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There's really not much to say about Wednesday night's Mobile Nations-GeekBeat meet-up in Las Vegas other than this:

PBR. Beer Pong. Cali Lewis. Bull riding. Five kinds of pizza. Cali Lewis. Michael Oddo's awesome Android tattoo. Showgirls on the Vegas strip. Cali Lewis. Kevin Michaluk falling off the bull. Rene Ritchie falling off the bull. Phil Nickinson falling off the bull. The bull begging us to get back on it, only to throw us off again. Cali Lewis. 

But, really, the most important part — the thing that makes all this craziness worth it — is getting to meet the fine men and women who frequent our site. Thanks to everyone who came out. It was a blast, and a pleasure meeting you.

And we're not done yet — there's more CESlive on the way!

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nevetsca says:

Man, that looks like fun!

tr-1 says:

LOL, I love the slow-mo shots!
Great times guys!

Chondog says:

Wishing Cali rode the bull in slow mo.

dovlek says:

Cali Lewis!

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nevetsca says:

She was totally not drunk!

nickacs says:


btgrave says:

I enjoyed Georgia on it.

ozpain2 says:

You guys are hilarious! Thank you fir all the great work (and play) you bring to us

Deke218 says:

And a good time was had by all...

keith2k1 says:

I think we need Tom Brady to join the Android Central team.

Rene is sexy!!

drokssilva says:

I bet Jerry would have rode that bull like no one else! Lol

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K White1 says:

The bull is no fun because I'm usually thrown off too quickly, but maybe I need to give it a try when sober. Anyway, great video.

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Sachmojo says:

Either Mrs Nickinson doesn't read the site, or Phil is in for a long talk when he gets home for mentioning Cali a little too much over the week or so...