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The HTC Media Link HD is way to cool to be sitting here, unused in my desk drawer. See the review for a quick refresher of exactly what this baby can do, but know that if you have a Sense 4+ or Sense 5 phone and a television, you probably want it. So here's your chance.

Drop a comment below. Sometime late tonight, we'll shut the comments down and pick a winner at random. Be sure you have a working email address on file here at AC, 'cause that's how I'll get in touch with you to find out where to send it. When I've finished finding all the cool stuff I need to give away, we'll announce the winners here on the blog. 

Good luck!


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Spring cleaning: Win an HTC Media Link HD



i have been accidentally activating the htc media link on my evo lte since i got it a year ago, it would be awesome to actually have something to use it with!!!

comment with semi witty comment trying to stand out from the crowd just in case the contest is impartial.

I'd be very happy to win this and grateful but if that's just sitting in your desk it must be a treasure trove of awesome sauce! I'd like this and your desk please lol!

I wouldn't mind getting this. Good luck everyone. Curse the winner unless it's me of course lol I am kidding.

I'm "patiently" awaiting the HTC One to come to Verizon. I think if I had this, the wait would be more/less painful.

I've never wanted to get in your drawers more than right now! Wait... that came out wrong :)

Definitely would Love to win this.Been burning dvds using handbrake to play on my HTC one.Would Love to be able stream them to the TV

Oooh ooh ooh pick me! If I win, first thing I'll do is:

A) Film myself dancing
B) Use the media link to play said dancing on my big-screen TV
C) Film said video ON the TV
D) ????
E) Post to AC and profit!

I would really like to see this work(at my house)I had the sprint module when i had a S3 and it didnt work very well.


I've been purchasing Google Play TV and Movie content and I've been looking for a way to get that content on my TV. This would be PERFECT.

Just came back to android with the htc one. What better than to have this to go with it. Thanks a lot!

Would be great to tag along with my HTC one. Thanks for the opportunity!

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That HTC Media Link shoudl work on a number of Smartphones and tablets including Samsung that have DLNA. So since I have a Samsung GNex, I'm in.

This would be the perfect companion for my HTC One...keep considering buying but I just don't feel like spending $100 on it...

Wow that's an awesome little device. How come Verizon didn't sell me on when I bought my HTC DROID DNA or at least carry it in store?

I've waited a long time to afford this. I would definitely use it every day. My kids would also love it.

This would go wonderfully with my HTC One. My eight children will have a great time playing around with it in our trailer!

Another reason to get a one. Htc really hit it big this time

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Will not just sit in my desk drawer, just saying.... Pick me, paired with my HTC one I will show the Apple and Samsung sheep what this phone can do.

HTC is inovation to the power of research and possibilities

Without HTC we wouldn't have Android which we all enjoy


Wouldn't it be great if the greatest android site Android Central, gave a super guy a pretty awesome device to use with his pretty cool phone?...yeah it would!

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Hey Jerry! Send it to this side of the Atlantic. It will be very welcomed.

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This would be awesome to go with my eventual Verizon HTC One, but in the meantime I'd be able to use it on my work AT&T HTC One :)

That would be awesome to have it would go great with my phone and tv. Thanks!! :)

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I'd like to be entered in! My HTC One would be so much cooler with the official Media Link. Even if I'm not chosen, I think that's great to give something you don't use to someone who will - reduce, reuse, recycle!

Awesome you guys have such cool give even more awesome if you gave one to me.


Count me in! My HTC One would boom even more :D
It would go like triple boom :D
One for the one...
One for me...
One for the TV :D

I already have the HTC One so it only makes "sense" to have the HTC media link so it won't be doesn't have to be the lonelinest number......

My comment is going to comprise of nothing but random SwiftKey predictions: the phone and I have to take a look at the end of the improvements in the device is not a good deal of time to time and money on the screen like I did with the game cube the phone and I have to take a look at the end of the improvements to the point of view of the improvements.

AC rocks... I'd love to get my hands on one of these great little toys and help Jerry clean out his drawer!

Winning this would make my life so much easier. Either way thanks for doing these give aways. Us fans thank you.

Just got my HTC one. It doesn't interface with my Samsung smart tv like my old S3 did. So I could use it for all my stupid videos I've recorded and will be recording :)

What are the odds of winning? I'm like 0 for 1000. Well I wanna win lol

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Please pick me !!
I would love to lay my hands on one of these. It would go really well with my One XL :)

EVONATION ALL DAY #Beats#Kickstand#Androidcentral

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I'd love to have a media link for my new HTC one... Ac is the greatest place in the world :)

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Having just gotten a HTC One, I love to push it to the max. This doodad would help me do just that.

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