Sprint Galaxy Note 3

The Sprint version of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is getting a software update this morning. New in version MJ3 (that's according to Sprint's website — but the updates themselves are showing MJ4) are:

  • Call audio improvements
  • Samsung Keyboard Handwriting Mode (which also changes the theme on the keyboard)

And that's that, folks.

More: Sprint; Galaxy Note 3 forums; Thanks, Brandon!


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Sprint's Samsung Galaxy Note 3 gets update for audio fixes, keyboard improvements


Curious to know about the handwriting mode and what exactly it fixed because I love the gray keyboard and hate that they took it upon themselves to make it dark.

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The keyboard is not the problem. The only issue I have with this phone is the processing time of the pictures. Its not like the s3 where it snaps and goes.. any idea when this will be fixed?


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On the S4 auto night mode was the reason it took a while to process

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download swiftkey? Try the free trial. If you aren't convinced it's worth forking out a couple bucks after a month trial, I would be surprised.

I totally agree. I tried it about a year ago and that's all I use now. Their algorithm seems to be such much smoother and far more accurate and impressive than either the Samsung or Google versions..

Agreed again

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SwiftKey,the only one I use.I think you just missed the half price sale.

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No, popping and crackling sounds some are experiencing through the ear piece during calls.

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Im not having that problem. My calls are crystal clear. I use the personalize phone sound and it works well.

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I just returned my Note 3 back to Sprint and switched to T-Mobile and got another Note 3. There's a big difference. I had crackling noise with Sprint, and the calls are much better on T-Mobile. Especially through Wifi calling. To boot, my data speeds in Las Vegas are much faster too!

Plus Tmobile had Hd calling. Plain and simple nothing beats Samsung or Tmobile period.

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Unfortunately that is the one thing I dislike about this phone. The speaker is crud.

Sound through the earpiece or headset is great, the external speaker not so much

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What kind of beast would this be with boomsound?

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How often do you use your device as a social media center? Me myself, never. If I wanted to broadcast music to the masses, I surely wouldn't do it on a phone. Headphones sound so much better.

No one is talking about social media. If u play a song through the speaker, it is crap compared to the sound of the headphones

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I thought about that when HTC and Beats parted ways.

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Not sure what that means?
"The software update service is not available.Maximum number of roll-outs updates has been exceeded.Try later???
Samsung ran out of credits??

Seems like Samsung always fails to make it right on CDMA network , right off the shelf. I had problems with their phones on both Sprint and Verizon , while my friends w same devices had 0.

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Can somebody please upload the apk for this update, because if we wait for the OTA it will take a while based on the servers issues.

OMG!!! I can't update I keep getting this message: "The software update service is not available. Maximum number of roll-out updates has been exceeded. Try later or update your device using Samsung Kies (www.samsung.com/kies)."

I've already tried Kies, but it tells me that the current version is MI5. Can someone please post the firmware update so those who get this message can manually update?