If you happened to check out our hands-on with the Sprint HTC Evo 3D you would have heard mention of the microUSB to HDMI output that allows for photo, video and audio output. If you're lucky enough to have an MHL enabled TV it should also charge while displaying whatever it is you want it to. Oddly enough, that information was left off of the official announcement but is really one of the finer additions to the Sprint HTC Evo 3D.

While it is awesome to see the port finally being mentioned it is only to fair to note that this really isn't the first time it has come up on devices. Initially, it was mentioned to of have been enabled on U.S. released Samsung Galaxy S devices such as T-Mobile’s Samsung Vibrant and AT&T’s Samsung Captivate but it needed Froyo in order to work. Samsung later confirmed this as not being accurate despite them having made available the microUSB to HDMI cables on the Samsung site, which were quickly removed.

Although the history of the port seems a little confusing, one thing for certain is that its appearance on the Sprint HTC Evo 3D signals that it is now ready for market use. Hopefully, this time around we'll start to see a lot more devices making use of it. We'd be remiss if we neglected to note that Samsung once again has their name in the mix here as well. The Samsung Galaxy S II is also noted to be MHL enabled, something that went rather unnoticed across most media outlets.


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Sprint HTC Evo 3D squeezes out HDMI through the microUSB port


Wow, I didn't realize the EVO was that big. It must be the picture or something then because when I was buying my phone I considered the EVO and it didn't feel that thick in my hand.

So if I wanted to connect to a TV via the microUSB to HDMI I could but it would not last long because of battery life unless I have a special TV? How am I to charge the battery?

Battery is a major issue with smart phones and if you want to be running a video from the phone I am short the battery will not last long.

agreed, but... powermat? :P

besides, i dont think you'll have your phone plugged in for 4 hours? also, hopefully MHL could be software enabled on all hdmi 1.4 ports or something like that...

I heard there will be splitters available that may even come with the phone that would split this port into a standard micro usb port and a standard micro HDMI port, so then you could charge and play vids on non-MHL TVs

I just want confirmation that a STANDARD micro-USB cable *can* work with the Evo 3D for charging and data.

If we have to use some proprietary cable or adapter, that would be EXTREMELY bad.

Yeah I don't think that us the greatest idea ever. tying up the charge port. I'm sure you would be cutting it close streaming a 2 hour movie. I'm not sure if my tv is this special kind. I think hdmi having its own port is the way to go.

Man, they cheaped out on the EVO 3D.

As technology goes, everything keeps getting cheaper, so $500 today should buy you something that might have been $750 last year...

With that in mind, Sprint went cheap with the EVO 3D. They might have got to dual core SoC, a bit more memory, a 2nd camera and a better screen; they got ride of the kickstand and separate usb/hdmi ports.

If you think about it, even with the upgrades on the EVO 3D from EVO 4G, manufacturing/parts costs are probably the same as when the EVO 4G went live, so launch price should be the same. In fact, with the decrease in discounts and increase in fees from Sprint, Sprint should sell the EVO 3D for about $149 and the EVO 4G for $99 now...

Oh well, I guess I'm just ranting....

Are you Verizon's new marketing tool? Get Verizon because Sprint "Cheaped out" on the Evo 3D? Not a day goes by where I don't enjoy reading your anti-Sprint bigotry.

HDMI out on the Evo 3D without charging will allow you to watch a single 2:35 Youtube vid or a slide show of 15 photos :)


2 questions...

1) are we talking FULL HDMI out? Or just videos youtube and pictures?

2) will audio and video transfer to usb inputs also? (ie. My indash head unit or moniter?)

Please say yes!!!

I just hope the camera is better, even though its 5mp I hope its on part or if not better than the iphone...since that seems to be the best camera any cellphone has. Even if its a tad better than the epic camera I'll be happy.

Do you mean over 4G, not 3G?

If you meant 4G, then yes. Sprint uses WiMax for 4G which is basically WiFi with longer range. This isn't new to the EVO 3D though..all Sprint 4G phones can do simultaneous voice/data.

If you meant 3G, then no. Sprint uses CDMA for 3G which can not do simultaneous voice/data.

I just can't get over the issues with this phone. I just spent $30 on a micro hdmi cable for my Evo 4g, and this unit won't even have a compatible port. More money has to be spent for the same features. No kickstand is also a bummer for a media pushing device, and last, the camera. Have they not learned that any camera that sticks out the back is easy to scratch the lens or crack it. I excepted the fact that I didn't need to sit the Evo down on the back side on the camera because I have a kickstand, but now that's gone, crap. Oh and again, spend more money on a complete POS super cheap case with a kickstand that will break in 2 weeks. I want this phone but then I don't want it. I'm already due for a upgrade, price better be good for me to use my upgrade or I will wait to something else comes along.

Will the hdmi out actually be able to output 3d to 3dtvs? Wasn't sure if it was different format since its glasses free on the phone and tvs are glasses?

Sprint and HTC didn't cheap out, they're adopting a newer format that uses a single port. If you buy a TV without MHL then YOU cheaped out. It appears that if your legacy TV (or the one you "cheap out" on in the future) doesn't have MHL then you can buy a specialized cable that has mUSB input and dual output (HDMI & USB) which will allow content to be pushed through one cord and charge through the other; That's really nothing new.

The 3D output via the mUSB will work on any 3D display. The content being pushed to the TV doesn't care what kind of screen you have. It's the autostereoscopic display on the Evo that gives you "glasses-less viewing". The display on your TV is the driving factor that requires glasses to view the content from your Evo.

"If you buy a TV without MHL then YOU cheaped out."
From what the MHL guys say, there are only a couple of TVs on the market that support MHL (seems it's only available in one TV IC from one IC maker). So that means the only advantage to this MHL thing is that you don't need an actual HDMI port on the phone? Also, are they really running HDMI (19 pin connector) over a 5-pin connector or have they squeezed some extra pins in there? If not, that might be able to get 2 or 3 feet? For that, we give up charging while watching a movie?

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Just like a regular PC processor. 2x cores share 1.2 Ghz. I can't seem to grasp why they need 1GB of ram on this.

I wrote a post on the Evo 3D HDMI Port situation. Hope it helps people, who bought it and now wonder how to connect it to their TVs.

BTW, Can you actually see the 3D quality through the LCD screen, and is the "desktop" area also has 3d graphic features?