Apparently, some G1 users have encountered an odd problem that has them sending/receiving SMS and MMS messages to/from unknown numbers. The scenario: a G1 user receives a text claiming that they've been sending multiple texts to the unknown number. Not too big of a deal, could simply be just texting to the wrong phone number, right? Well, until they post the problem on a forum and multiple G1 users are claiming to experience the same issue! A lot of folks are supposedly receiving texts asking them "who is this" or claiming they had sent something that they didn't. Just odd.

The folks over at modmyGphone are saying that its an issue with the messaging servers that T-Mobile has set up for the G1. The problem is only apparent in the G1 and they are trying to fix it immediately.

Is anyone else experiencing this almost comically weird phenomenon? Let us know!

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T-Mobile G1 Users Getting Unknown SMS Messages ?



Had same problem, some guy sent me a txt msg asking "who's this" then he said that i sent him a txt msg with a picture. The problem was that the guy wasn't very friendly about it. I kept telling him that i didn't sent any txt mgs, to his phone, but he kept texting back and then when i stop replying to his txt, he started calling me. I actually had to use the "send calls directly to voicemail" option.

Yeah I had this problem... Out of nowhere someone asked who is this? and I had not sent any messages to anyone. The scary thing is it was a 13 year old girl from wisconsin that i apparently sent a message saying i wanted to "get together"... I most certainly had not being that i'm 23 and in pennsylvania. Any way I shrugged it off thinking it was just a weird happening but apparently its a big issue and a GIANT secuity issue as you have no idea what someone might get... use your imagination

I had this problem about two weeks ago. My phone sent out some random picture messages to some unknown number. The messages did not even show up in my log. I called T-mobile about it and they had not heard of any other reports of it. I decided to try and solve it myself by deleting apps. Unfortunately, my deletions were not done scientifically and I have no idea if if/what the offending app was.

thats why my girl freind was sending me text saying no and some body sent me a text with a bunch of random numbers

Someone kept wishing me a very blessed Christmas and I had to ask them to stop texting me. Not sure if this is the same prob or not.

Same problem is currently happening on mine and my wife's G1's. Whenever we send a MMS to someone it comes from a random #.

i dont have a g1. but im very confused. my friend got a text from my phone that said "who is this? i shall not die." its not in my outbox and i definitely didnt send it. we're both so confused because theres very few people who know both of our phone numbers and nobody we could think of that would prank us. It's very scary.

i have the same problem , if i'm texting with somebody for a long time the text arrive to the correct person . if i'm texting to a new person or answering to a new number the g1 sent the text to the first person of my contact list.... i put my self as first then i don't have any problem but i still a problem...

I've been having this problem! My friend sent me a pic message, but I was unable to open it. Then a few minutes later some unknown number texts me "whose this" and i was like uhh, whose this? i didn't text you. and they said i just sent them a pic message. WTF. please help..

I am having the same problem. Received 2 text messages today both saying "who is this". I don't recognize either number, didn't dial or text either number. Responded to one and said I didn't text anything or recognize the # and they responded with 'yes you did send me a text' but didn't specify what it said.

ppl have been sending me messages all at the same time asking me 'who's this?' I keep getting the same 4 numbers telling me to leave them alone but I have never sent anybody any text messages. I dnt even know these ppl but they tell me to stop playing games. I called t mobile 611 and they said I could have a sahred number with another network. I have a G1.

I was thinking that when I uninstal an app the G1 asks you the reason. if you say something bad about the app, the owner of the app has a right to your personal things that we agree to before we download the app. we could be getting played with by app owners for saying bad things when we uninstal their app.

Having the same problem. Glad to see I'm not the only one but not glad this is happening. Hope something gets fixed soon, it's extremely annoying.


I have the same prob with my phone... the person stated i sent a pic message of their dead friend... and i sent it to ten other of his friends.. the people live in fl with a 727 and 813 number... i have no clue what is going on...!!

I have the same prob with my phone... the person stated i sent a pic message of their dead friend... and i sent it to ten other of his friends.. the people live in fl with a 727 and 813 number... i have no clue what is going on...!!

I had the same thing happen to me. 3 different numbers text me in 2 days accusing me of sending text and pic msgs I hadn't sent. One of the pics must've been nasty cuz an angry girlfriend text me! It's freaky and u can't even reply stating it wasn't u who sent it because obviously your number is showing somehow. T-mobile told me they were working on it and these complaints were not just coming from G1 customers.

I also have this problem, i received a text from a random number saying "I haven't heard from you in a while, fancy a chin wag..." I called the number back but it went onto voice mail. Whenever my phone is off or a day or so i get missed calls from random numbers. I sometimes text the number asking if they called me and they say they dont know what i am talking about. I hope they fix it.

Having this problem and it is a pain in the arse.

One day I received a txt at 10 am saying, "Happy Birthday!" and continued to get "Happy Birthday" messages from random people ALL DAY LONG. Someone even called me, and I answered it, and she claimed I had sent her some message saying I was 13 and she was pretty angry about it since I am not 13. I kept trying to tell her I didn't send any txts, but she wasn't having it.

Almost every day I get txts from unknown numbers, sometimes from area codes many states away, saying the most random things.

Lots of times just, "Who's this?"

Now, I just ignore it.

Well, all this afternoon Ive had texts off a number i didnt recognise. When I rang the number off my house phone it was some (very polite) guy who didnt know what I was on about. the scary thing is, whoever this person is knows my full name, what i look like, what i do and where i live. Im quite concerned now. Ive also had a voice mail asking me "are you a wizard" and when I rang back they didnt know who I was.

what the hell is going on!?

I have a t-mobile behold and today I received messages from several different people saying that I texted them, that I sent them a picture and also asking who is this. I also got at least 5 phone calls, one from a girl asking for a Lashuna, I told her she had the wrong number. She called back again and I told her the same thing. This is quite irritating, I called t-mobile and they didn’t help at all. They claim this hasn’t happen to any other customers, they just told me to take my battery out my phone then put it back im. Ughhhhh... This is becoming a headache! The numbers are all different with the same 859 area code, which is a Kentucky area code. Has anyone else experienced this?

By looking at the picture you can tell that text message is a forwarded text message. What could be happening is that if one of your friends sends a forward text message to you AND some of their other friends, those "other" friends are receiving the complete list of all the phone numbers the forward message was originally sent to. So if they "reply to all", you will also receive the reply since your number was in that list. And since they also now have your number, they could potentially call you as well. This doesn't happen to all phones but I've noticed it a couple time when my friends have sent me forwarded text messages I get the whole list of numbers they sent that message to.

I guess its easier to picture with email forwards, when my friends send me a forward, I get a list of all the other email addresses that forward was sent to, and I could accidentally (or intentionally) "reply to all".

And the problem with the servers they are talking about in the article could be refering to attaching those extra numbers to messages when they arent supposed to.

My problem is that keep getting calls from random people (some from my contact list some are not), and when I pick up the calls, either no1 is listening or either the person said I called them. I'm not using T-Mobile I'm using unlocked G1 in Malaysia Digi line.

I have just had this happen about 10 mins ago. It started happening in about March. I have Metro PCS and have had the same phone and the same number for 2 years. I can always tell when it happens because I try to upload a picture to Facebook or Myspace and it won't go through, and then I keep trying to send it and it still won't. About an hour later I get a text from a random number asking who I am and why am I sending them pictures. I finally asked one of the people to send me the picture that came from my number and it's a disgusting picture of an old..OLD.. naked lady with the caption: SINCE SOMEONE RUINED MY DAY I'M GOING TO RUIN YOURS. At first I thought it was a joke, but after speaking to the person, I didn't think so. Metro said there's only one thing to do: change my number. I asked if they could check my phone for a virus, they said NO. How helpful. It is very frustrating, to say the least!!

Has anyone had the problem of receiving a text that has somehow become mixed with one from ages a go? Recieved one from my friend earlier saying "Hi. how are you? good night on friday. you going to matts party next week? x" When I asked her about it she said the bit up until 'friday' was in her message then it had said something about having lunch together this week. The bit about the party was in a message she had sent me from about 3 months ago. Has this happened to anyone else?

I just started having this problem on Sunday. I got texts from three different people asking 'who's this?', I say I didn't send anything, they say I did, blah blah you know the drill. Got another one this morning, and who knows how many people are NOT replying to my unsolicited texts?

I was hesitant to do a factory reset on my G1 but am doing it now hoping this gets fixed.

Doesn't seem to me like it would be a virus because Android is Linux based and people with other types of phones are having the issue too- I read somewhere on the interwebs that it's a problem with T-Mobile's databases..

I heard T-Mobile makes you do a factory reset anyways during the troubleshooting process so if this doesn't fix it I can say 'I already tried that'.

My g1 sent my friend a text message that sent them 6 days ago that I guess that didn't go threw so they need too fix this

My g1 is sending text messages to ppl in my contact list on its on when they ask me about it I can see my phone has sent it but I didn't write it

My girlfriend sent me a text and she had no idea was sent from her phone that was hard to believe untill I seen all of these problems that's goin on with g1's they need to fix this because this is a big problem

I had the same problem. a number from the boston area said i sent "=D" to them multiple times when i didnt...

I have had this problem for months. Caused a lot of problems with me and my girlfriend, her thinking ive been sending text messages to someone else. Has anybody found a resolution?, She will get a message from me, that I don't even remember sending, I know its from me because it looks the way I would type something. IM GOING FRICKIN INSANE

I have a T-Mobile G1 and it cannot send messages. I can receive but cannot send a sms. I have this problem for 4 months now what to do? I tried resetting it. Look in settings and see if anything is wrong and nothing worked please tell me what to do.!!! ASAPP