EVO 4G LTE gel case

So there's this:

HTC and Sprint want to thank you for your patience as we know you have been anticipating the arrival of your new HTC EVO 4G LTE. Please accept this phone accessory as a small token of our appreciation and thanks.

We're not ones to turn down a free case. But how about you guys?

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bugz_92 says:

This is why people are sprint customers. Doing right by the consumer... No other cell phone carrier would do this.

smooth3006 says:

too bad the network still sucks.

ICU812 says:

Where I live Sprint is king signal wise. The rest of them suck.

You, sir, have no idea what you're talking about. Sprint's network is actually pretty solid, although slow in some areas at the moment, it is being addressed with their entire network upgrade project.

bumpandrun says:

No complaints where I live and work and at my parents house their Verizon is terrible! They are switching to Sprint soon.

4mooo says:

Soooo, when will Sprint be releasing the pre-orders?

jarobusa says:

I got mine yesterday. Hands down the best phone I have ever used or seen.

capt4chris says:


jhilker says:


It appears I received a 2nd package today from Louisville, KY from Sprint, so I'm betting that's it. Nice....

digink#AC says:

Great news, Thanks Sprint.... but when is the damn launch date for the phone for those who didn't pre-order? I mean the phone was delayed for a few days in customs how could this possibly throw off the launch date so badly?

Is this only for those who pre-ordered? If so that is retarded what about those of us that have been waiting to scoop them up from the store.

secano says:

I just received this phone yesterday and I must say that Sprint's 3G in NYC is killing me. I'm ready to send this phone back and cancel the whole thing.

digink#AC says:

Did you use 4G previously with your old Evo? How bad are the speeds?

secano says:

I'm new to Sprint. It's my first phone with them. I mean, I was expecting at LEAST 1000kb/s on 3G, but no. I'm barely getting 125kb/s... terribly slow.

bryanw504 says:

Been with Sprint for about ten plus years. Their network has always been on par with the other US carriers but it is painfully slow now because of Network Vision. Patience young sprint user once Sprint is done upgrading the price and network speeds will pay off in the long run. Enjoy your New EVO.

piizzadude says:

ummmmm....yeah in 2013....quite the wait

jarobusa says:

Hang in there high speeds are coming.

crxssi says:

You should have done your homework BEFORE switching networks. Here, it is quite common now to get 125 to 300kb/s. A year ago it was much faster, in the 700kb/s range. I have never seen consistent 1000kb/s on Sprint 3G.

secano says:

Who said I switched networks? :) Currently with T-mo, which contract is almost due. Testing new waters hasn't been good so far...

crxssi says:

??? You said, above:

"I'm new to Sprint. It's my first phone with them."

ro1224 says:

In the two years I've been with Sprint, I've noticed a steady downgrade in overall service quality. I recently upgraded to a Samsung Galaxy Nexus thinking perhaps a newer radio with newer software would help - it didn't. In fact, I found that it was harder for my new phone to acquire and retain a connection to Sprint's struggling network. While there have been some rumors suggesting that Samsung phones have terribly weak radios, I was almost at the point of returning and canceling my account. What I didn't want to have to do was to pay more or take a risk that Sprint will figure this all out and then move on to deploy a killer 4G network.

So I sent an email to Sprint CEO Dan Hesse (dan@sprint.com). His executive team is usually very decent at responding to customer concerns and this time was no different. It's their attention to customer concerns that have earned Sprint high awards from the likes of J.D. Power and Associates for several years now.

If you're eligible, you will likely be able to receive a free Sprint Airave Access Point for use in your home. The Airave is a small appliance that connects to your high-speed or broadband internet connection (yes, it cheats in this regard) to give you full-bars and usable voice and data service at home, with an average coverage area of 5,000 square feet.

Keep in mind, you are allowing Sprint to piggyback off your internet connection, so it's really your internet that is doing the heavy lifting for Sprint's network while they work to get their Network Vision upgrades rolling. I'm not at all pleased to have to give Sprint a "free ride" on my dime, but I was willing to give them a little more time to get their network upgrades straightened out. I did, however, make it clear that I would not renew beyond this contract period if I found the upgrade to have done nothing for me.

You can see if you are Airave eligible at www.sprint.com/airavezip.

Good luck.

edward0348 says:

I feel you bro!. I'm Having The same problem in New York with my EVO 3D. I'm going to get this phone as soon as It get available, but I hope Sprint do something about The network speed.

astoriacub says:

Ditto for me. I'm sitting tight for right now. Sprint 3G is painful right now. I'm keeping my Evo3D until the LTE launch in NYC. I live in Astoria and I have great WiMAX reception in my apt. Sprint's 4G WiMAX is faster than my home WiFi. I'm excited for the Evo but am also curious to see what Sprint brings with their SG3.

l00natic71 says:

Don't know what's going in your neck of the woods, but you can check https://network.sprint.com/ and enter the area you are interested. It shows you what hey have upgraded in the last 6mo and what they plan to upgrade in the next 6mo.

kmarx says:

I ran a few speed tests on my Epic setting the phone to 3g only

Downloads Speed Upload Speed

Test 1)

812 kbps 475kbs

Test 2)
831kbps 396kbps

With the update to LTE the 3G towers are not as fast right now.

dbhart5 says:

I'm in Northern VA, and I haven't been reliant on Sprint's 3G network in about 1.5 years, and BOY OH BOY I don't remember it sucking this much. It's unbearable. No wonder folks dog out Sprint's network so much.

Like you, I'm very seriously considering sending this phone right back. I'll wait for LTE to go live.

ttriplett1 says:

Sprint coverage/speeds are terrible in NOVA, its not like that everywhere :(

Budgetmedic says:

That's good of Sprint to do. Now they should send the bill to Apple!

Nreeldeep says:

Um...no. HTC caused the delay in the first place due to patent violation. Don't get mad at Apple for calling them on it.
If a vandal violates your car and you call the police and they arrest the guy, should YOU be expected to pay the bill for the car repair?

crxssi says:

1) HTC complied with the patent, so there was no reason for a delay
2) The patent was incredibly stupid and shouldn't have been granted in the first place.

Nreeldeep says:

I follow your reasoning. And I agree with item 1. But you have to remember, Apple was obviously offended that the patent was violated in the first place. So Apple set out to make HTC, and by extension, its customers, feel Apple's wrath.
As far as item 2, I can't stand the the 65MPH speed limit. I think it's archaic. But it's the law.

cmandd says:

A software patent != a law.

ab304945 says:

the patented item wasnt there.

And it should of nvr been a patent in the first place.

l00natic71 says:

This is why the general consensus is that the patent system is horribly broken.

Luce says:

I got mine at Best Buy yesterday. Are these coming in the mail or do I need to go to an official Sprint store?

aschneid#AC says:

I'd say you would have had to buy one from Sprint to get the case. I also picked mine up from BB yesterday, and didn't get anything (other than $100 off, which I would rather have).

Luce says:

I managed to get $150 off but I agree 100% that is much better than a free case. But money off + case is better yet :-)

FaisDogg says:

Does that mean you only paid $50+tax with a 2 year contract?

smotrs says:

Not exactly. When you preordered the phone you had to buy a $50 gift card. Trading in your old phone got you another $50 gift card and signing the 2yr contract got you another $50 gift card. So when you picked up the phone, all you owed out of pocket was $50+tax.

$199 Phone Cost
-$50 Deposit
-$50 Trade in
-$50 Signing bonus
$50 +tax remaining

Total out of pocket $100 +tax

crxssi says:

That is not correct. You do NOT have to buy a gift card. The printout says you do, but you do not.

Luce says:

$199 phone
-$50 Evo Trade in
-$50 Best Buy Phone Freedom gift card (Special promotion they ran early this year)
-$50 Sprint renewal discount

$50 + tax out of pocket :-)

crxssi says:

There is no $100 off. It is $199 and a $50 gift card. Nothing else. If you were trading in stuff or old cards or something, that is different thing.

rendar82 says:

Actually, no. I had an original EVO that would have given me an additional $50 off, but I decided to keep it (would have made my new EVO 4G LTE $50 total). I had previously signed up with Best Buy for a promotion,, as many people did, that if I bought and activated a new phone with them from any carrier within the next year I would get a $50 gift card. Then they had another promotion for a $50 gift card if you specifically pre-ordered the EVO 4G LTE. Therefore, the EVO 4G LTE was $199 at Best Buy, but I received 2 separate $50 dollar gift cards and paid only $99 at the register. So yeah, $100 less.

crxssi says:

Like I said, trading in a phone has nothing to do with the sales price of the Evo LTE. That is a different transaction. Just semantics, but trying to make it clear to people that there are not other discounts for just buying the phone.

smotrs says:

Other then the trade in, you received an additional $50 gift card for signing a 2yr contract. I broke it down in my post above. Total out of pocket was $100 +tax.

DocToxyn says:

Did this just show up unannounced? I just ordered a case today!
I ordered from BB, any chance that eliminates me from the gift?

Nreeldeep says:

This is the announcement.

l00natic71 says:

For me, the phone was delivered yesterday. The case arrived today. Same letter as posted above. I didn't receive an email or note with the phone saying that I would be getting a case.

dskwerl says:

I've heard that mine is at home, though I haven't gotten there to see it yet. I was pretty excited when I found out. Not only was it a nice gesture (I was satisfied with the phone, despite the delay), but now it says me the trouble of having to pick out a case and buy one.

dubdrop says:

I picked mine up from best buy. Bought a white platinum case for it. Looks good and not at all bulky. Even though they are giving out condoms for this I would pick one up if the dud extend outside of sprint store preorder purchases. Then sell that bitch for tree fity! Seriously getting 50 bucks off from best buy is good enough

coinmanmat says:

And thats a Sprint branded phone case which they sell in the Sprint Stores for $14-20. Thats nice for them to offer that but im sure customers would have appreciated a bill credit or a partial refund for the purchase price of the phone like at least $50 off. Now I can understand this wasn't Sprint or HTC's fault but why were these phones shipped out from Taiwan the week of their release. These phones should have been shipped out weeks before the launch and been stored in what ever facility Sprint uses as its warehouse (in this case its UPS's Louisvile facility) and in the back rooms of Sprint's retail stores.

jarobusa says:

Cant make everyone happy.

Nreeldeep says:

Sprint only owes you for the services you currently pay for. Nothing more, nothing less. Sprint reserves the right to delay that device until Christmas or make it look like an iphone, without any apology to you.
Vote with your wallet.
Tmobile, Verizon and At&t have all kept the light on for you.
Sprint obviously feels awful about this unfortunate turn of events, hence the free case offering. I find that commendable.

camiller says:

Pretty sure these were setting in the bonded (customs) part of the Louisville warehouse waiting for customs inspectors to finish their job. It is coincidence that the customs inspectors all have brand new iPhone 5s. I may have made up that last bit.

spokenwordd says:


l00natic71 says:

It's not Sprint branded. The back just shows "HTC", right bellow the kickstand. Also, I'm pretty sure they were shipped by HTC...since they manufacture the phone. So, Sprint doesn't get a say in the production. I think that should be a question for HTC.

dtreo says:

Nice of Sprint to acknowledge a small inconvenience to the pre order customers of their flagship device with the free case.
Nice of HTC to acknowledge a small inconvenience to the pre order customers of a flagship device with...(insert crickets here).

dbhart5 says:

The free case was a pleasant surprise. Very nice gesture Sprint. Two thumbs up!

Pigman says:

Better than a sharp stick in the eye. But seriously they didn't have to do this. Go Sprint!

jcastag says:

I think this is MORE than enough. Sprint had nothing to do with the delay, and they still went out of their way to make sure their customers are happy.

Keep in mind, they didnt have to do ANYTHING! And you can be sure if it was VZW or ATT they would have done NOTHING.

dtreo says:

I don't think that's necessarily true. If this had happened on Verizon, they probably would have initiated a new customer fee of some sort to offset their customs costs...and used the extra week to install some more bloatware.

Draiko#AC says:

Apple: "Your phone doesn't make calls? Here, have a free case."

Sprint and HTC: "Your phone shipped out 6 days late? Here, have a free case."

I think Sprint and HTC have a better idea of what a free case is worth to the consumer.

l00natic71 says:

Except that it took Apple several weeks to own up to the issue.

crxssi says:

It would be nice if the article had a little more information. Like:

1) Who is getting it?
2) How is it being sent?
3) What about people buying from other places?

etc, etc...

1. People who pre ordered through sprint
2. Shipped through ups like the phone was
3. They get nothing

crxssi says:

Yeah, that seems to be the overall consensus now. I wish I had preordered with Sprint instead of Best Buy. Here I still sit, waiting for a phone that I preordered on the very first day. And since they continue to screw it up, I will be without until at LEAST Tuesday now :(

jeffreytz says:

I got my free case today, was surprised since I've had some contact with Sprint over this and they never mentioned it. Honestly I find the case ugly as hell, but it's a nice gesture and it's the thought that counts :)

crxssi: I think anyone who pre-ordered directly from Sprint is getting the case. It showed up today via UPS out of the blue.


mgianni19 says:

Is everyone's blue? I was hoping for Black or something like that.

mgianni19 says:

Forgot to mention, I'm not being greedy, I'm just not a huge fan of the blue :) Thanks, Sprint, for the free case! :)

bacidath says:

I got a case and letter delivered today... I got the silvery/black bodyglove kickstand vibe case. just waiting for the seidio case I preordered to come. also my bill was 50 bucks lighter than it should have been.

chico87305 says:

got the same color one today...wish i could have got the black one like bacidath!!!^^

Of course the ones who didn't realize they were making an investment in a future (and hopefully kick ass) 4G LTE network are gonna bitch and moan about the current 3G speeds. That's what happens when they are converting their network (i.e. Network Vision). I had Sprint in 2003-2004 and left because of terrible customer service (CS was in India) and crappy service. I went to ATT and left them in 2010 for the OG EVO. I've been pleasantly surprised by the change at Sprint. CS is back to speaking in an American accent and very helpful. Although the 3G speeds have tanked since 2010, the amount of dropped calls has drastically diminished compared to when I was on Ma Bell.

Thank you Sprint for sending out a free case to me. I like the new HTC rubber cases and I know they'll retail for $15-20 and this goes to show that you appreciate our business! I'm looking forward to LTE in Los Angeles!

crxssi says:

Sprint customer for 12 years. You are correct that for a short time, Sprint outsourced their customer service to India or something and it was horrible. Fortunately they came to their senses and customer service has been consistently very good for me for many years now.

Like you, I have no problems with dropped calls, just mysteriously slow data speeds over the last few years. It used to be great. I think they just oversold the network and the explosion of smartphones just destroyed the network.

Network vision will take care of that.

crxssi says:

Let's hope so. And I hope it is soon. My area of 1.7 million people never even got WiMax.... just broken, implied promises.

RobRod05 says:

Does anybody alse getting 9.93 gb of internal memory instead of 16 gb???

crxssi says:

Memory is always internal. Like most phones, the Evo LTE has 1GB of memory. I think you mean storage?

RobRod05 says:

Sorry, yes thats what I ment to say.

crxssi says:

A considerable amount of the internal storage is dedicated to the OS partition and will not be available to the user. This is the case with all Android devices. So when a phone claims to have "16GB" of storage, you have to assume that several GB are not going to be usable. Personally, I think it is a bit misleading. At least, unlike our HTC One-X friends, we will be able to use an SD card and add a lot more storage.

I'm wondering if the EVO LTE can take a 64 gigabyte card.

finanandroid says:

I went to Sprint looking for the infamous now "Unlimited Plan" did several speed test when I noticed terrible slow data transfer and the inability to download larges files
3G Speed 245 KBPS ! 4G Wimax barely 980 kbps almost nonexistent I live DC metro Area/VA. I don't understand how people stay many year with this unethical provider.
I am heavy user and I work allot through my phone internet, I did cancel my account with Sprint in one week! back to 9800 KBPS with VZW. no even a great phone like Evo "lte" worth to get Sprint with 2 year slow like dial up 3G contract, my opinion is that Sprint are cheating our people.

Ok sprint greeeaaaat. How about launching the LTE already. Seriously?

MarkMcCoskey says:

Actually, turning LTE on would be a better gift than a case. I've seen no date thus far for Las Vegas.

crxssi says:

There are no dates for the vast majority of the country. Supposedly, my area is in the "second rollout", but even that is totally unofficial. And even if true, who knows how long that will be.

Besides, I am shedding NO tears for people in Las Vegas, since they have had WiMax. My 1.7 million person area never even got that. So wait your turn!

NateBoii says:

nice gesture by sprint, dnt see any other company doing this.

Jerry2007 says:

"We're not ones to turn down a free case."

Apparently you're also not one to put up a review of a phone you've had for a month now either.

My EVO 3D is on 3G and feels like 4G it hit some sort of switch this morning and is working way faster.

crxssi says:

A very unspecific and unscientific observation from an unknown location.

Sprint 3G speeds vary wildly from place to place, tower to tower, minute to minute.

bigmike09890 says:

The case I got is pretty crappy but it's a nice gesture and it'll hold me over until I buy my otterbox.

KMachine says:

I also got the blue case but I have some received a Body Glove grey/black one. I went to a retial store and they gave me $20 credit and so I ended up paying $15 for a new car dock :-)

zeravla531 says:

Just ran speedtest on Sprint Galaxy II using 3G:

1870kbps down 848kbps up

crxssi says:

So? What does that have to do with cases or the Evo LTE?

zeravla531 says:

Has to do with the comments, not the article.

3ball says:

I pre-ordered mine at a Sprint store. They have no idea when it is coming. This sucks! I want my phone already!!!