Sprint today is rolling out an update for its HTC One. The changelog is short and sweet: "Fixes an issue that blocked users from being able to Update Profile/PRL." That's important for keeping a good connection. So, yeah. Good fix.

Meanwhile, we continue the lookout for the Android 4.4 KitKat update.

Source: Sprint; More: HTC One (Sprint) forums; thanks, Kyle!


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Sprint's HTC One gets some bugfixes


Alas, my One is currently in Houston awaiting a repair of the camera module for the low light purple tint photo issue. Guess I'll have to update when I get it back.

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I am seriously contemplating sending mine in! Did they charge you anything? Also how long is it supposed to take and can you please let us know if it fixed the problem? Thank you in advance if you reply.

So long as you're covered under warranty it only costs you the amount of money to ship the item to HTC.

In my experience, where I had packaged my phone for shipment at Staples to HTC via 2 day air on Sunday, shipped Monday, HTC received Wednesday, HTC shipped repaired phone Thursday, and I received my replacement phone the following Monday.

I also got Sprint to credit me the cost of sending my phone to HTC for repair so it all worked out for me.

Doubt sprint will credit me as well, but were they able to fix the tint issue? And how exactly do you go about shipping it to them? Do you have to contact them first or...what?

Sent it overnight on Thursday, they received it Friday, and today it now shows as under repair. I'm hoping they ship out tomorrow, and I can have it back by Friday. Only cost to me was the $11 I spent to ship it. Been using a hand me down 4 year old feature phone from my daughter in the interim. It's been a long, long week!

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The Sprint guy I talked to the other day said he expected us to get Kit Kat at the end of the week so hopefully soon.

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Yea I would suspect that at the earliest KitKat for the Sprint HTC One will be at the EARLIEST end of January, but realistically sometime mid February.

Maybe AC in the interest of entertainment can sponsor a contest with a wager for who guesses the date...hint hint...

I do believe that Sprint will be the first US carrier to receive the Kitkat update. However, I highly doubt it will be by the end of this week.

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If I'm out of the U.S., would I be able to download over Wi-Fi? Or would I even care of I'm using global roaming?

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That's just priceless. Concerned about my inability to update the profile and PRL coupled with some battery issues I was having, I went to Sprint just yesterday and consented to let them reset the phone, which until this update was the only fix. I've spent hours trying to get things put back together, including more than a dozen Tasker profiles that were wiped. One more day...

No not yet, it's being rolled out in stages. It could take a few days to a week or so until it reaches all Sprint HTC One users.

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No, but I've never had any issues with updating Profile/PRL, so I'm in no rush to get this bug fix. On the other hand, I'm hoping KitKat goes OTA soon.

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If you got the update on 12/18 but it was broken and then ran the official RUU from HTC you most likely dont have as many issues updating your PRL and profile (it still locks up for many and fails to establish a connection) so this update will be nice. Unfortunately it looks like Sprint jumped the gun posting patch notes as many of us knew this was coming but are yet to receive it.

So, was there in fact an update or no? I have not yet seen this reported anywhere else nor anyone else post that they have received the update. I keep checking and nothing.

I just got mine and, alas, I can finally quickly and easily update my profile and PRL again. I instant had better reception after updating..... It's been an issue for me since the last "HD Voice" update Sprint sent out.

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I just installed the update, although I never noticed any issues before.

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