T-Mobile is going after the customers of its three biggest rivals once again today, offering a free year of unlimited LTE data on their service if a T-Mobile Simple Choice customer gets a Sprint, Verizon Wireless or AT&T customer to switch to the "Un-carrier".

In a press release today, T-Mobile said:

"Starting next week, whenever a T-Mobile Simple Choice customer throws a lifeline to a Sprint (or AT&T or Verizon) customer and brings them to the Un-carrier, both receive unlimited LTE data for a full year on T-Mobile's blazing-fast LTE network, at no additional charge. T-Mobile Simple Choice customers who already have unlimited LTE data receive a $10 credit each month for twelve months."

While the offer extends to the top three U.S. carriers, T-Mobile seems to be going after Sprint customers the most. Earlier this week, Sprint announced it was ditching its "Framily" plans in favor of offering 20 GB of data per month to a family of four. However, T-Mobile points out there is no option for unlimited LTE data with Sprint's plan.

Mike Sievert, Chief Marketing Officer for T-Mobile, states:

"When we saw how Sprint's dissing its own customers and dropping unlimited LTE plans for families, we knew we had an opportunity to help these people out. Only a 'carrier' would be arrogant enough to make an offer limited only to new prospects, while forgetting their existing customers. The Un-carrier way is to give the best offers to your loyal customers – and that's what we're doing again today."

What do you think of this latest move by T-Mobile to take customers away from Sprint, Verizon and AT&T?



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T-Mobile offering year of free data to Sprint, AT&T, and Verizon converts


That's how u do it. I am glad T Mobile is stepping up a.d changing the greedy landscape of mobile providers.

OnePlusOne Special Edition

Definitely! Still a lot, lot more work to do though to gain some ground on the big 2, a lot more leveling off needs to happen in the market.

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That's an idiotic and ignorant statement. Do you even know how mobile data works? Besides, the people causing a problem are those downloading torrents using like 50gb a month. I use 20gb easy without downloading torrents.

I'm sorry, but what exactly do you do with your phone to use 20gb of data?? That's absurd, AND actually IS why people get throttled. 98% of smartphone users use 2gb or less, it's the 20-50gb'ers that force the throttling.

Actually everyone saying that heavy users are why carriers throttle data are all wrong! Think about it, the reason the big two, Verizon and AT&T did away with unlimited data is because they could restructure their plans and charge you more money. Its called unlimited for a reason, and using 50 gigs or whatever is perfectly acceptable. Those of you complaining about throttling shouldn't even be concerned with power users seeing as how you don't even get near the limit of throttling.

Really? I use 60gb a month easily. Netflix while on the go. A single movie could take a gb or two even. Hence the term unlimited data. It's illegal torrents that cause the throttling of data. That's it. People who root their phones to use the hotspot unlimited.....which is against policy is what causes the caps.

What do you need 20gb in a month for? Are you that often outside, NOT in a place with wifi? Are you surfing the internet 24/7 with your phone? Because seriously, it's ridiculous to use 20gb. That's 2/3 GIGABYTES A DAY. I use that much in about a week!

Watching Netflix uses about 1 GB of data per hour for each stream of standard definition video, and up to 3 GB per hour for each stream of HD video. 7 hours of Netflix use is enough to use that up. Not to mention Spotify or Pandora. How much time do you think the average persons work commute is? 40 minute round trip 5 days a week? That's 14 hours in your car a month. If you're streaming music or podcasts the entire time, there goes another 20gbs.

Exactly. I live in the country where I have really crappy Satellite internet that barely works. I get a full LTE signal with Verizon, so all of my Netflix streaming is done via tethering to my laptop. Add that to the fact that I commute 40 minutes to work each way, streaming music the whole time, and I average 40GB a month.

Not torrenting or doing anything irresponsible, just you know, using what I actually pay for.

Throttling happens because some networks (VZW in my case) worry about profits more than making sure their networks can properly handle all of the people they keep signing up. If you own a water company and only have X number of gallons to sell per month, you need to know that there is a limit to how many customers you'll be able to handle, or you need to go find more water.

The Kevin's got it going on today with info. That's exactly what I said to some idiot up the thread saying 13gb was insane amounts. Ha!! 50 or 60gb per month easily and yes NETFLIX! But yeah music streaming is free now with the appropriate apps.

I use 20-30 GB of data a month on my TRULY UNLIMITED data plan! Not everyone has wi-fi you know. I don't have cable or internet at home, so I don't mind paying for access to 24/7 4G/LTE data. And I see thousands of customers who do the same.

Ur not very smart. WiFi isn't everywhere. I'm at work at a desk all day with no WiFi and I stream music and podcasts. Also my internet at home is kinda slow so I save it for Netflix and YouTube on the PS3 and sometimes keep my phone on LTE so I don't have too many devices on my WiFi at home at once. Unlimited for a reason.

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Yeah use WiFi people it doesn't hurt to ask for a password if it's free. I'm always on my phone some months I barely hit 6 gigs some I hit 2 so it depends.

Public WiFi is slow much of the time Ave not as safe. I shouldn't have to use it if I'm paying for unlimited data.

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I rarely ever spend enough time at a given place for the scan to lock on. Or to even bother turning on WiFi in the first place to see if it exists.

Only two places that I know of and go to have free WiFi. That's Lowe's and McDonald's. That's it. And going to either is extremely rare. Maybe a couple times a month at most. I sure do turn my WiFi on for those places if I'm going to be in there a while, but it certainly has no appreciable impact on my data usage.

Besides, I'm unlimited. I don't have to care.

T-Mobile does not throttle unlimited data. I think you are confused. The only customers who get their data throttled are the ones who have a LIMITED data plan.

Greedy Mobile Providers?

Do you have any idea of what it takes to run a network? If so, please elaborate on some of the more critical and technical aspects of running a wireless network.

Let me give you just one piece of the puzzle for you to consider. All of those towers, or antenna's you see on the side of a building... You think the land or building owner is providing that space for free? Or that the electric company is providing free electricity to power the electronics and the cooling systems to keep the room cool? Maybe the vendors are providing the radios, back-up batteries, and the other equipment for free? Maybe the local carrier is providing free service to the cell site? Does the city waive the fee's for engineering studies, or waive the various taxes they impose? How about the installers, did they install the equipment at no charge? did the crane operators donate their services? How about configuring and testing the equipment before it's even turned up by the techs that have to maintain the equipment? All done for free? Or maybe should only be paid minimum wage... do they deserve to get health benefits, or paid vacation, or overtime pay?

And that's just the first step into the extremely complex world of telecommunications... The deeper you get into the industry, the more complexities there are.

I really get tired of people complaining of having to pay a fair price for their service. Over the past years, prices have dropped while services increase, yet it's still not enough to satisfy people, It sounds to me that greedy could be looking back at you in the mirror.


Verizon set record profits. Would they be doing all of what you mentioned if there wasn't profit to be made? Turning a profit and gouging are two different stories. I pay nearly $200.00 a month to Verizon for 2 lines and they continue to take away/or now pay for services. You worry about these companies, I worry about the consumer. Do you think the CEO of Verizon that was paid $14,000,000.00 in bonuses cares if people on this site complain about the cost that we pay for service? He doesn't, but if people start leaving his company for another he will.

>I'm the kind of guy who stops a microwave at one second to feel like a bomb defuser.

I'll agree that CEO bonus's are unreal and unworthy. I cringe when I see those sort of figures that one individual makes, especially Dan Hesse, who while I think he did a great job of getting Sprint back on track, did not do enough to move the company forward.

But we also have to realize that companies are in business to make money, and that shareholders expect these companies to turn a profit. Investors have to be compensated for their investment, money has to be put in the bank for the next network upgrade, maintenance, etc...

I know if I was running a business, I'd want to be making as much profit as possible.

How about they worry about fixing the sms issues that are being reported as of late? Instead of ignoring them and closing the support threads.

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how about their lte service that can't stay connected after a data session and they suggest to toggle your phone into airplane mode on and off...they have great intentions as a company but are completely oblivious to the quality of their crap network they are trying to compare and upsell to everyone!!!

Idk about you but here in Saint Louis MO all the way to Colombia MO and Illinois I have great service.

Don't hate bruh

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Don't go south via 44, I go to Bennett springs in Lebanon MO from STL and the signal always drops out once you leave any major HWY by 1/4 mile. And you don't even get a signal on the rural state Highway's even sprint gets better coverage than T-Mo. Almost everywhere I go around MO & IL I lost Tmo signals , one of the reasons I left them for Verizon in 2009. My friend's sprint phone has had coverage almost everywhere where T-Mo dropped off. We travel around the state to go fishing when we can.

If you go off highway 70 outside a major populous you will lose T-Mo signal.

No issues here. I tether my laptop all the time and still no issues. I recommend changing your sim card or possibly getting your phone checked. Of course I have great T-Mobile coverage where I live. That could also be part of your issues.

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Agreed. I've never had to toggle data once. They are not trying to "upsell" the many millions of people whom have excellent Tmobile coverage. Of course YMMV and it obviously does for every carrier. Have to love what they're doing in the States. Not of fan of executives using terms like "dissing" but whatever lol. Get of my lawn!!

If you want to refer me I have 2 Sprint lines I'm looking to switch to T-Mobile once T-Mobile turns on LTE here in a month or two ;)

Posted from area 51 on my Sprint GS5

Having to toggle like that is the PHONE, not the network. Sounds like a glitch in the firmware of the phone itself. You might head to XDA developers and look for your phone model for answers. Don't diss T-Mobile because you phone is messing up.

TMobile is changing the wireless game. If they could extend their nationwide footprint, it would be over for AT&T and Verizon. I'm fortunate enough to live in DFW where TMo coverage is excellent, but I fear TMo is potentially missing out on millions of additional customers based on lack of coverage

I waiting until that's up and running to make the switch.

>I'm the kind of guy who stops a microwave at one second to feel like a bomb defuser.

They're certainly planning on it and I'm sure they will only get better but it will obviously help them to get the VZW, ATT, and Sprint customers that already live in areas with great coverage. There are many millions to be gained as it is now.

I agree completely. But at some point, no matter how much they sweeten the pot with these incentives, AT&T/Verizon/Sprint customers will refuse TMo simply because of coverage.

Loving T-Mobile. Never had any issues with them since coming from Sprint. I'm liking what they doing to change the game.

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Good deal but T-Mobile sucks where I live I tried there test drive for a week and brought the phone back in 2 days only 2g data and calls dropped all the time improve your network then I will switch

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That's why they offer test drive. At least you tried it. Others just say stuff without actually checking the coverage. Hopefully they keep improving and expanding.

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I would jump on this IF they had decent coverage in my area. My Nexus 7 is TMo, but it only works in the city. I'm not always in the city. I can't have my data go down every time I leave the city limits. I hope that TMo is able to increase their coverage so that I can eventually leave Big Red.

Great deal if you are in good T-Mobile coverage area.
For now I am staying with Sprint.

FYI: I had one of my lines on T-Mobile for a year when Sprint data was very crappy.
I moved the line back to Sprint now that we have a functioning LTE in my area.

This subject is misleading although their press release is poorly worded too. It's not a year of free data, it's a free upgrade to unlimited data for free. Basically for a year they will give you a credit of the $10 charge to upgrade from 5GB to unlimited data.

whats the difference? you go from your "stock and free" 2.5GB to unlimited data for a year. Either way, it's free (or included in the $100/4 lines deal). EXISTING customers who made the referral gets $10 off their bill, knocking them down to $90/4 lines.

Your math is funny. They receive a free upgrade and added data to their line, not a discount on their existing service. The bill being paid each month will still be $100/4 lines.

The $10 discount is only for people currently on unlimited data so would not apply to the 4 lines for $100 which is 2.5 GB per line. I'm wondering if all four lines on the referrers account get unlimited data, though. I'm assuming just one. But if I refer someone who brings over 4 lines, will all 4 of my lines get upgraded to unlimited data?

That is one great deal. I live in suburb of Boston where T-Mobile has the strongest & fastest data. Anyone who questions T-Mobile's Network give a try with the free plan they offer & if it works for you go for the complete change. T-Mobile has come a very long way & continue to get better. I get close to 50mb down & 20mb up, these speeds are from the busiest times of the day. After 5:00pm my speeds get faster. Couldn't be happier. Thank You T-Mobile.

it's nice to see these deals, even verizon threw out a 1gb extra of data for free however this is for 1 year and verizons is 2 years and that soon shall pass, i'd rather see a deal for 5 years or so locked on and then i'd be willing to switch from my grandfathered unlimited data verizon plan.

Sure, but you make it sound like they can't force you off of your gf unlimited plan. They certainly can and they probably will. It's very surprising they haven't yet. It's been a long time since they technically killed it. I was still paying ~$100 for gf unlimited even with a 22% corporate discount so it was pretty easy to leave once I realized I could still get great coverage and speeds in most places I travel for a lot less with Tmobile (or Sprint).

Hey Johnny,

Fix your crap network and I would give you a serious look. As of right now you are not even a legit option for me.

Your voice and high-speed data coverage is:
Currently your area receives 2G coverage and is not optimal for the Test Drive experience. You can always check back later as we continue to upgrade our network.

Yet another nice deal from T-Mobile. You can love them or hate them, but there is no denying that they continue to shake up the industry. Sprint under their new CEO is going be interesting to watch going forward as well.

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Gotta get that network better but he has the 'beat the crap out of the competitions plans' things down.

I think sprint needed a better response than they gave

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Sprint is doing what T-Mobile is doing. They both know their coverage is subpar so they offer better rates for now. Hopefully both will bulk up their coverage sooner than later.

Sprint is going to be fine in that area with what they are doing, but the Sprint plans from the other day were not all that ground breaking. New customers will make out, old customers not at all. It was nto that big a change.

By taking away unlimited data on the family plan was a huge mistake in my opinion. Unlimited data is one of sprints only reasons to stay with them

I live & work in the NY metro area. My job brings me 150 miles south of NYC, so I'm all over the place. Verizon, and only Verizon, has been the sole provider of almost a never drop service. AT&T comes in 2nd and a distant 2nd at that, then comes Sprint. I wouldn't even count t-mobile.
I think that sux too, because Verizon gets away with murder simply because they can provide that high quality of service that a large city like NY demands. Nobody wants to be on a conference call from Lower Manhattan and down the NJ Turnpike to exit 7 and lose the call 30 times. Which happened to me on AT&T.

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Yep. Switched my mom over a couple of weeks ago. Best plan ever.

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Hell yes! Now come on Google and bring gVoice/wifi calling into Hangouts. I rarely have issues with the 100mins and it's only 10 cents/min over but after Google killed 3rd party apps like GrooveIP working with gVoice they need to make this a priority. Never bothered me when iOS got their update for (or does in general I guess) but iOS has had voice/wifi integration since 11/2013. In fact the entire app looks better on iOS for the most part. That's messed up Goog.

I never used tmobile and I'm sure it's been asked on many forums. But anybody live on long island and work in Manhattan have any trouble with tmobile. The price is just to good too pass up

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If you have a gsm phone get the $30 plan from Wal-Mart and try it out. Or you can do a test drive, they just put a $700 hold on your credit card.

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I don't live on LI but work pretty often in Manhattan and Midtown and Tmobile's been great in NYC. Take the test drive.

This is a bold move for T-Mobile and I like it. I've been a Sprint customer for 9 years, but I'm seriously looking at jumping ship to TMO. I've just not been happy with Sprint's network service at all. I've patiently waited for them to fix the issues, but they continue to be the lowest rated service among the big 4, and it doesn't look like there are going to be any drastic changes anytime soon. My buddy will be happy to know he could get free LTE for a year, too. I'll wait a couple of months to see if the new Sprint leader does anything to upgrade the service. If not, I'm jumping ship.

Go T-Mobile... I normally don't like carriers but when I do it's T-Mobile :)

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Chatted with t-mo on their site... they aren't aware of this deal yet. Might tweet the big boy and see what he says.

Cell providers are becoming like used car salesmen. Bait and switch ALL OVER the place for all carriers. As consumers , we may feel that the current "price war" is great. But I feel at the end of the day it's all smoke and mirrors. FWIW-good for Tmobile for calling Sprint on not taking care of their current customers!! I've been with them (as many in this community) for 15 yrs, and not really feeling the love.

$30.00 plan

$32.10 ... Loving It!!!!! , 100 mins, 5g high speed data, unlimited text

For us that use the phone less for voice.

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What a joke. Just another scam by Mr. Pottymouth. I left T-Horrible last year because I got tired of having nothing but EDGE data speeds outside major cities. T-Horrible is a joke. I can't tell you how many places I traveled to where they had zero coverage.

I don't trust tmobile I feel there shady like they started the switch to a new phone every six months then got rid of it
Without saying anything and the service is not good outside of major areas.

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My GF is on T-Mobile and I'm on Sprint. We've been talking about adding her to my framily plan, but this might just work out even better.

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Do you really need service outside of major cities? Chances are, people are either going to be traveling through or flying through. Can't deal with a few hours of 2G speeds? We must be more spoiled than we thought.

My house is 2 miles from a capital city and T-Mo is bad there. We are not talking about driving to the sticks here

It is very crazy how people cant live with out data we no longer know how to entertain our self we rely on our phones to get through the day I am currently with t mobile and have great service occasionally when I travel I notice not as great service here and there but nothing life threatening. ..however I have been with verizon and had the same problem I lived in the country and had no service not even voice. ..every carrier has its issues Verizon might have better coverage but horriable customer service I love t mobile customer service

Great for competition. I'd never switch to T-mobile but this might get my carrier to lower prices or offer something I want.

All T-Mobile does is try and get more customers while they're network is a limited piece of trash. It's 2014 and there's still no T-Mobile LTE coverage here where I live. All they care about is the number of customers to get ahead of Sprint, Att and Verizon. Everybody talks about Sprint network but yet everybody praises T-Mobile and they're no better.

And as far as the ad...Sprints is 20GB for a lot more lines. Plus each line gets an additional 2GB as well. So the Sprint deal is not bad.

T-Mobile stop banking on this unlimited craps and get your network together...smh

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Yeah, all those customers are the ones who pay to build out the network. So, yeah, there's that.

Android: It will make you a sexual tyrannosaurs, just like me.

T-Mobile bought a bunch of spectrum from Verizon recently, if you don't remember, which will increase the footprint of their network and building penetration.

Maybe do some research before throwing stones?

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My parents are on Sprint and I went into a couple of stores to ask them about the pros/cons of switching them to the new plans on Friday. They didn't seem very interested in helping me and they didn't seem very knowledgeable about their current Framily plans and couldn't really explain the benefits of it. They did have some info on the new plans coming out Friday, but, they told me that the new plans were for new customers only or customers willing to sign another 2-year agreement (not sure if that's true, but if it is, I don't see how this keeps people from leaving Sprint.)

In contrast, the T-Mobile store I went to was very helpful. The reps were enthusiastic and knowledgeable about their plans.

If Sprint wants to keep, or even gain, customers, I think they should improve the customer experience at the stores. Even if Sprint had better deals, I'd probably go elsewhere.

Granted, this was only two Sprint stores in my area. Has anyone else had experiences like this at their local Sprint stores?

Yep, on more than one occasion. Went to upgrade one time and they acted like they couldn't have cared less. We left and went to verizon, came back after the verizon experience of paying 30% more and now I'm ready to leave sprint again.

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Been with Verizon for 6 years and can tell you their service and connection has slowly been getting worse. Most the time I'm lucky to get 3 to 5 up and 1.5 down and voice is usually garbled I'm using a Note 3.

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Last time I was in the store my credit card # was stolen and used the same night we were in they had also got thing wrong on the account. So we went to another store to get that part straightened out to get home and find out the other store had done nothing right there either needless to say spent 4 hours on phone getting it straightened out.

Yep, verizon's only real benefit is lots of coverage. But 90% of the people I know don't use much data so as long as they can text and call they don't care. Verizon is way overrated imo.

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What about Boost mobile people because my man is on with them they sux he wants to come to u he's gonna be under my name it that oh k

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I am missing how exactly this works. How would this play out if you are on the $50 Simple Choice plan, and the person you refer comes over to the $50 Simple Choice plan as well?

This on interesting. I'm really tempted to try out the Yes drive to see thier network coverage in my area. If I can save money and thier coverage is just as good as att then this maybe the way to go. We have two lines and a tablet on our plan. Plus I get reimbursed from my company 55 per month so my plan may be really cheap. Decisions Decisions.

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After losing my corporate discount with tmobile; and yes they discontinued the benefit through my partner, I switched to a Verizon corporate account through my University Alumni Association & am getting my two lines with unlimited data for $40 less a month. And before anyone starts questioning, it is truly unlimited data because of the corporate partnership. Also get 1 yr contracts renewable after 10 months...

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I would switch for their cheaper plans even just for the unlimited data but the service is spotty, the way I see it I am paying for the network reliability not the amount of data I use. That in itself makes it not worth switching.

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Great for new customers, but what about existing users...Carriers remind me of cable companies...All these great benefits to the new users, but what about people like myself who have been with T-Mobile for years...Where's my perks for being a long time customer?

damn I switched a month too early
I could have been getting free unlimited LTE and saving a friend $10/month

T-Mobile has been doing for over a year what Sprint is just now realizing. They're offering superior rates and flexibility to make up for the lack of wide coverage.

I applaud their efforts. Their coverage is improving around me. Once they get solid service where I work, I will absolutely switch. I have a line with AT&T and Sprint. I'm getting close to switching the Sprint number. This offer is definitely making it easier for me to do so.

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Just switched last week from Sprint. I'll be happy to take that $10 credit on unlimited!

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hey guys! I for one am glad that Tmobile is giving them a run for their money! If you already have tmibile, you will have to go ask for the change in data. No genie here to do it...

WOW awesome deals coming from tmobile... buying out contracts, family plan for 4 lines for $100, no data use for streaming music, and now this? Tmobile was ready sell 4 years ago now they are making big moves on the comp like this? Sounds like they are desperate, and for how much money they are dishing out to keep customers?.... seems like they might over spend... I predict tmobile bankruptcy in the near future???? And the dudes using 30-50 G of data in a month?? Slow down on the porn... lol

T-Mobile is a great company but the coverage isn't very good. On vacation and I can't get data anywhere in the mountains, but at&t reaches the place just fine.

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Been thinking about taking T-Mobile up on their text drive offer. Just to see how it performs at work and at home. So knows, I might just drop AT&T for them.

Android: It will make you a sexual tyrannosaurs, just like me.

Since I'm already on their unlimited data plan, does that mean I'll it will reduce my bill $10? I'm on a family plan with 4 lines, and 2 of them are unlimited data, will it drop $20?

I'm still fortunate enough to have an unlimited data plan with Verizon. I've never used less than 20 gigs a month. Sometimes upward of 100 gigs ( didn't have wifi at home at the time) I work long hrs sometimes up to 80 hrs a week. I often watch live tv since I have xfinity as my cable provider. I'm on social networks most of the day. Play server based games. Watch youtube videos a lot. Tiered data just holds you down and forces you to wait until you get on wifi. Never been throttled by the way

I use about 30gb per month no torrents. And yeah I have a life and I work 40-50 hours a week. It's extremely easy to use data on a smartphone

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I'm currently w/ AT&T and after just looking at T Mobile's website this plan is actually more expensive because you have to buy the phone. I'm considering a Note 3 and I can get an AT&T 2yr upgrade for $99. T Mobile is charging $600 so the minimal T Mobile plan savings ($10/mo) are far outweighed by the difference in the cost of the phone. I guess it depends on your circumstances as this is certainly no deal for me, it's more expensive.