HTC One Max

A quick reminder, folks, that Sprint's mondo HTC One Max is available today. The 5.9-inch phone — and that's just the display, folks! — will run you $249 on contract, or $25 a month with the Sprint One Up program. (You can save another $100 if you port your number over to Sprint, by the way.)

A reminder: This phone's not for everyone. It's big. Really Big. Here's how our own Alex Dobie put it in his official HTC One Max review:

The One Max is more than a big HTC One, but also a lesser phone than the HTC One. If you’re after the full HTC experience on a larger display, well, for the most part, this is that device. And right now it's the closest you're going to get to an HTC tablet. But for most buyers the smaller, better-looking HTC One, or the higher-end and more manageable Galaxy Note 3 will be better options.

So be sure to read our full take before taking the plunge.

And we'd also recommend taking a look at Sprint's coverage map if you're looking at making the leap to the Now Network.

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Sprint's HTC One Max available today for $249 on contract


One thing is for sure if you are on Sprint this is your Evo better go out and get it. Since they did away with the EVO line which was a bad thing to do.

Posted from my Galaxy Note 3 on Tmobile via Android Central App

That really depends on what the potential owner likes. If one dislikes Samsung's pseudo-Android, feature-of-the-week-club-ui, then the HTC One Max might be far more attractive. Especially if that person has no interest in a "pen" but likes stereo speakers.

Do you think the "EVO" would have been different than the One?

And their advertising is having a hard enough time, so you think it would be smarter to advertise for the One, which is available on the other big carriers, and have people on sprint be bothered that they can't get the One? Casual people don't look at specs that much and wouldn't know it was the same phone.

No. Smart move by HTC. The "Evo line" was exclusive to Sprint, an itty-bitty carrier in the grand scheme of the entire national and international market. And besides a few minor tweaks, the Evo line was relatively similar to whatever it was based off of. Better (both in manufacturing costs/processes and in brand uniformity) to have one phone on all (or most) carriers than a phone on most carriers, and one phone on one specific carrier that is more or less the same as the other.

I agree richard the evo was a nice line. I owned all three great phones.

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As a current One owner, it would've been nice to see a true Note 3 competitor instead of this. I think HTC laid an egg with this one. Guess I'll wait for the M8 next year before I upgrade...

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If it uses the snapdragon 800 as rumored, it may be disappointing compared to the competition when released next year.

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And it'll see KK in late summer/early fall 2014

Sent from my Note 3 rockin Jelly Bean 4.3

The higher price and size made me think of the galaxy note but after watching the video I remembered it is nothing like the note. It's nice to have choices and I'm glad to see manufacturers coming up with their own things that are totally different. The thing that sucks is not being able to take the good parts out of each phone and make it into one super phone.

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Yeah, I would love a phone with a screen like the Nexus 5 (I love how it displays colors accurately), the processor of the Nexus 5 or Note 3 (same one), the battery of the Note 3, the speakers of the HTC One, the charging connector of the iPhone (as long as someone other than Apple actually made the charger) the camera of the Nokia Lumia 1020, and the software from the Nexus 5.

Oh, how much wishful thinking my brain can do....

Posted from the awesome new Nexus 7

The HTC One Max should be receiving a software update today to take advantage of the new Sprint Spark LTE network (if you live in the Chicago Area, where its live). That's a big deal, and a huge reason to not get the Note3 from Samsung with its measly 1 LTE band.....

I'd post the link, but AC thinks its spam, so just Google Sprint Spark s4GRU(dot)com

The S4mini and the Samsung Mega should be released today too and they get the Sprint Spark Tri-band LTE.

There's also a major multi-market issue with the new Tri-Band phones. In some areas, they cannot access LTE at all because of new switching tech in the towers. Sprint is upgrading, but I'm looking at weeks if not months before I can get LTE on my new LG G2.

The Htc one max totally skipped the point in that it never included the snapgragon 800cpu or any form of stylus support, that said it does have a market like the galaxy mega 6.3". In that its purley aimed at those who want more screen for media.

Its not a bad device by any means and it has its place, however to price it on par with the likes of the Note 3, Lg G2, Xperia z ultra ect is where they got it wrong (in my opinion).

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Sad to see it on Sprint, they don't even have 4G here, and their price is only slightly less obnoxious than Verizon and AT&T.


HTC dropped the ball on this one. These phablet is supposed to go nuts with spec ala note 3. This is just disappointing.

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I'd already forgot about this phone. Besides to lose even more money can someone please tell me why HTC made this?

Shame it's on Sprint because I can't wait to drop this sorry ass carrier. Data it's super slow, signal quality sucks and the lte is taking forever. Screw Sprint

htc will make alot of money if they make a phone like a beefed up nexus phone:

1. Light weight:

Ask all those who buy nexus 4/ nexu 5, motox, and samsung phones: if they care their phone is "all metal" It makes the phone heavier than it needs to be. I'd rather have a light weight phone in my pocket any day. People put cases over the metal anway. htc should go back to matte plastics. It feels high-end without being too heavy. Plus, it's less expensive to manufacture which means lower, more attractive price point, and more profit margin for the company.

2. stock android:

don't get me wrong, sense is great. And htc is doing a "better" job at updating software, but it doesn't matter how quick they try to keep up... there will always be time delay required for the company to "customize" latest android build to sense versions. How about just load up stock, or have a downlaodable app/add on for Sense features ...available to htc customers only? All the R&D htc spent so much time on will eventually end up as a google+ feature anyway. ie. " zoe" ....So stop waiting time and money. Give what people really want: latest software upgrade from google.

3. Better camera:

ultra pixel is a good attempt on innovation. but it just isn't good enough. Unless it's 10+ ultrapixel (which can be too expensive to manufacture).... I'd drop ultra pixel completely and go with 20 mega pixel like Nokia. Why? it's simply better - It creates sharper, and crisper images that people desire. I would totally buy the Nokia lumina if it runs android. Nexus 5 camera has 8 mega pixel OIS, but the image detail and quality are super disappointing for a nearly 2014 phone. htc should totally make a better camera phone and I guarantee it's gonna be a huge hit.

4. Amazing battery life:

any phone that can last a moderate- heavy usage day without going below 40% is gonna be a big hit. Nexus 5 buttery life is very disappointing. This is one area htc can easily outshine the nexus 5.

5. drop the gimmics:

yes finger print sensor may be a good feature. I'd rather have an option to NOT pay for that model. All those other gimmics samsung has are just junk to me. Dont make customer feel like they are paying for things they dont really want/need.

6. drop the price:

unlocked hic phones are wonderful, but they are simply above the price point many people are willing to pay. With less expensive material, stock android, and dropping the gimmics... htc should be able to pass the savings to customers.

7. bring back the home button

Till today I dont understand why htc got rid of it. Not having home button may not be end of the world, but why give another reason for people NOT to buy your phone? not gonna lie, one of the best features of samsung phones is that physical home button. Trying to wake up a non-samsung phones (especially nexus 5) requires re-positioning the way one holds the phone after hitting the power button.

In conclusion:

Htc one is a great phone. But it's obvious htc is struggling. They are simply not selling enough phones to help them turn the company around. htc needs to stop trying to be apple, trying to be different, trying to put on gimmics and make the phones too expensive. A great phone people willing to buy is not rocket science. It needs the basic things like mentioned above with a great price ($400) That to me is an excellent value.

Those angry customers who swear to never buy another htc due to software delays... may just think about buying another htc.

I walked into my Sprint store today for a Voice Mail problem, made a partial pymt on my bill and asked about the HTC ONE Max and was pleasantly surprised. That's a big ass phone ... LoL

I'm SERIOUSLY considerin' upgrading my HTC EVO 4G LTE for it ... ;0)

Every body is blinkered with these processors...HTC max is plenty fast enough with a 600 doesn't need the 800...note 3,only has it because of tw is so heavy on processors...
Battery life is the most important thing to me now ...if it can't last 12hrs + then it isn't much use to me ,regardless how fast the processor is ..
I'm getting rather fed up of this let's make it thinner philosophy...
The thinner it is the easier it is to break ...
I'd rather a bigger battery thanks ...

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