Galaxy Note 3 and Gear

Samsung's latest Galaxy devices arrive in the U.S.

T-Mobile subscribers are the first in the U.S. to be able to get their hands on Samsung's latest Android products, the Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear. The Note 3 can be had for $29.50 per month with no down payment for qualifying customers, or $21 per month with a down payment of $199.99. If you want to buy T-Mo's Note 3 outright, the full retail price is $708. The carrier is offering the Note 3 in "jet black" and "classic white" colors.

Meanwhile, the smartwatch accessory sells for $299.99 and is available in "wild orange," "jet black" and "oatmeal beige". (Curiously, T-Mobile's site also lists the Gear as being compatible with its Galaxy S4, which as far as we're aware isn't the case yet.)

The next stops for the Note 3 and Gear are AT&T and Sprint this Friday, Oct. 4. Verizon follows next week, with pre-orders due to ship by Oct. 10.

For more on the Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear, check out our reviews, linked below. If you're picking up a Galaxy Note 3 (or Gear) today, hit the comments and let us know how you're getting on.

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T-Mobile Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear now available


T minus 3 hours. Gotta say, pre-ordering just doesn't make sense to me. All that obsessing over emails, tracking #s, etc. for weeks. Here I am gonna get it before a lot of people and 0 down at that, which I do prefer, some may not. I'm not gloating, just realizing that I'll never pre-order a phone in the future.

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I pre-ordered my S4, and got it a whole week before it was even available in T-Mobile stores, so there you go!

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Appreciate that sir, seems everything I read was the "pre orders will ship by date," which is useless for people who didn't pre order.

Well if u pre will get it before that ...when I pre ordered the gs3 I got it 3 days before the release date ....but I wouldnt pre order this late cause u may very well get it on 10/10

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I have called multiple stores for almost 2 weeks, with the same response: "October 10"

I have given up trying to get a different answer :/

us carriers need to offer a discount if you buy both. Like the watch for $100. might make it worth the price. but $300 no way

Samsung needs to learn that there will be very few sales of the Gear Watch because of that crazy price.

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Hey at&t has them in the store already .... For a coupleof days now....idk if you can buy it or not...but I went in to at&t to check it out

Personally as a note 2 owner ... I wasn't impressed...'s faster yea... Screen is better yea and some new tricks...but..touchwiz is tired...I can't stand to look at it anymore...and if I don't want to look at touchwiz any more...why own a note? .... And I'm a huge Samsung fan (owned 3 straight).... But they need to pause on features for a moment and handle the user experience (look and feel) like HTC did in sense 5... But it's probably gonna be a while seeing that they're making so much money....... But I'll hold off on Sammy until they do..... If you're new to touchwiz or the Note series .... You Will love it!!!!
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If you buy this phone outright from AT&T or T-Mobile, will I be able to use it on a different carrier like pre-paid Straight Talk? I'm asking more regarding unlocking the SIM card rather than bands/frequency.

Or is there a better version of the Note 3 to do this with?

What is so terrible about TW that completely destroys it for you? I don't like TW lag, but that is easily fixed with Nova Launcher.

You know I thought nova launcher fixed the problem too... Until I triedthe HTC one ...then I realized what wrong with touchwiz and other launchers ..particularly for me and what I'm looking for....
And I also realized why I almost bought an iPhone.... Touchwiz and many other UIs are just all over the place...there is nothing cohesive about it....yea I love the features..but ever app gives you another feel... I open contacts u get one look and feel... Open text it's another ..fonts are sloppy's just ugly...and I've dealt with it for the features.. HTC sense 5 and ios both provide a well thought out experience... It's all uniform ... Everything matches stretched out fonts it's clean.... Vanilla android gives a close feeling of this but lacks features and flare of sense 5 and ios...but it's real close.... Again this is just my opinion

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"Oatmeal beige"? Seriously?
I'm no marketing genius, but even I could come up with something better than that.

Got my Note 3 today coming from Sprint. Awesome so far. I was the first Note 3 customer in the store. SWEET!!!

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Way To Go T-Mo..:)
1st Again.. AND offering No Money Down..
Just keep this up.. And you will be #1 by the this time 2015..

T-Mobile.. Forever.

I had been leaning away from getting the Note 3 eventhough I love my Note 2 because I feel Android has matured enough where any high end handset will be pretty fast and provide a pleasurable experience. With that in mind I decided to find a phone with the build quality and aesthetics that would excite me. I bought a blue HTC One and am absolutely thrilled with it.

My curiosity led me to a T-Mobile kiosk at the mall today and all I can say is that I'm not the least bit remorseful about going with the One. The Note 3 doesn't seem too exciting.

The feel in the hand is blah , the screen is gorgeous but TW doesn't do it justice. Nothing oozes premium the way you expect from high end products. It felt plenty fast but as I sat there opening apps, web pages, etc on both the Note and my One I realized there was no difference despite the newer chip and additional RAM. However, the look and feel of the exterior hardware was miles apart. The One is absolutely fantastic and that's considering it's not the newest kid on the block.

Don't get me wrong, I believe the Note 3 is a marvelous device but I have a feeling my upgrade cycles are going to be fewer and farther apart now that we've arrived at this stage in product development.

As a side note I always felt Verizon was a ripoff but now that I've been using the One on their network I can understand why many don't mind paying a premium for there service. It is extremely fast, very reliable and consistent. I used to think T-Mobile was very good in my area but my eyes have been opened.

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My T-Mobile Store opened at 9 AM. I was walking out with my Note 3 at 9:16. Great device. Coming from a Note 2, it's a very nice upgrade.

I got my note 3 from the T-Mobile store this afternoon and I keep getting an error message when I try to go to my apps in the Play store or download any apps. Anyone else having this problem?

Do a full Factory Reset from Recovery....
Once the Playstore gets it's issues settled.. If you are getting constant errors you need to clear out Framework.. so you may as well do a Full Wipe and start from scratch.

Got mine right when the store opened yesterday. It is NIGHT AND DAY compared to the Evo LTE. I'll admit, I loved the Evo when I first got it, but problems quickly cropped up. I'm sure many of the frustrations were due to Sprint's abysmal speeds, but I never realized how frustrating it was that Sense aggressively closed background processes. If I paused Slacker and left the screen, I'd have to re-open the entire app just 30 seconds later and go back to where I was, when I went back in. On the Note 3, I can do the same thing and Slacker remembers exactly where I was even an hour or two later. It is GLORIOUS.