Sprint Evo 4G inventory

OK, so the Sprint Evo 4G doesn't really cost $5,555. As you should all well know, it's common for carriers and retailers to assign outrages prices to a phone when it's first put into inventory. And as the Evo 4G isn't expected to be sold for another couple of months or so, it's a pretty good bet that Sprint doesn't even know what the price is yet. That said, it is the Evo 4G we see here in this inventory shot, so it's another step forward. You're all waiting patiently, right? [Engadget]


Reader comments

Sprint HTC Evo 4G priced at $5,555.55! (Not really)


Just hope they don't kill its price the way they did with the Touch Pro 2 and sell it for $349 or $299 after a hundred dollar mail in rebate. totally wanted that phone but at that price wouldn't touch it!!!

I think that with the Droid Incredible being released on Verizon for $199 that Sprint would have to be crazy not to at least match that price as well. That would be a disaster.