Well, I guess that answers our question. France appears to be getting the HTC Pyramid by the "end of May." The Pyramid makes an appearance on what looks like an ad for French carrier SFC. This 4.3-inch device, powered by a 1.2GHz processor has been popping up a lot lately. Where will it show up next? Hopefully on an ad for a U.S. carrier.  [FrAndroid] Thanks, g123k!

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pDoG says:

They certainly have alot of badass phones ..

rsk99 says:

Does SFC use the same bands as AT&T?

Pierre#AC says:

The carrier is SFR (vodafone). SFR uses UMTS 900Mhz

Xephik says:

I thought the pyramid had that silver (Aluminum, must be) colored diagonal stripe running along the back?

And besides the Incredible 2/S, and the Nexus S, is there ever going to be a high-end phone coming out that ISN'T 4.3 inches? I have a wad of cash ready for the day, jeez. Simple request, OEMs. The Dinc 2 is a joke spec wise, it should be called the Dinc 1.5, and the Nexus S isn't on Verizon.

volcomrive says:

I like it better without the diagnol stripe

OpenMitko says:

The phone on the picture is not Pyramid - this is just Desire HD.