According to our readers, an update for the Sprint HTC Hero has arrived. Unfortunately, it's not the Android 2.0 software update we've all been itching and crawling for but rather the 'maintenance release' we reported was coming a few days ago. Our readers told us to manually check for the firmware update (Settings > About Phone > System Updates > Firmware Update) but our Hero isn't showing it yet. What about yours?

The firmware update weighs in at around 3.7mb and supposedly fixes SMS and DST issues.

thanks Gary for the tip!


Reader comments

Sprint HTC Hero Gets an OTA Update


That's funny I am on a WiFi connection and have tried a few times and just keeps getting errors......Oh well just keep trying and waiting.

Ok, got the update for my Hero/Sprint. Took about 5min and that's that. BUT, what did it do? Still see rev.0 didn't reinstate the stock SMS yet, and not sure if I'm going to, I like Handcent? What should we/I do? What else should I look for in this update?
Again, I want to THANK-YOU for all the GREAT INFO you have given.
Thanks again,

I've installed the update and am waiting for the phone to finish booting up. I'm hoping the SMS problem is fixed - I've tried Handcent and Chomp and like them but I'd prefer to have the choice of just using the stock programs!

Maybe there will be some other bonus in the update?


P.S. 2 weeks with the Hero after dumping my Pre and I'm still loving it.

just curious for you guys who switched from Pre to Hero. in terms of user experience, what makes the Hero a better phone for you than the pre? I'm on sprint and considering these 2 phones at the moment. I really like Pre's form factor and webOS, but want Android. Tnx! Dn

For me, it was the lack of any information on the homescreens and it seemed like such a waste. The use of widgets just seems far superior for my purposes. Sure I could have my calendar running all the time and flip over to it, but an agenda widget on my homescreen showing my next meeting is even easier. So there's an example of the big reason why I originally switched.

Biggest reason why I stayed with the Hero after switching (besides for my orignal reason for the switch), battery life. The Hero just gets far superior battery life.

The pre battery life, and reliability issues. Got had 20 replacements in 6 months for our phones. Hero hardware much more solid.

I had (and really loved) the Palm Pre, two of them, in fact, in a four week period. What isn't there to love about the Pre when I wanted it just knowing I could drop it on the Touchstone charger and not fumble with cables? There are too many reasons to like the Pre but when it started randomly rebooting (which would take 7 to 11 minutes each time and this would happen four times ever day) and then, the wireless charging stopped working. I went back to the Sprint Rep at Best Buy. This particular Best Buy has no windows on the salesfloor but rays of sunshine were poring in and led me to the beautiful HTC Hero! With it's gorgeous style and stunning speed, I exchanged for the Hero instantly and have not looked back.

Me too, damn palms suck now. This is a great phone, now if I could just figure out whats up with my text messages.

It also adds a Mute and Speaker icon to the call screen. Before you had to hit the Menu button to pull these options up, now its available instantly.

Great Job Sprint!

Now we just need Android 2.0 and all us Hero owners will be purring like kittens.

Make sure you are killing your apps with a app killer. You can dl it free on the market place. Thats what I was getting aggravated about! Now I get alot more battery life.

Oh wait I just got the Udate man I hope this fixes my battery issues.. It will only lasts 4 hours and I dont even use it that much

I just updated my firmware. Does anyone know if this is the update for the battery issues. My battery only lasted about 7 hours even after installing handcent (which I love and will keep using). If anyone knows what this update included could you post it, in laymens terms?

Software version (Settings|About Phone|Software version) is 1.56.651.2 after the update.

It also adds haptic feedback to the dialer. I like that, but I don't see an option to shut it off if you don't.

My update went smoothly but my
Menu/Settings/About Phone/Firmware Version: still reads 1.5

After your update you're saying yours actually reads 1.56.651.2??

Can anybody else confirm 1.56.651.2 reading on your
Menu/Settings/About Phone/Firmware Version: ????

Firmware version should still be 1.5, because this is still Android 1.5. Scroll down a little and look for Software version

i just did the update and rebooted. i have my concerns though. now my phone is back up to running at 100% awake. that sucks considering i had mind running at 15% most the time. anyone else having this issue?

I have been checking for updates the last few days in hope to see 2.0 but today I got the 1.5 update. First thing I noticed was the haptic feedback on the dialer. I search and search but there are not settings to turn off :(. Second thing I noticed was 2 toggle buttons on the call screen for mute and speaker phone. Overall, some nice adds and fixes.

As far as the EVDO REV 0 thing goes, what you are actually seeing is the netowk the phone is recieving at that time, not the phone capabilities . Sprint told me this and sure enough it is true, my phone goes from Rev A to Rev 0 and to the 1rx or whatever that code is as I move around from area to area , I wouldnt worry about it this phone is REV A capable , check again when in a known solid 3 g area

my phone is back down to 15% awake so that's good news. but does anyone have a list of all the bugs it fixed? i'm still showing cdma - evdo rev. 0

tried over wifi, and over network and get failures both times.

do you have to be in 3g coverage, im only on the 1xrtt or whatever its called.

I have upgraded a muziq, a rant, and an instinct at my house before(no 3g here)

I'm noticing improved keyboard performance as well... Opened quite a few resource intensive apps and then drafted an email with no lag and better spell correction too. Is it just me?

Yes I also have the update umm what I notice is the call screen with the mute and speaker buttons and flashy Android and when I rotate the phone to landscape it moves a lot faster . That's all.

My update was completed smoothly - but see no change.

Before Update
Menu/Settings/About Phone/Firmware Version: 1.5
Menu/Settings/About Phone/Baseband Version:
Menu/Settings/About Phone/System Updates/Firmware Updates/Checking for firmware updates
The firmware update for your
HERO200 is now ready to be
Installed. Your device will be
Updated to version 1.56.651.2.
You cannot make or receive
Calls during the installation,
Even for emergencies. Do you
Want to install?
Download time +/-5 min
HTC Logo appeared
Open box with arrow to HERO with horizontal bar graph appeared
0-50% +/-90sec - 75% +/-120sec - 100% +/-180sec
HTC Logo +/-1 min
Sprint Logo +/-1 min
HTC Logo appeared
Firmware Update completed to Sprint Main Screen +/-8mins total time
After Update
Booted to wrong flip clock time and city.
Time: 2:08 AM should be 11:08 PM
City: Renton, WA should be Redmond, WA
Menu/Settings/About Phone/Firmware Version: 1.5
Menu/Settings/About Phone/Baseband Version:
Menu/Settings/About Phone/System Updates/Firmware Updates/Checking for firmware updates
No firmware update available
The version info remains the same. No change????

But I'm sure internally many bugs were fixed.

Wait and see I guess......

look at build number when confirming the update. mine says pre-update: 1.29.561.1 i am rooted, so no update for me right now, but i have not had issues with 100% awake time since using handcent.

Ok. So my phone has the installed update. There is a problem - I listen to Pandora all day long at work and have it connected to speakers. Now when I plug them in the phone doesn't recognize them? Anyone have any suggestions?

Daniel, I had the same problem. Soft reset of my HTC Hero fixes the problem. Take the battery out for 30 Seconds. Try it twice if it does not work the first time. Mine works fine now.

THANK YOU! Removing the battery worked. I reset it so many times after the update... had to do with the battery.

I hope no one takes this offensively because I don't mean it that way but a lot of you are focusing on the wrong things. Don't worry about the wording inside of the settings or the technical aspects because they don't matter. What I've noticed is that Sprint directly attacked the usability issues of the HTC Hero.

First off, I've noticed the keyboard is a bit bigger and a lot more accurate and easier to use.

2. My awake time reads 100% however I've been listening to music through the phone and pandora, web surfing, and texting for the past 6 hours and my battery life has barely gone down. HUGE difference in the battery life. Trust me, it's a huge difference at least from what I'm experiencing. (I even used the native messaging up a few times this morning and still no effect on the battery)

3. The phone is snappier moving from application to application, scrolling, pinch and zoom is smoother and the apps load faster for me.

4. The camera takes pictures much quicker now. The lag that was previously experienced when taking a photo is virtually gone now. It really is much better to use. Even unlocking the phone through the security screen is faster now =D

5. The mute and speakerphone buttons have been added to the call screen and I've noticed the sound coming from the speaker has been much more clear. That was one of the first things I noticed.

Overall great updates I think. Makes the phone much easier to use in areas where I did not enjoy the performance of it.

I think what you are experiencing is an conundrum that I have coined as, "The Placebo Effect". You could not convince me in a million years that one maintenance update has transformed our phones into pure awesomeness.

I can assure you that this is not a placebo effect. Even before reading these reviews I noticed all the same changes. Seems like many many enhancements have been made, including speed and keyboard and and page transitions. This actually has been a great firmware update.

Is it just me or did they update the auto focus in the camera...when i tap the screen to focus on a certain object, it gives a focus sound then beeps to confirm that it is focused...

My update wiped out everything. I couldn't get back onto the phone. I had to do a reset so I could use the phone again. I thought it was some kind of virus that got into the system. I am spending the rest of the night reinstalling everything I lost. I hope they get this thing fixed I don't want to install everything again.


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mine isnt working at all with yahoo. I tried turning off and on the wifi and it keeps telling me my login failed and i cant figure out why

i have yahoo email works fine until i get on wifi then it stops working then when i turn it off and set up my acct. again it works fine. does anyone else have this issue

well i love the phone only problem i have is the battery issue it just dont last long enough for this super phone it should give u atleast a full day of power i wonder if the new update will fix this prob thats my only dissapointment with it

I wonder, why I cant see update versions: applications/settings/about phone: and no update is active there. why? I am currently connected via wifi.

I can't get my hero to update. I have my phone on springs internet network (not WiFi) and I had my phone search for firmware updates and it keeps telling me there are none. Am I doing something wrong? Someone please help! My email us if anyone can help me please let me know. Thanks!

Not sure what version my phone was when I got it, however, I have always made it a habit of selecting "update phone" or "check for updates" in the menus. My phone said there was an update. Downloaded and installed. Rebooted phone. No contacts losts. Vibrate added to dialer. No option to turn it off. Also mute and speaker icons added to call in progress.. Biggest issue I have is they removed the option on email to "leave mail on server".
Now, if my phone receives the email, it will not be there later when I check from my computer. This is a HUGE issue for me. Spent several hours on phone with Sprint and HTC. No help.
Camera was sluggish. Lowered resolution, that helped. However, there is an app called "Task Killer". Installed and it shuts down resident programs whenever you select it. This was the ultimate fix. Battery last all day. However, when you "wake" the phone, it takes a few secs to update weather, etc. Mail will not come thru unless you reselect. Still, my problem is it takes the mail off the server. No one seems to know the fix... ANy suggestions ?

If you want to leave the mail on the server you should instead configure the IMAP protocol. It syncs mail by default, rather then downloading it like POP.

I downloaded the Avanced Task Killer, as sugessted by sprint stroe. It has been upgraded since then (2 months ago) and it works like a charm....other thing is a must for those of you that get a lot of unknown area calls, "city Caller id" a must for me. aside from having downloading the "barcode scanner" download the "share by qr code" awesome for sharing web pages with other hero owners.

Im having problems getting my mms but i can send and im not connected to wifi.thought. it was a detect n got a new hero n now this one does it.keeps sayin unsuccessful.why??????someone email me n help please

yes some of these updates are great, but my peeve was with the google calendar features...there is less function now and harder to use (moving around in the calendar and editing events)

plus the phone still does wierd stuff while talking, just less often. opens other windows and trys to e-mail....

any help?