Swiftkey X

Popular third-party Android keyboard Swiftkey X just got an update to Version 2.2, bringing with it new languages, new layouts and an update to its prediction engine -- the heart of the Swiftkey keyboard. Here's the skinny:

  1. Full language localisation for French, German, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese
  2. Typing support for 35 languages including Arabic and Hebrew
  3. New multi-touch framework for faster typing
  4. Faster, more efficient Fluency engine reduces memory usage and improves prediction/correction
  5. DVORAK and COLEMAK layouts
  6. UX enhancements, including better settings menu, alternative character selection and sharing features

You can update your smartphone or tablet version in the Android Market now.

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Reader comments

Swiftkey X hits v2.2, adds more languages, improves prediction engine


I had to reenable SwiftKey under Settings-->Language & keyboard. Then it would let me select SwiftKey as my default keyboard. Brought up a text message and nothing...Went to the app drawer, opened the SwiftKey icon and changed the theme. Keyboard pops up fine. Switched theme back. Success.

This is a great update - it seems to remove the problem i have with hitting two keys at either side of the board and immediately deleting what i just typed. [multitouch support].

And it doesn't take up as much real estate now. [keyboard sizes].

You can adjust the height of the keyboard in both Portrait and Landscape screens. Go to the app settings>Advanced and you can make the adjustments to the size that suits you.

I have a hard time choosing between this and Swype. While I love Swype it gets the words I actually want to use wrong all the time so the time I save using swype is wasted going back and correcting it's errors. The word prediction of SwiftKey is amazing but then I am having to type more traditionally. At work I tend to do my texting with one hand while my phone sits on the desk which is great for Swyping. I almost wish I didn't get Swift Key for free when Amazon had it as an app for the day because then I wouldn't have the choice, lol.

Updated mine this morning. I had to reenable Swiftkey again after the update and reboot my phone but after that it's working fine. It seems more accurate than before and has some new settings too.

I love swiftkey, but I've been bitching to them on their beta test forum about memory usage for months.

The app takes 6+meg sitting in memory, but if you look in the running tasks it has another whopping 19meg task running back there.

That's 25meg for a keyboard folks. Its just absurd.

I've been using the beta since it came out. Glad to see it stable now.

If I had to point to one missing feature that I wanted, it would be multi-touch. It's awesome and just what the doctor ordered :D