Lightning Strikes.

That the Samsung Galaxy S3 has a great camera is hardly a secret. But just how fast is that burst mode? Android Forums member BasPilot says he took nearly 2,000 pics of a recent storm in burst mode and got 25 or so good ones. Never mind the percentage on that one. Any good photog knows to just keep shooting. (This is the digital age, after all.)

Even better is that BasPilot's sharing a few of his captures in the forums. Hit the link below to check 'em out.

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Snapshot: Verizon Galaxy S3 captures lightning strikes [from the forums]


Not to make this feat seem trivial, the HTC ONE X can just capture frames video. It would seem to me that just capturing a video of the lightning strikes and going back and snagging the lighting strikes would be a lot easier.

I'm not sure how the quality would change. The posted photo looks very grainy to begin with.

No, it's quite grainy from a digital photography standpoint. Noise *what we call grain* is pretty well unavoidable on any super low-light shot with a cell phone camera, even those as good as the HTC One X and Galaxy SIII.

Edit: I'm not concluding bad things here, all cell phone cameras perform poor in low light situations, it's just a sad fact of life. Some do better than others but they're all bad in sense when you compare them to a shot from a real camera with settings and a lens more suited for the job.

Galaxy S3 and the HTC one, both has a supper good camera, but not fast as the one in the market, try to download this one ( Fast Burst Camera)it can takes over 30 pictures in a second.

seems like people are thinkin too much about the phone that captured the pic instead of just sayin WOW, BEAUTIFUL PIC ;)
reeally nice pic man.. i love lightening anyone wana do the math on how long a lightening strike is visible for and what the odds are of catching it in burst-mode lol? ;)

Well, this knit picker is sorry that you got your panties in a bunch. I happen to be a photographer and while I noted the picture was grainy I also didn't say that the shot (content) was crap.

I acknowledged the fact that the quality of the image was crap leaving it understood that because it was from a cell phone, at night, in the rain, etc. I also noted that as an alternative to the process (snapping 2000 burst mode shots) doing the video capture method would probably easier but I didn't know if there would be a positive or negative quality change given that it's still using a cellphone in the conditions listed above to make the photograph.

Again, you: Panties in bunch. Me: Offering a time saving alternative.

BEAUTIFUL shots! What state were these taken in? Even though I get bad storms here in the South, I don't see the strikes actually hit. Just wondering, but, had to say you did an amazing job! Glad you were only taking pics and not know how those state troopers frown on distracted driving hehe

We were traversing the Southern Utah Desert. Just north of the (former) Nuclear Test Site of St. Goerge, Utah. We were about 45 miles north of there at the time, maybe a little more.

And thank you.

Oh, and Grainy, yes, I know what you're talking about. There isn't much to do about it, as you said. I can tell you some of the "grain" is the fact that my wife can't keep her wind shield clean! HA.

I've taken similar shots of the storm that wrecked Virginia a few months ago using my HTC EVO LTE (basically the sprint version of the ONE X) using the burst mode and the video playback capture. I got excellent results vs my friend who was using a iphone 4s and another using a gnex (not knocking either phones).I use a cannon d60 EOS for work but even still my EVO camera impresses me every day considering what it is. Also for root users of the ONE X or EVO LTE there is actually an "HD CAMERA MOD" which you can flash that really does make a world of a difference in quality.