Moon as seen through the HTC Incredible (and a telescope)

Here's ye another example of why our forum members are the best. Locoman shot this picture of the moon through a 10-inch Dobsonian telescope -- with the HTC Incredible, putting that 8-megapixel camera to good use. But it gets even better. Check out his shot of Saturn -- yeah, the one with the rings that's way, way out there -- and some more moon shots in his forum post.


Reader comments

Shots of space - from the HTC Incredible


Why because that other dude is 'hurt' his pictures didn't make the front page of ANOTHER site. What a douche bag. "I did it first, but you can take pictures too" give me a break.

seeing as im totally knackered from a terrible day I guess my humor suffers cuz that was just hillarious for me right now ^^

Phil, props to you for featuring this on the blog. There is great stuff like this going up all the time. For anyone who isn't reading and commenting in the forums, what are you waiting for?? =]

Not to be over critical here but this moon pic was not taken with an HTC incredible... who's incredible has date stamps on their pics?
Didn't think so....

Funny buy yeah, no.. it doesn't. Not like the above pic. Under details bit not on your actual photo. Once again, I am right.

Uhhh obviously u don't own an incredible.....because if u go to settings u can set a time stamp that looks identical to that....I have it on all my the future please don't act like you know something when really have no clue....