Here we go, folks! Sprint and HTC are sending out invites to a little get-together on April 4 in New York City. We're invited to "experience their latest collaboration." Sprint CEO Dan Hesse will be there, as well HTC President Jason Mackenzie. And, you know, we'll be there, too. So now it's a party. 

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Sprint and HTC getting together April 4


YES, YES,....FUCK YES!!! It has to be the X one, or jet, or whatever they going to name it!! This going to be my next phone. :)

HTC and Sprint are pleased to announce....the Kyocera Echo II! Now with three screens, 1.2ghz single core processor, and 256mb of memory!

Ok but seriously, this better be the ONE!

LMFAO! David Blaine might be busy this year so they call out "the situation" onto the stage to lift up his shirt and compare the number of screens to his rows of abs

come on sprint give us the quad core version not the dual-core. i have a feeling sadly will be the Krait dual because of it playing nicely w/ LTE...

EDIT: i just read the benchmarks for the dual-core Krait here http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2400409,00.asp

this is better than i though. i officially re-nig my statement. lol gimme Krait sprint!!

That was my conclusion too, that the Krait might actually be a better setup...

But with the new HTC's, it is all about BATTERY. Since they can't be removed, can they be serviced? How long will they last per charge? How many cycles before the phone is a brick?

Too bad Sprint took away my once a year upgrade. Premier Gold got me so much. Still looking forward to see the new tech.

If you were Premiere Gold and have not updated since June of last year, you can still get ONE MORE phone on the Premiere plan, through the end of 2012.

I got this answer from several Sprint reps.

YES!!!! Finally, we will see the predecessor to our beloved HTC EVO 4G! Come on Dan and HTC...give us more internal storage and a 3000+ mAh battery. I can live with the dual-core processor...even though, the One X rocks a quad-core. Rock on Sprint and HTC!

We already had it. It is called the Evo 3D. And it was a worthy upgrade.

And if you read the specs for the One X, it will have a battery no bigger than the Evo 3D, except now you can't replace it. And it will have no SD slot either.

The EVO 3D was more of a lateral move (come on, 3D was a hyped up caveat). However, the next HTC device (if it is the One X or Jewel or Jet)will be an upward move. And I really, really hope HTC will shoe horn in a larger mAh battery. I don't want to be in the same situation as Moto Raz/Maxx users, lol.

It was not a lateral move.

CPU clock speed increased *20%*.
RAM increased by *25%*.
Storage increased TREMENDOUSLY.
Higher resolution screen.
Had newer software sooner and will have ICS.

Who cares about a "3D" screen or camera. LOOK AT THE OTHER SPECS

You beat me to the punch, but I'm glad I'm not the only one who was going to respond. People who say that are idiots. They don't have the phone. If they did they would know how much of an upgrade it was. If they had it and still thought it was a lateral update then they aren't being honest and are jumping on the 3D-bashing bandwagon. I personally dig the 3D function although I know people who don't care for it. But they still love the phone. BTW, I hope that this is branded an EVO. It's a nice little exclusivity that Sprint has and should try to keep. VZW has the Droid line, we should get to keep the EVO line.

I agree. The "Evo" name carries a lot of respect now, Sprint should use it on their high end stuff (and ONLY the high end).

As for 3D- I never use it. Hurts my eyes and doesn't serve much function. So I just ignore those features. They don't offend me by being features I don't care about!

I agree with you that the EVO 3D shouldn't be overlooked and is a worthy upgrade, but I'm not certain that it won't develop a significant amount of bugs with the ICS update when it comes much like my EVO 4G did after gingerbread. Is the removable battery and storage card worth it at the expense of likely software issues? I'm betting that the .EVO One X will perform well coming out with ICS.

The EVO Design is the other option that also has international call capabilities, which I could use.


...for the love of God stay consistent with your phone names for UNITY. Put the effing thesaurus down and stop calling every carrier version of your phone a new name!


And in Sprint typical fashion, expect a end of May or June release date more than a month after they announce the product. I guess sprint has to do this to atleast give some life to its customers waiting on upgrades. They cant afford to get all the new devices that ATT and Verizon do so often, they have to give us an early glimpse so we wont jump ship. :(

I hope its awesome. I love sprint and have been w them 11 years but i gave up on 4g ever gwtting here where i live. I have the Galaxy Nexus on Verizon as of yersterday and wow. I still have a line w sprint so I hope its something good.

I left Sprint but I hope they treat you guys well.

I don't think I'll ever go back to HTC until they get rid of non-Sense. Stock Android is soooo sweet.

at least you guys are getting announcement...i have yet to hear anything from verizon and the samsung galaxy note. i dont get it.

I would like to see a G-Note style phone from HTC. It would be completely unexpected. With HD screen, Beats, S4, LTE, and ICS.