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Dope. Enjoy.

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packhead says:


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cowboys2000 says:

congrats to the winner

sixpkjoe6 says:

Thank you everyone for the congrats, I will put it to good use. A big thanks to the whole crew at AC and bdrand for making this possible it is truely appreciated. Nothing like waking up on a monday morning to find out your a winner. Great way to start the week. I will be checking my email often not to miss this opportunity. Thanks again everyone and have a wonderful week.



+9000 Congrats!!

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Eighn says:

nice! :D

jdot104 says:


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tcapote says:

Happy for you! Put it to good use!

krx100 says:

eNJOy Sixpkjoe6 Have a good week!

jdbii says:


MartyDel says:

Congrats sixpkjoe6!

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AkWingnut says:


Keep them contests a coming.....


I grudgingly congratulate you on your good fortune, Mr. Joe6.....enjoy the spoils of luck!

TMSoCB says:

Congrats and enjoy, you lucky ...person, you! ;-)

Congrats to the winner!

ChillFactorz says:

Winner winner, chicken dinner!

Good grab, I totally thought I was gonna win.

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Best wishes and further congratulations for your new phone!

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jeffreytz says:

And just to let the dbrand people know, this was a good contest, because I'd never heard of your product before but after I entered this I went to your site, liked what I saw and bought skins for my HTC One and Nexus 4; can't wait for them to get here! :)

droidman0922 says:

Congrats to you! Can't win if you don't play, I will keep playing.

KolikiCZ says:

Congratz enjoy it :)

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yay good for you! Always next time for me

perd hapley says:

Congrats :)

viralpatel42 says:

Lucky girl win best phone in world

aikonriche says:

I expected it that I wouldn't won. :(

joansin says:

Cheers! I'm gonna go cry in the corner now....

Grats! I loved the look of it so much when they first posted this one that I went and ordered the same scheme from dbrand and just got it in the mail today. It looks AMAZING!

radioone says:

+1 Congrats!

sacz says:

Congrats I envy you winner

Kateelu99 says:

Congrats!!! You’re soooooo lucky!

martwale says:

Am so happy for you.

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martwale says:

Am so happy for you.

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