T-Mobile HTC One

After initial launch in 300 stores, T-Mobile's HTC One will arriv​e in the rest of the U.S. next Wednesday

The T-Mobile HTC One is set to arrive in stores nationwide from next Wednesday, June 5 following its launch in some 300 stores earlier in the month, according to reports from TmoNews. The site says the expanded HTC One rollout coincides with an increase in production from HTC, following the resolution of early component supply issues. (That's corroborated by recent comments from the company's North Asia president.) Launching alongside the HTC One on June 5 is the BlackBerry Q10.

The T-Mobile HTC One can be yours with a $99.99 down payment on a 24-month installment plan; alternatively it'll cost you $579.99 up-front. For more on the HTC One, check out our in-depth review.

Source: TmoNews


Reader comments

T-Mobile HTC One nationwide rollout slated for June 5


I was lucky to find the One in stock 2 weeks ago at a T-Mo store 20 miles away. I grabbed it with no hesitation and have been happy ever since.

Does anyone know if this means that we will start seeing the Black HTC One on T-Mobile now? Thats all im waiting for now is the launch of the Black one on T-Mobile and i'll be happy :)

So either get a silver; get a black and don't scuff it; or get a black and scuff it all over thoroughly and evenly so it becomes silver. (Of course, in that case, the 1st option is probably preferable....less work....) ;-)

Oh, and I got mine on the original limited launch and love it: highly recommended!

Huh, reminds me of my experience with the blue HTC 8x: it eventually turned black since I wore jeans everyday and I would pop that sucker into my front pocket.

Good man! Your temp phone is great too. But you might like the cool new features in Sense 5 even more. Welcome to the club.