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The HTC Media Link HD is way to cool to be sitting here, unused in my desk drawer. See the review for a quick refresher of exactly what this baby can do, but know that if you have a Sense 4+ or Sense 5 phone and a television, you probably want it. So here's your chance.

Drop a comment below. Sometime late tonight, we'll shut the comments down and pick a winner at random. Be sure you have a working email address on file here at AC, 'cause that's how I'll get in touch with you to find out where to send it. When I've finished finding all the cool stuff I need to give away, we'll announce the winners here on the blog. 

Good luck!


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Spring cleaning: Win an HTC Media Link HD


GF will be happy if she's going to have one. She's the one who has the HTC One X.

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i have been accidently activating the htc media link on my evo lte since day one, it would be awesome to actually have something to use it !!!

I have been a big admirer of HTC and all its smartphones. I always wanted to get HTC media link . Though I wasn't able to locate it in Delhi.
The shipping cost from USA was very high . So it is another way fr me to get it. Awesome offer. Hoping I'm lucky enough:-D

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HTC could even name it H.T.C. Hot Transfer Connect. The media link HD would complement my One. I think I deserve it more because I been using HTC phones for the pass 7 years. I had theWing, Touch pro2 running Gingerbread, One S, and now the One. Been a fan for their pioneer innovations! It's simply amazing!

I finally dropped Samsung for its crappy build quality and got the finely tuned design and powerful HTC One. This media link would be all I need to replace "All share" and I would be set!

I'd use the shit outta this. I've loved HTC for the longest time. This would be icing on the cake for my HTC One.

I am so in for this one. Been needing a way to stream Google music to my receiver

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Did I win it?!? I sure hope I won... I have the One X so therefore I need it more than the people with the One.

OK so let's think of something CREATIVE to talk, something so OUTSTANDING that I will win! Okay, got it : I <3 BURRITOS AND I WELL EAT A BURRITO WATCHING POWER RANGERS STREAMING IT FROM MY HTC MEDIALINK HD that I will win!!What's or favorite power ranger????

Love HTC as a phone company, this accesory would be perfect with my droid dna!

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I would appreciate this device , being that I can't watch my television because my digital converter don't work on my television , but this device would be my only way to watch television , also i would use it everyday and I would deeply appreciate it , thanks .

I hope I'm not to late! Me just got my HTC one for my bday !!!!

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I loaded a bunch of movies on my HTC One. Would love to watch it on the big screen when my work sends me out. Thanks.

I've always wanted one of these since I first got my One X, yet I could never afford one!

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Dunno if I'm too late but plop my name in the hat please :-D

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I would appreciate this device , being that I can't watch my television because my digital converter don't work on my television , but this divice would be my only way to watch telivision , also i would use it everyday and I would deply appreciate it , thanks .

It would be cool to see this in action for cross platform functions

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Dude I really really want this so bad it hurts, please do my spring cleaning for me it would be awesome jerry. Damn just seen this is for a media link not the spring cleaning, if i dont win the media link would you still do my spring cleaning as a consolation prize?

Great home for this product right here! I will immediately put the HD link to work displaying presentations for some classes I teach.

I'd like to use this to test out a Rezound on a custom Sense 4 ROM, that will supposedly make the Rez compatible with the HD Link. I couldn't justify spending $100 if I couldn't be sure it will work like the newer HTC devices do.
Good luck to all who enter.

I've neen wanting one like these for a long long time! I hope you can make me and my HTC One X happy and send it to me. Cheers :-)

If it's truly random then all I need to do is post this comment and I should stand a fair chance at winning regardless of whether I even have an android (which I do) and even whether I have a HTC phone (Brand new HTC One) or whether I want it (er yeah, I most certainly do, this is awesome), but apparently it's all random so please gods of chance, let this comment be the one he picks

Sweet, something to make me not regret getting this damn HTC One X over the GSIII

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I've been wanting one for ages, since I got my One X and now my One. Hopefully it'll be someone outside USA. I'd gladly pay shipping

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I would luv to try out the Media Link with my One. Although previous 3 phones are from HTC, i didn't able the chance to try out Media Link. So give a chance to test it out.

It sure would be used if I had it! Thanks for the chance.

Turp415 Posted via Android Central App

Saw the review for this device and am srsly droooooling for one... Please mail me 1 for my new HTC One :-)

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That'll be a nice partner for my HTC phone, pick me!

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I need this to teach my cat how to do three-finger media sharing! He has 3 pink blobs on his feet and has just been hoping for a chance to put them to use!

This would be the perfect compliment to my first Android phone: the HTC one

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If I win this, it might be time to resurrect the ol HTC Rezound running Nils Business Sense :)

Two HTC phones in my house - this would be great for sharing pics and video of our toddler and throwing his content up on the big screen!

VNC running in my fedora 17 hardfp chroot on my HTC One + bluetooth keyboard + 40" TV (via medialink) = desktop replacement; can finally get rid of that laptop ;]

You said you'd shut down the comments and pick a winner last night, since that hasn't happened yet, I can only assume it's because I haven't left a comment until now.

Go ahead and shut it down, I'm here and ready for my HtC media link!!

Forget what you heard before and after this would be a great father's day present. One man's desk clutter is another man's BOOYA!!

Oh please. I really could use this just not in the budget to buy one. A perfect gift for a dad to be!!!!

AC rocks with all their giveaways...maybe I can win this time!!!

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Please pick me. I've wanted one of these since I first got my HTC one x.. pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee

I've got the DNA and would love to have this thing you call media link. I've tried hdmi cables that suck very bad. Please help cause my wife won't let me spend anymore money on accessory for my phone. Married man down. HELP!!!!!!!!!! Plus I go to your site everyday. Please!!!!!

because your useless junk from the bottom of your desk draw would look good in my living room

Sure hope its not to late!!! I was eyeing this up when I bought my HTC Stereo clip a few weeks ago ....would make a great addition to the family!!

Lovin the spring cleaning contest! New to Android converted from iOS and love the way u can customize your phone to your personal style. Had my HTC one for about a month and a half and the media link is on my shopping list plz save me some hard earned cash and Pick Me!!

This will make A Perfect Father's Day Gift for Me. Well more of a Grandfather's gift so when my Granddaughter's are sitting on my lap playing games on my phone they can see them on Grandpa's big TV :)

Dude...Did I make it in time for the contest?

Love my HTC One, and this would only make it better!

I would be so happy to get this i use my phone to do everything and i hate cables

Hi, my name is Shaun.

I don't always win contests, but when I do-- I win HTC Media Link HD's.

(Maybe? That would be up to you!)

Just downloaded the new Android Central app. Love to celebrate the app with this!

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Pick Me Please. I've been wanting one fo quite some time. Its just a little out of my price range. Please and Thank you.

I've always wanted media link nowhere to buy here in plz make a the right decision, plzzzzzz. Thnx

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I never win anything, but I keep trying. I have an HTC Evo 4G LTE, and I'd love to add the Media Link to it. Thanks for running the contest!

That would be sweet to win since I just upgraded to the HTC One. Perfect for viewing my Moto GP races on my TV.

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