T-Mobile today announced an update to its HTC One that works on a trio of issues. Here's what's new in software version 1.27.531.11:

  • Software stability
  • LTE and reception
  • Processor enhancements

The update keeps things on Android 4.1.2 — we're not expecting 4.2.2 in the U.S. for a little while still — and weighs in at 247 megabytes.

Source: T-Mobile; more: HTC One forums; Thanks, Steve!

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jimbo says:

Fantastic! Excellent! Awesome kick ass HTC One!

T-mobile rocks and also.

wpavlik2 says:

When, when????
(refreshing my software update screen, over and over and over and over and over...)

Fabian F says:

Ok.. What happened to the galaxy S4 OTA updated file that we were suppose to receive? Verizon and sprint galaxy s4 users received the updated file about less than a month ago.

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coolbreeze78 says:

"Side load from HTC to Software 1.27.531.11: You can update by connecting your device to your personal computer, and following the steps at the HTC website."

Where is this on HTC's website? It says you can sideload and then leaves you on your own as to where the file is...

Klubhead says:

I can't find it on HTC's site either o_0 ... help!

Bavallone says:

I didn't even see this update listed on their site.


Hopefully, if there is a new radio in the update, someone will compile the new baseband into a flashable .zip for us HTC One owners not using stock firmware. (Not that I really need it, as I already have excellent LTE reception in my neighborhood.)

Jdane07 says:

I'm excited for this. Hopefully I will see an improvement is LTE stability and connectivity.

HawaiiD says:

Will it improve my 30MB download and 20MB uploads?

leerage says:

So you can download at 240Mbps and upload at 160Mbps?

RaiderWill says:

Good Job again T-Mo..
You really are on some kind of roll..

coolbreeze78 says:

OTA is live. Check for updates! Downloading now.

Monarchtron says:

Just downloaded it a few minutes ago!

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I have an unlocked htc one and am using Tmobile for service. Should I side load this update or do I not need it?

csharpe72 says:

I have the same thing. You should already be on 1.29.1540.17

I just checked you are right i'm already on that version. Thanks for the response!

wpavlik2 says:

I downloaded mine late last night.
(installed, etc)
So far, so good.

From another forum about this update: Has anyone lost the HDR toggle for their pictures? When I checked, it wasn't there, and according to others on the forum, they have as well. I was wondering if this is something that is happening to everyone, not just a select few. And if so, will we be getting a fix for that.

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PtelMeas says:

Yes, just updated at 2:30 PM CST, and HDR toggle is gone here, too. And I guess it's too late to cast a vote in favor of a semi-transparent Menu bar (30-40%)? Hate that black bar...I can't see those hidden details of my wallpapers! *sniff*

Jose Soto1 says:

Awsome!!!!!! Htc wujuuuu

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way2broke says:

Yep it fixed LTE alright.... Now I get none!.... I am sure they will patch this too.... A/C Rocks!

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