When not browsing the Android Central Forums from a computer, many folks use the popular app Tapatalk. And now, a special version of Tapatalk is available exclusively from Samsung Apps free for a limited time. The special version was built for the Galaxy Tab 8.9 and Galaxy Tab Tab 10.1 so if you own either of those devices, you can open up Samsung Apps and grab your free copy now. Once downloaded, let us know how it's working in the Android Central Forums.


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Tapatalk optimized for Galaxy Tab 8.9 and Galaxy Tab 10.1; available for free on Samsung Apps


Wouldn't mind giving this a try but it doesn't seem to be there, nor does a search bring up any results. What category is it under?

Oh, it is this guy again. Shouldn't you at least check if it was available in Samsung Apps before posting this clap?

I'm quite a big fan of Tapatalk, just wish they'd switch to a more modern form of authentication than what they're doing (username/password storage). I'd absolutely love to see them switch to OAuth 2!


I have a white 16g us model I bought from best buy. It haS the Samsung apps app but I can't find tapatalk either.

Go to the Samsung Apps website and it is not available in the United States, digging in the Tapatalk forums, it is apprently a 3G deal only anyways. no one with a wifi tab in or outside the US can get it either