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The HTC Media Link HD is way to cool to be sitting here, unused in my desk drawer. See the review for a quick refresher of exactly what this baby can do, but know that if you have a Sense 4+ or Sense 5 phone and a television, you probably want it. So here's your chance.

Drop a comment below. Sometime late tonight, we'll shut the comments down and pick a winner at random. Be sure you have a working email address on file here at AC, 'cause that's how I'll get in touch with you to find out where to send it. When I've finished finding all the cool stuff I need to give away, we'll announce the winners here on the blog. 

Good luck!


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Spring cleaning: Win an HTC Media Link HD


Cool, I would like to have one of these. I might have to purchase one if you accidentally don't pick me.


Thanks for the opportunity To win this device wonder if cyanogenmod 10.1 would work with this.

When I got my ATT HTC One I was so pissed I couldn't get a Media Link which TMo, I believe, was giving away with theirs. I absolutely love the HTC One and I think it's one of the best smartphones ever made. I'd love to have the media link to go along with it and would even get to review then for my 500 person G+ Community that revolves around the HTC One, called HTC One (US)

I just got a Droid DNA, and would love to have this to go with it. Oh by the the new app. It was very convenient to post with. Thanks

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Since this contest is being picked by a random number generator, I hereby declare this post to be named Random Number.

Oh my gosh. I have an HTC one X+ that is begging for one of these

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I just bought an HTC One. This accessory would be a great complement. I hope I win!

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Pick me!!! The only reason i chose the htc evo 4g lte over the iphone5 is because i onlu use my phone forventertainment..the media link will be so awesome

I'll toss my name in the hat.

I bought my HTC One on day one and the AT&T store only had the 16 gig phones so I went to Best Buy and got my 32gig but they were not giving the media boxes away like the AT&T store was. AT&T were going to give them out till they ran out on that first day but I had to have my 32. They would not allow me to participate since I grabbed it next store :'(

So this would be a dream come true to get one.

Thanks for a cool promotion

My phone connecting to the TV either it is a recipe for disaster or total genius :)

Wanted to get it with the ATT One, but my contract wasn't up yet when they were offering it.

I almost pulled the trigger on one of these, seems awesome. Hoping I win, but I think I'll get one eventually.

there is know way i am going to be lucky enough to get picked out of all of these guys are getting too popular!! loljk....pick me please

I would be very appreciative as the new owner of this HTC Media Link HD! It would be very useful with my HTC ONE!

I'll be enjoying my first Father's Day this weekend with my three month old daughter. This sure would make a great addition to my entertainment center while I'm rocking that beautiful girl to sleep each night...been pondering getting one ever since I got my htc DNA.

I'll be enjoying my first Father's Day this weekend with my three month old daughter. This sure would make a great addition to my entertainment center while I'm rocking that beautiful girl to sleep each night...been pondering getting one ever since I got my htc DNA.

I've been waiting my whole life for this! I'll use it everyday and put it to good use!

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My girlfriend JUST got cable and an hdtv, no joke. So I forced her to buy a real phone too(HTC One). This would blow her mind!

It's Friday night and I'm here instead... :P Some love from AC? :P

This would be great with my dna. I have to win something one day if I keep trying lol

I could watch the Android Central video podcast on my big screen.

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A wise man once said 'forgiveness is divine, but never pay full price for late pizza.' -Master Splinter

Perfect for our his-and-hers HTC Ones... thank you for the contest!

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My sister would absolutely love this for her Rezound! This would be one more incentive for her to root and flash a Sense 4+ ROM on there; she's already planning to root and unlock it later this weekend. Thanks for the giveaway!

I've been trying to get one for so long I would love to compete my entertainment system with the media link hd

Since I dropped all Samsung for my HTC one, please pick me as I spent all my extra cash on this and my newborn baby diapers...

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I need this now!! I still rock my OG EVO as well as the LTE and the new ONE. I am a HTC phanatic. Pick me!!!

I want that media link for my DNA!! Also you guys rock, you help my day go by quicker.

On this father's day weekend I think I deserve it because I had my youngest get hit in the nose during baseball camp today. After many hours of bleeding only to find out it's broken. My oldest want be able even to talk to me on Sunday because he is in bootcamp and they took his phone. So this would make an already crappy father's day a whole lot better! If not please give to someone who is having it as bad or worse than myself. Thanks for your work. I love what you do!

If you pick me I will promise you to support this page and site every day and use the media link every day as well.

I would love one for my HTC One and big screen TV. I think it might even contribute to world peace. You're not agains world peace, are you??

pick me please as i got htc butterfly !! it will be useful for my butterfly soo that it can fly !! :D

I love my One and my Samsung tv! What a great combo.

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Before this post, I haven't heard of this device and must've missed the article on it. I'm amazed and would definitely use it to turn my phone into a media console.

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Good grief! I had no idea the Media Link what this in demand! Seems like there are more HTC people out there than me. Either that or people just love free stuff with no intention of doing anything with it.

I think it's the first one....

Actually maybe the second one....

Yeah, I'll go with the second one. SO give it to someone who will actually use it! ^THAT GUY^

When my Rezound first came out, the offical one fried when trying to stream netflix to a high def tv. I'd love a shot at trying out the latest and greatest.

Oh yeah. Gimme!

Edit: Yes, I will use it. At length.

Awesome contest!
I missed out on the AT&T offer as they had run out.
I hope I win :)

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Just got an HTC one after the awesome reviews from android central. The media link would be great addition.

This would be an awesome companion for my new HTC One, and great fathers day present!

Please pick me been wanting one for a long time it would be awesome to have one so me and my family can watch my daughters cheer videos on my tv instead of the phone thanks

Been a fan of HTC devices since Nexus One. Currently have the One, and Droid DNA. Still enjoy the Flyer / Jetstream which were undervalued / underappreciated by all tech sites

It would make an excellent addition to my HTC One. I bought it 2 weeks too late to get the AT&T Deal with it. Sad day.

I'd really like this, been trying to get ahold of one for a while

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Well, I never win contests, but I can't stop trying for this!

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The person who ends up winning this better not be someone who doesn't have an HTC device and is just screwing with us all. I'd like one though :-)

New to Android. Switched from iPhone 5 to HTC One and really miss airplay. Would love to try out that Media link.

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I would love to have this. I have been using a third party micro usb to hdmi converter, and it does not always work properly. Half the time, the audio audio and video cut out. Pick me please!!!

It's looking more and more like we'll be getting a pair of HTC Ones, so this would be swell! Also, the old HD Link worked with any DLNA device. Does that still hold true with these?

It's been a rough week... This would improve things. Thanks for the consideration, and keep up the great work!

Yes, it will go well with my EVO LTE and my new 60 inch tv

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