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In the name of transparency, HTC has just updated its software update support page to indicate that several variants of the HTC One (M7) and One Max are one step closer to a Sense 6 software update. Coming up just a week after HTC let everyone know that the Sense 6 update was on its way and in "integration" (that's step 2 of 4), the page has been updated to reflect that nearly every version is now up to the next step, "certification."

Across the U.S. and Canada, every version of the HTC One (M7) is bumped up to certification aside from the T-Mobile version, which is still in "development" (step 1). The One Max from both Sprint and Verizon is in certification, but the One Mini on both Rogers and AT&T is still stuck on integration.

The next step, if you look at HTC's handy chart, will be "push to customer," although that doesn't mean that the updates are necessarily going to hit another week from now. HTC has previously claimed that all One (M7) variants will get the update by the end of May, and it looks like they will hit that goal at this rate.

Source: HTC U.S.; HTC Canada


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Sense 6 update for HTC One (M7) and One Max variants reach 'certification' status on HTC website


Like mine too, I just kind of wish HTC would push updates to it faster.

NexusLogic - Working on his HTC One Max in the Nexus Lab

Aaaaand it's June, with no Sense 6. *womp womp*

EDIT: Aaaannnd I just checked for software updates and there it was. (*womp womp* to me)

but if you scroll down the page more you'll notice the virgin mobile desire 601 status has been at the 'certification' stage for MONTHS.. smh. my next phone will be a Motorola. the Moto G proves that Motorola doesn't forget about the little guy. updates everybody, not just flagships.

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lol. for shizzel @dizzel! whose that goof complaining about being the very last to get an update people with the same got months ago.

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so do you work for HTC?.. this phone hardware wise is identical to the One Mini & the One Mini is getting Sense 6.. I didn't expect this phone to go past a 4.4.2 update but now they're saying we aren't even getting that.

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I do. Who is "they" and can you point me to a link if otherwise? The software updates page clearly states that it will get KitKat 4.4

Awesome news
I love HTC's speedy updates. I will definitely be getting the One M8 for my next upgrade in two months!

Does anyone know if the one max is ever coming to att?I can never get an answer,I thought it would of by now.

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I thought that AT&T one mini status said "interrogation." I was extremely confused....and also imagined the batman/joker interrogation scene from the Dark Knight.

Yeah I think it's because of their Wi-Fi calling. Thank god I'm in good signal area and buy unlocked devices to use on T-Mobile. So Wi-Fi calling is not much use and so is T-Mobile branded devices.

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Nobody is asking you to go with anything.LOL
I don't understand, why are you getting always so excited on a HTC article, u made it clear too many times that u worship samsung. Here,they just released that k camera phone, what a beauty right ?! Stick to those articles.

First, I like all phones outside of the Nexus. Second, my comment had nothing to do with the M8, just stating a fact. There are plenty of my comments people can have issues with, this isn't one of them idiot
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I would rather have that title. I can choose to be nicer, idiocy is mostly permanent

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At this time the galaxy line is the only phone with wifi calling on sprint. There has been no word on other phones adding the capability

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Thanks I didn't know that. I only have my personal phones on Sprint my work play phones get spread out.

Thanks for the fyi

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