Sprint-HTC event

Were here in New York City (when are we not, really) for a little get-together with Sprint and HTC. What's in store? Only one way to find out. Liveblog's after the break!


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Sprint-HTC event liveblog!


In before all the haters calling the new phone ugly!

I personally like the black and metallic red look. Size may be an issue, though.

What happened to HTC going back to the drawing board and focusing on quality and not quantity? It seems like they still can't let go of the designs that made their handsets so bulky to begin with. Kickstands? Protruding camera lens?

They get rid of kickstands and all you hear is:

"Where's my kickstand that I used EVERY SINGLE DAY OF MY LIFE!?"

They add the kickstand back:

"Who the hell uses a kickstand anyways??? All it's doing is bulking up my phone... Oh! And a bigger battery!? Pfft! I'd rather my phone die in 2 hours and be paper thin, please"

I hope the phone will be worth all the hype I'm about 5 seconds from dropping sprint like a bad habit. what good is unlimited sloooooooow data and corny phones. The had something with the OG Evo and WiMax but fell off every since

yeah.. i am with you.. moved to sprint for the OG evo... but almost willing to pay verizon money to get a decent signal!

I have an EVO 3d which is a great phone now I am getting the EVO one which will be a great phone longer battery life toned down sense great slcd2 screen come on

@ Phil, what do you mean in NYC, not really? Ya there? Or not there? I don't get that part in perenthesis.

Thanks for doing the liveblog. Couldn't find another blog doing it aside from BGR, but they're not really updating it live.

I hope it comes out sooner than June since i'm upgrade-eligible now. If it's not out until June, my contract will be up and I might have to switch to Verizon.

I like Sprint's unlimited data, but even the 4G here is pretty slow here and who knows when LTE will be available. Also traveling for work, I go through quite a few Sprint dead-zones, while the people with me on Verizon keep on trucking along.

Decisions, decisions...

So much for HTC's branding initiative. Definitely not going to be able to walk into any Sprint store and ask for the One; no one will know what you're talking about.

This is so totally my next phone! I'll assume from the poll above, that it's (as usual) the vocal minority piping up here on the comments. This is a great looking device up close. It has so much more character than the One X with everything great about that phone. Still waiting for a mention of the rumored battery size and SD card slot, though.

No sign of the SD card slot, so I'm holding out hope for a removable back that hides the SD (and the removable battery). If so, I'm in.

No launch date? When will Android manufacturers & Google take a que from Apple. These are always so mediocre and lack something incredibly important...like launch date..

What a terrible launch.

Took a beautiful design and destroyed it.
Got rid of a consistent branding name.

It doesn't even have the rumored 2650mah battery which would've been the only reason to get this over a One X.

So what will be the battery replacement policy then? 2 years on a single battery is going to be a lackluster experience.