Skullcandy cover for the HTC One S

The Skullcandy protective cover for the HTC One S is a hard-shell snap-on cover designed to keep the phone from getting scratched and dinged during everyday use. The cover simply snaps over the rear of the phone, protecting the U.S. version of the One S' gorgeous blue and grey gradient paint job but keeping the sexy thin profile of the phone intact. 

The cover fits well, and there isn't any risk of it falling off. The top and bottom are cut out for easy access to controls and the dual-microphones, and the precision cut-outs for the volume switch, USB port, and camera align perfectly. The camera cutout is generous, and doesn't affect the pictures you'll take with the One S' amazing camera in any way.

While not designed for serious abuse, the Skullcandy protective cover will keep your One S looking like the day you bought it, and when combined with a good screen protector should keep everything scratch-free in any purse or pocket. To get one of your own, visit your local T-Mobile store or their website.  We've got a handful of pictures after the break.


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knightsray says:

That wallpaper makes the screen look alot bigger!

tatersalad says:

It really does, I would love to have that on my Galaxy Nexus.

tommydaniel says:

It's a case that makes the side of your phone look like the GS3

I thought the same thing...

virus786 says:

Jerry can you up the wallpaper, please?

yaguang says:

Skullcandy has realized that their crappy headphones aren't making good business!

blackbyrd says:

I like skullcandy earbuds. Cheap price point, decent sound.

ienjoysoup08 says:

do you know if a similar case is being made for the evolte?

Morjesta says:

definitely the wallpaper stole the post. :P >>share plz!<<