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Hack allegedly carried out by Syrian Electronic Army, Sky advises users to uninstall apps from devices

Sky TV has advised that their Android applications have been hacked, and as such all have been removed from the Google Play Store. The image seen here coincided with the latest 'update' to the Sky Go app, and appears to show the culprits behind the hacking. On their official Twitter feed, the Sky Help Team had this to say to their customers: 

UPDATE: All Sky's Android apps were hacked and replaced... please uninstall it, And we will let you know when it will be available

If you've downloaded a Sky TV app in the last 24 hours, the advice is clear. Remove it from your device, and Sky will update when they have resolved the situation. As it stands, all apps have now been removed from the Google Play Store. 

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Sky TV apps hacked, all now removed from the Play Store


They also had a weak password on their certificate key, otherwise it would be very difficult to fake an app update.

Which surely means whoever did it can upload whatever they like? Sky has said that the apk's have been replaced, I sure wouldn't fancy taking the risk

And you are being offensive to my religion over a hack? Haven't you got better things to do keyboard warrior? Take your hate to your mirror.

All the hate toward Muslims need to stop. Especially since Catholics/Christian's have killed more people in the name of god than any other religion.

All the hate towards Muslims, Christians, and pretty much every other religion needs to stop.

What you really meant to say was that historically, many people have exploited the Christian religion to attain their own (often evil) goals.

Forum mods, there NEEDS to be a "report" button for comments. This racist hate speech should NOT be allowed to be spewed freely.

Get this poster the hell off this forum.

Freedom of speech only applies to censorship by the government. AC or any other site is perfectly free to set whatever standards for comments that they like.

Please, religion has no place in a place like this. Everyone needs to stop bashing those of any religious persuasion, and report those with racist mouths.

Just checked the apps that were suposedly compromised. None of them are dangerous for your cell and they all work fine. There is no need to panic and unistall working app. As for 2 step ver it is not a cure for everything it still can be bypassed.

what they dont have 2 step verification for developers uploading content that is automatically updated to millions of devives by play store all over the world. amazing over sight by google for security. google is as much to blame for not making 2 step verification compulsory for all developers uploading content to play store

Who would bother about that app to hack with rating 2.4?!
And all this political sh..t is just a (stupid) PR move to get some "likes".