Looks like Sprint is going to jump Android 1.6 and 2.0, and head straight to Android 2.1 for the HTC Hero and Samsung Moment. Which is really the most logical solution considering 2.1 is out and about. They previously said that the HTC Hero and Samsung Moment would receive the 2.0 update but we guess they're done being behind on Android OS updates.

As for timeline, it's still the forever vague First Half, 2010. Underpromise, overdeliver we're hoping.

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Sprint: HTC Hero & Samsung Moment Getting Android 2.1, Not 2.0


I figured they might do this since hints of Android 2.1 show that it is coming out soon. That's great news for Android owners. I think most all of the phones running Android will get 2.1 soon after the new year. The most likely reason the 2.X update hasn't happened yet is because Google probably has an agreement with Verizon or Motorola to delay it's release so the Droid can have it's day in the sun.

Straight from HTC's Twitter: Did you know your Sprint Hero will be getting Eclair early next year? Well...now you do! Happy Friday ladies and gents :) 4:35 PM Dec 11th

Hopefully this is right! I can see Sprint underpromising...

wasnt it said once though that they would skip 1.6 and go straight to 2.0, now this. if 2.2 or whatevers next is hinted at soon, will they just skip 2.1 and go "straight to 2.x"...

Definitely like to see 2.x on the Moment. Right now it has 1.5 and is a bit buggy. On our second one right now though, the first one wifi and bluetooth refused to work. This second one has a sticky touchpad click.

Anyone else have trouble with the touchpad click/press sticking down? If not, this one goes back to get switched out too.

My keyboard is fine, You might want to trade it in while you can, no sense in it going out completly after you have it all set up like you want.

I have just emailed customer servicce about this and they said the have no regards to update it to 2.1 i am not sure if they are trying to hide it but the gsm in europe already announced their update to 2.1 will be February 15 so i am pretty mad right now

I just want to let everyone know I’ve been asking other wireless carriers an Verizon was one of them about there upgrades to 2.1 and there all saying the same thing as Sprint first half for the year for the upgrade.

Sonuva...when is the update going to happen and will we get it over the air or will we need to visit the Sprint store? let's get some answers, people!

Can someone tell me whats goin on? HTC says talk to sprint, sprint says talk to HTC, and Google doesnt say anything. It the HTC Hero by SPRINT EVER going to get a firmware update from 1.5 in the USA?

I heard as early as March and late as June recently per HTC. I am deparately waiting for the update (and Google Maps Navigation for my Hero) that requires it!

we need this update my brother has the iphone killer and with 2.1 it is so diferent and the apps are incredible, he bought the nexus 1 and the 2.1 is facinating, i have the moment and it this update does not come out soon, im jumping to T mobile

WOW all i have to say is WOW if you are willing to jump ship to vz or tmobile over and Android update you desirve to pay the extra money and get the worse coverage (t-mobile anyway) its going to be released and soon! in fact........feb 22 soon. so i hope you jumped ship already and get to deal with them jackasses. granted sprints cust service sucks and they hemmorage customers but on upside they are LOT cheaper monthly and honestly if idiots who cant read their own damn bill would stop callin every month with dumb ass just open your eyes and read questions maybe they wouldnt be so poor with actual questions! ok rant is now over for the MOMENT!

talk talk talk and the they will be coming out with the 3.0 and well all still be stuck with the 1.5 for the rest of the year