Sprint has a small update ready for the HTC One, and you can go grab it today.

The update to version 4.06.651.9 went live sometime this morning, and is available for customers to manually retrieve via their device settings. The listed changelog simply says "System stability improvements," so we don't imagine there are any user-facing changes or issues to contend with.

The update will push to all customers starting March 24, but as mentioned a quick trip through Settings > System updates > HTC Software update should get you hooked up today.

Source: Sprint. Thanks everyone who sent this in!

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skibus says:

Not yet. I've tried 3 times.

kx250ryder says:

Downloading now. Update is just over 182MB.

jhilker says:

Nothing yet...

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alienwareX says:

If your phone works fine do not update! Read my post below, this update is filled with bugs

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ABBlockhead says:

I think we all appreciate that you're trying to be helpful, Al, but please go ahead and read through the replies to your post before your post your warning again. It doesn't sound to me like the update itself is necessarily the cause of your problems. There are some suggested solutions you should try.

puch96 says:

Nothing yet. Hope it doesn't break anything.....

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dhappyman0 says:

Nothing yet.

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treybeno says:

Damn Sprint, no love for the One Max yet?

jonathan3579 says:

That's what I'm saying. Then again, I still need to exchange my device....

FortTech101 says:

Same thing I was thinking.

StealthDroid - Working on his HTC One Max in the Nexus Lab

DWR_31 says:

It's almost the end of March. LG said before the end of the month LG G2 owners would have 4.4. Sprint wheres my update?

Posted via my SPARK enabled Sprint LG G2, with 32GBs of internal memory and no sdcard. (Bring on 4.4.2, I can handle it.)

Its not the end of the month yet. Sooooooooo

LG G2 on 4.4. Kit-Kat


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avoidtheecho says:

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BigDinCA says:

I wish they would change the signal bar back to what it was before: data when you're using data and then it would switch to voice signal strength when you were placing a call. Maybe this will do that. Oh! And maybe it will fix the 5 minute wait that I get stuck with waiting for the data signal to kick in. Nothing worse than 5 bars but no 3G or 4G icon, so no data connectivity.

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alienwareX says:

My sprint htc one has ran flawlessly since day one. Today I download the update and now I'm having all kinds of problems, I should have left it alone but Im addicted to update button smash! This update brought a lot of bugs with it, my speakerphone now turns on randomly, when I went to take a picture it loaded facebook wtf? And the sensors on the front don't work anymore, I have to hold my cheek away from the phone or else I will start opening random apps with my face as in the screen stays on while on a call, so I am pretty aggravated now... Second Google update in two days that has caused mild to serious problems..,come on Google get ur shit together

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Jaydec89 says:


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808Mobi says:

Works fine for me. YMMV

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Keep Calm and Factory Reset.

NoNexus says:


You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

Gator352 says:

Spot on bloody ol' chap!

Posted via the porcelain throne.

BigDinCA says:

It's HTC's update, not Google's. And make sure that you have updated Chrome. The update the other day fixed the speakerphone issue on the HTC One.

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ABBlockhead says:

Sorry to hear of your woes, man, but it sounds far more likely that you simply experienced a botched installation than that there's an inherent flaw in the update. I just updated my One, and I've suffered none of the problems you describe. The proximity sensor functions normally, just as it always has. The camera works just fine.

I'd suggest you try the usual simple fixes first. Reset your defaults, clear all caches, and restart your phone. If that doesn't do the trick, then as others have stated, just go ahead and do a full reset.

It's also possible your touchscreen is damaged. That happened to me twice on my previous phone (Evo 3D). It kept thinking I was touching it in places I wasn't (sounds a little creepy when I say that), so there were all kinds of seemingly random malfunctions. Wrong apps would open at wrong times, speakerphone would turn on and off, and yes, even the proximity sensor was intermittent. Sound familiar? If that's what's going on, you'll obviously need to bring your phone in for service.

Good luck.

Eclectech says:

I installed the update and have had none of those problems, so I find your account odd. Not saying you're a liar, but perhaps you should go to the Sprint store and have them examine your head, phone.

zhecht says:

The speakerphone issue is actually a bug with Google Chrome. The latest update in the Play Store fixes it. It caused the same issue on all Sense 5 phones (include the EVO 4G LTE).

Q says:

Does this apply for users on Sprint MVNOs too?

Jimmy Walker says:

Just updated and so far so good! Hopefully it doesn't break anything!

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tmiller679 says:

Just updated and everything works so far. :)

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decypher44 says:

Just downloaded. Hopefully, this will help my battery. Since updating to KitKat, it drops like a rock.

Yes, I've done a factory reset. That never does anything for me, but I still try.

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ABBlockhead says:

Installed. So far, so good.

Looks like reception may have improved, but I won't be able to say for certain until I've used the phone for a few days. It's showing more bars, which is encouraging, but of course, that could just mean the meter display was tweaked. Time will tell.

higeyuki says:

So far my LTE radio has improved. Most notable change so far.

jhilker says:

Just updated this morning. So far, so good. None of the problems experienced by Al.

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yankeesusa says:

I'm on T-Mobile but this htc one looks good still. So many people that have it really like it. I wonder how battery life is compared to the nexus 5. This would be a great work phone since I still have Sprint for my business line.

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prettiboy46 says:

Just got it this morning... Seem fine to me

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cdknight says:

Installed this morning, no issues to report.

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Sleepwlkr45 says:

Seem to be having a problem with the proximity sensor, but overall the phone is more responsive...battery life seems better too...

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It definitely had something to do with the 4G LTE radio. I am getting a much stronger 4G signal and I'm getting it in more places.

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decypher44 says:

Battery life is MUCH better for me. After initially updating to KitKat at release, my battery would drop like a rock. Really, really bad. Tried everything including factory reset. Still sucked. After this update, my battery (so far) is much, much, much improved.

Of course, this is anecdotal. I can't prove it was due to this update.

HeroicLove says:

This is excellent news for all you Sprinters out there.

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K White1 says:

It seems like the battery has improved, and I also noticed my phone didn't get warm while live streaming.

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