Sprint HTC One update

Word on the street is that Sprint's version of the HTC One is in the midst of a software update today. Still no KitKat — we're looking to January for that — but some update is better than none. The sparse changelog (on the device, anyway) reads thusly:

  • HD Voice enhancements
  • Fixes and invalid alert message after inserting SIM card successfully

Good fixes, it sounds like. The update brings you to software version 3.05.651.5 and weighs in at about 250 megabytes.

More: Sprint HTC One forums; image via @GoodByeBluMnday


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Sprint's HTC One getting an update for HD Voice, bugfixes


Since hardly anyone makes phone calls anymore it's hard to imagine anyone rushing to update. I guess I'll run the update later today though.

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Seems to have fixed the phone signal strength display, which got messed up with the last update, whereby my phone would always show one bar until I placed a call, which at that point would show the true phone signal strength. Since the update, my phone is showing full bars or near full bars. Hopefully that'll continue.

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Is the purple/pink camera going to be fixed? My camera was fine until the last update.

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My friend sold his because the last update basically cut his battery life in half.. and to make sure he had it replaced and still had the same issue. This should've been address in this update..

I will say that since the update, and I understand that it has only been a few hours since the update, but I have seen a much slower decrease in battery, and my Wi-Fi has been much better in regards to dropping out and reconnecting. For some reason in my home it has trouble sticking. It is funny because it actually stays connected better the further I am away from the router. Since the update, in the same room that it would always drop, it has been steady and not dropped once. I am happy.

Information about the update was "leaked" last week when a sprint blog post went up early. Originally they claimed part of the fix was WIFI battery drain and performance. SO I would be you are spot on.

Installed it, and I am stock non-rooted.

Haven't used it for calls yet, and never had the SIM card error, though I know a few who do, so hopefully it will help them. It also seems to have fixed the signal bar display to be more accurate.

I am having an issue running PRL update (Error code: 1233) and Profile update, but it could be an unrelated glitch. Seems coincidental though since those just started after I downloaded this update.

Sad this isn't Kit Kat yet but THANK GOODNESS for the sim card fix. I was on the verge of insanity with those bogus error messages.

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For those who are having the PRL and Profile update errors, I think it is just a coincidence that it is happening at the same time as the update. I have not updated yet (still on 3.04.651.2) and tried both the PRL and Profile updates and got errors on both.

I'm getting them too and do not think it's coincidence but something that "broke" Google voice with HD audio from Sprint. Can't seem to connect successfully to GV now either.

Prl and profile update error codes... Ever since the 4.3 update this phone has been trash... Going to patiently wait till the KitKat update and if I still have issues I'm selling and picking up a Nexus 5. Also having issues with the phone keep telling me it can't establish a wireless connection... Smh

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My phone is also having internet connection problems. Won't stay connected our it stays on fire a king period of time.

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