Sony Ericsson on Android Market

Sony Ericsson has announced the launch of its very own Android Market channel in a post on its official product blog. The manufacturer is among the first to launch its own Market channel, which will offer exclusive first-party apps for Sony Ericsson phone owners, as well as a selection of "recommended" third-party offerings. Sony Ericsson expects the updated Market app, with the new channel, to begin rolling out to its handsets from today.

What this also means is that the "My Apps" link in the Market app on Sony Ericsson phones will soon be replaced with a link to the manufacturer's channel, though "My Apps" will still be available by pressing the menu button. Predictably, though, the comments area under this latest post is now full of irate Xperia owners complaining about the loss of the "My Apps" link.

However, Sony Ericsson isn't alone in adding its own channel to the Market in this way. The Market app on our HTC Desire S review unit has a similar "HTC Recommends" section where the "My Apps" link would usually be, so it looks like this is something we could see more manufacturers doing in the months ahead. [Sony Ericsson Product Blog]


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Sony Ericsson announces Android Market channel


All Verizon phones have the same replacement. Instead of my apps (which you have always had to hit the menu button to access while in the market) there is a Verizon button. And it lists their recommended apps.

Oh, some (if not all) AT&T phones do this as well.

What happens when Carriers try to foist their own Market channel into first place and the Manufacturer tries to do the same thing? Then maybe resellers (Car toys / Best Buy) jump on the band wagon.

Google should simply lock this crap down and prevent it custom channels taking over the interface. The market is already (silently) Phone, Manufacturer, and Carrier specific. No need to have all these parties trying to vie for first place. Add a Menu option or Category labeled "Phone Specific" which only apps your phone is eligible for.