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If you've got an HTC One on Sprint, be on the lookout for a little update starting today. Sprint's pushing software version 1.31.651.2 that has an "HD Voice enhancement" and fixes things so Sprint's ringtones will show up in the ringtones list. HD Voice, of course, requires you to be speaking to someone else who has an HD Voice-capable phone. 

Keep an eye out for it any time now.

Source: Sprint; via HTC One (Sprint) forums


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Sprint's HTC One getting an update for HD Voice


I will be happier to hear that they unlocked the feature on the EVO 4G LTE. Some of us still have that phone.

I thought that the Evo LTE had it on launch day, but at the time required other Evo LTE to call and both had to be on LTE while making the call Did something change?

The good thing is that more phones will start having that feature and a lot of htc one phones have been sold so the chance of being able to have hd voice is getting better. Hopefully the note 3 will have it.

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Because that would imply that they're working on things that matter to folks. I mean no harm, but I could care less about HD Voice. I hear and understand folks just fine. Bring on 4.2.2, and while you're at it get some work in on BLE! That's what folks really want. Correction... That's what I WANT....

Might this also be a quikie fix for that master key exploit or was that fixed already on the One?

I agree.. I dont care too much about HD voice. I want 4.2.2 and I want LTE in Denver Colorado already. Step your game up Sprint!

Because the carrier versions of the HTC One in the U.S. aren't getting 4.2.2. They will be jumping to 4.3. Be patient and you will be pleasantly surprised.

Yea I thought HTC and Sprint were going to have 4.2.2 ready for us soon? This isn't he first I've heard of jumping to 4.3. It would be nice as long as it's soon. I mean 4.3 hasn't even been announced.

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Just because Samsung is doing it the Galaxy S3 and Note 2 means that they're doing it to the HTC ONE too. I would be fine with skipping 4.2.2 but HTC has already released it to most of Europe including.the UK. Plus if the Verizon HTC ONE is rumored to have 4.2 then all the HTC ONEs would get it because they're the same phone ..

It's good being on Sprint. I don't think I want to JUMP! HEHEHE

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I will JUMP the first chance I get. I'm in a LTE market and T-Mobile's networks still kills it...

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Hey Phil, any news surrounding the Sense 5+ or w.e they are going to call it, for the Evo LTE?

I know we got Jellybean from HTC but man there are some bugs in Sense 4+ that are starting to annoy me -_-

One thing to keep in mind about big updates like 4.2 is sometimes carriers will push out a small update in prep for the bigger one. Maybe this part of that?

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So where is the update for the Evo LTE, which already has HD Voice? And the HTC One X, which already has HD Voice?

I'm new to Android so, do I go to settings then updates at the bottom to keep checking or will I be notified automatically?

Has anyone received the update and if you did, how's it treating the phone? Any glitches, hiccups, or performance improvements?

Nexus 7.

Just installed update here in DC.

Can't tell what's actually been added but an Unexpected bonus is that this update seems to have fixed the "pull icon to unlock" feature which would deactivate if anything was turned on in Settings/Accessibility. So far, so good.

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I'm having a problem with my head phone jack since the update. Is there a fix currently or am I the only one complaining about this issue.