Sprint Galaxy Nexus

Well, would you look at that. The Sprint Galaxy Nexus (see our initial hands-on) is getting a software update to fix some network issues. The carrier says it should get pushed to all devices in the next day or so, at which time you'll have fixes for:

  • Device not connecting to data services after activation
  • Device not displaying correct network time after activation
  • And an update to Google Wallet

And now's a great time to remind folks that this update, which brings the phone to Android 4.0.4, Build FD02, has absolutely nothing to do with the Verizon Galaxy Nexus languishing on Android 4.0.2. (The horror!) That's not going to stop anyone from complaining (nor does it change the fact that Nexus phones are supposed to be updated early and often), but we feel better having said it.

Source: Sprint


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Sprint Galaxy Nexus getting an update to fix network issues


Nice that this fix is coming out so quickly. I wonder if its Sprint or Google or both that are getting proactive with the updates to this phone. Good to see in any event.

(And pretty much vindicates what Poopsie was ranting about the other day.)

I'm on Verizon and wanted to get the Gnex but a friend hated his network issues. Why hasn't the Verizon version gotten this update yet? I'm hoping the carry they GS III because I want a new phone!

Oh Phil. I'm pretty sure he means an update in general to fix the issue, not a carrier-specific update.
Also, I'm pretty sure the Verizon GNex is on 4.0.2, not 4.0.3

Save yourself the trouble and avoid this phone on Verizon. It's a complete joke how often my Nexus drops signal. I use the app No Signal Alert now in hopes that it will prove the problem & I can switch phones at Verizon. Or I'll cancel my lines and go back to Sprint.

Caution The Nexus Galaxy on the Sprint network is the same. I am so over this phone it’s horrible and now I am stuck with it for the next two years! I can’t believe Google even released this phone a Billion dollar company and failed with this one GREAT R&D Google! Below are the issues that I am having

1)Battery Life (The norm for Smartphones)
2)My Wi-Fi has a range about 50 feet (Sucks)
3)Loss of cell single (This is most likely Sprints Network they are still struggling building a 4G network that SUCKS)
4)Freezing of phone ($550.00 Phone LOL…)
5)Reboots automatically (FUN)

Running Version 4.0.4
Kernel 3.0.8-00007-gf16cc11

Well, Sprint is small(er) and hungry. They are willing to go the extra mile to provide good service. They aren't perfect, but as a long time Sprint customer, they keep giving me reasons to stay and very little to make me want to leave.

Big Red is just that. Big. Bloated. Red. They don't care that you are annoyed, they are Big Red. Can you hear them now??


Sorry for the V hate, I've just had to deal with them on a corporate level for a long time now, and it just sucks. They really don't seem to give a damn about customer service, even for business lines. It's crazy.

I'll go crawl back in my hole now...

Phil, Verizon's GNex is still on 4.0.2 (not 4.0.3) officially...no?

Also, reports of Verizon's Nexus getting some sort of new build OTA for 4.0.4. Who knows if it's final but hey, it's at least some sort of activity.

Saw this on Droid Life and thought you might be interested:

Handful of Lucky DL Readers Receive Android 4.0.4 IMM76K Update on Verizon Galaxy Nexus? (Updated)

If that is the case for vzw that is a old build been out a couple months. And doesn't fix the radio

When/if it comes to Sprint, I'll be all over it!

Don't feel the need to jump carriers for it, though. I get great signal in my area (even though it isn't 4G).

I wonder if it will fix the time issue. I'm on Sprint and I have two phones (personal and corporate) and they both like to revert to EST time zone due to the network vision upgrades.

However, I will definitely give Sprint kudos for sending out an update so quickly :)