HTC Sense 6 on an HTC One M7

Sprint is rolling out an update to the HTC One M7 which brings a bunch of its software features up to date with the M8, namely with the inclusion of the Sense 6 interface. The native TV, camera app, and Blinkfeed are also getting an upgrade as a part of the rollout.

HTC Sense 6 adds a bunch of stuff, which you can read about in our HTC One M8 review, but in broad strokes, it makes for flatter user interface, there are new motion controls included, handy power management options, and of course, the BlinkFeed home screen reader.

This update [started working its way into Europe and Canada earlier this month, not to mention T-Mobile not long ago. HTC has a status page that shows Verizon's update is complete (though that hasn't yet rolled out to users) and that AT&T is still in the works. At this rate, it won't be long until all U.S. carriers have pushed it out.

Sprint HTC One M7 owners, have you received the update yet? Are you digging it? How many of you M7 owners don't have Sense 6 yet?

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Sense 6 coming today to the Sprint HTC One M7


Sprint updated the support page before rolling it out on the servers. I'm sure it'll be available this afternoon sometime.

The HTC software site shows the Verizon version is complete. Nothing here though.

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Well kind of. Acorn is the second to say this on this thread about a Sprint update. It's a Sprint update. Sprint is US only. This thread/story doesn't apply to them. Of course they don't have it yet.

Yes because it's not SPRINT. You should''ve gotten your update by now anyway.

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I was beginning to think that Sprint was going to get the update at the beginning of June, but I was proved wrong! Great work Sprint! Can't wait until I receive it!

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Are you replying to every single person who is not a Sprint subscriber and pointing out how stupid they are?

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I guess I have to also tell you that you're not on topic and need to realize it has nothing to do with SPRINT. Well besides the first part. Get trolled ^=^

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New blink feed and gallery are nice.
I preferred the old app drawer. I thoroughly dislike the color pallets for the themes. Hopefully more will be available. All in all, not as much to write home about as I thought.

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Okay, so I'm not in a hurry then, but overall does the phone run smoother and do you notice better battery life?

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Nothing in Chicago yet and htc page says Sprint isn't ready yet? Someone care to explain?

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Not on my unlocked UK M7 yet either on the three network :-(

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Got it... Oh wait, I'm on tmobile... And have the M8..The new Blinkfeed is nice, but I hope it doesn't slow the M7 down like a lot of updates tend to do after a phone is a year old.. .
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I understand that... I had an M7. I also believe in conspiracy theories that dictate some updates purposefully slow down phones in order to compel one to purchase a new one...

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At least its not like the KitKat update... I was freakin. Hitting that update button like crazy

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The Kitkat update was pretty boring though, hardly anything changed. I am really looking forward to Sense 6 because it improves so much on the uglyness of the current UI.

I have Sprint HTC M7, and have checked for sense 6 update daily, still no joy. Any idea when?

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Nothing yet. Hopefully it'll start rolling out by the time I get home and on WiFi, in a few hours.

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Just checked with HTC via twitter and they said that it's still in the certification stage.

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Sprint posted on their site and forum that it is available now. Seems like they jumped the gun. My guess based on prior updates is that it will actually be available tomorrow.

What's odd is that HTC still says it hasn't passed certification yet.

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Sprint HTC one stealth black. Nothing yet. Probably needs time to hit servers. After midnight just like the 5.5 update did.

Nothing here in San Antonio Texas area, and yes I have sprint and not verizon/att or am I from UK lol

Still nothing here in Augusta Ga,
Well off to sleep I go. Hope in the morning my Christmas present in May will be waiting. Lol

All done. Looks nice. Glad I live in Hawaii so I have plenty of time to play with it.

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My HTC one from m7 from Sprint is getting its update for sense 6 I live in arizona USA also I don't know if this helped but I kept pressing check for update then when it said no update I put ok then repeat that process until it told me I could do download the update

I'm sad that they removed some of the original HTC One (M7) notification sounds. It will take me a while to get used to a different text message sound. On the plus side, they did return the ability to have a different lock screen wallpaper.

Downloaded it this morning. Not overly impressed. The main thing that I don't like is the icon spacing on the home screens look off between the bottom row and the dock. Also, not too fond of the wallpaper choices, I'm not one for all the "busy" wallpapers. Themes are not for me either. I actually like the font from 5.5 (not sure what the name was) wish we could change the color of the text (without downloading fonts) so if you have a light colored wallpaper you can have dark text. Maybe there is a work around for this and I haven't found it yet.

I do like the ability to kill all the recent apps at one time instead of individually. Had to give it some props too :)

Oh boy! Here we go again! My signal strength indicator bars are back down to one bar--just like HTC screwed it up about two updates ago. Does anyone else have the same problem, or know how to fix this? I guess I'll be calling Sprint and HTC again today to complain.

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Try updating your PRL. I always do that immediately after an update so it connects to all active towers correctly.

I first updated my profile, which restored my signal bars. Now I'm going to try updating the prl because I'm having trouble with maintaining a data connection.

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I just got off the phone with both HTC and Sprint. HTC said it is Sprint and their towers. Sprint said it was something with the Sense 6.0 update put out by HTC. Hopefully HTC won't take as long as last time they screwed this up to patch this with a new update. I think it took them a few months last time to figure this out.

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I'm still having the data problem but I was having that problem yesterday too before the update. I'm on the Oakland - Emeryville border near San Francisco.

Same problem and its causing me such a head ache I cannot receive calls at certain places as there poor signal on the phone. Called HTC CS and they are hopeless. want to book my phone in to have a look and dont believe me that it is the update that caused the problem. Regret updating to sense 6 now.

The new look for blinkfeed was overpowering at first but it's growing on me. Not sure I like not having a background behind my apps I keep at the bottom of the screen. They are harder to see in blinkfeed. Would like to have a semitransparent dark box behind them on the blinkfeed page.

I do like the black on white settings page with the active setting colored the theme color.

Overall, I like Sense 6, but I think the previous version was simpler, easier to use. And BlinkFeed seems a tad busy now. Perhaps it's the smaller text, images, and theme colors (although the black theme isn't as jarring).

Also, my saved BlinkFeed articles wouldn't open after the update, which isn't a big deal but unexpected. I had to uninstall BlinkFeed from the Play Store, then re-install the app in order to clear my HTC Reading List.

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It reduced the effectiveness of the signal strength with both 4G and 3G. Yes I updated both the PRO, Profile, and rebooted. I hope HTC and Sprint work this out quickly.

After the Sense 6 update on my Sprint HTC One M7, both 4G and 3G data signal strength reception weaken significantly including Sensorly Speed Test results.

Battery drain seems faster also.

Yes I updated the PRL, Profile, and rebooted.

I hope HTC and Sprint quickly take notice and OTA a patch (for improving radios' reception).

Same problem here in Chicago on Sprint. Hopefully they'll get a patch out ASAMFP. Can't deal with this. Took a great phone and completely f'd it.

I called HTC and Sprint about this, as I too have experienced the same thing. They are currently clueless about this. Hopefully they will get the message soon. Be sure to post this information in the Sprint online forums in order to get their attention. Based upon my conversation with the Sprint representative, the online forums, which they monitor, is how they get their information. By the way, the same problem occurred for me during the last big update. They subsequently fixed it with an OTA update.

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Anyone know if there is a way to change the colors appearing newly in apps as a result of this update? My calendar sure is blue.

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Settings>Personalize>Theme. The color options are available there. I found the closest to the sense 5 was the gray.

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I wish they would include the ability to customize the theme colors or add additional themes to the play store! The ones provided are quite limited!

Got the update and I'm quite satisfied with most the changes. I'm sad that I lost the beautiful live weather wallpaper that was originally available though. I've been unable to find anything close to comparable on Play. :-( Anyone have any suggestions?

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I got the update last week. Was apprehensive in updating the M7; as the prior System Update made my Bluetooth stop working properly with my vehicle. However, the notes of the system update window seemed to provide a help in making the decision. Glad I did. This update fixed my bluetooth - it doesn't continuously drop while in use. I hated the change (color) in the blinkfeed - I prefered the extended panels the M7 had versus the colored frames provided in the update. This can be very annoying when waking up (view blinkfeed in the am before getting out of the bed) with bright colors as opposed to just pictures (old m7 blinkfeed). However, the new blinkfeed allows for additional media sources (jezebel, etc.)
I like that this update also helped with the sizing of icons on my home screen and also allowed me to view a !smaller font!!
I don't like the new keyboard as I have big hands and I keep hitting the voice recognition button AND when typing it replaces the word I have typed if I don't choose one from the autocorrect. That is my biggest disappointment (that is enough for me to find another keyboard through the PLAY store). Hopefully this is setting and I can fix it. If not, please update!

All in all the update is worth i and cudos to HTC for keeping up with Android. In the past this is why HTC has fallen behind competition. No one wants an outdated phone.

Hello. I have an HTC one m7 sprint. Currently on version 4.3 I wanted to update to 4.4 with sense 6 but the option to check for updates is missing on the phone. I go to settings, about phone and nothing is there. Please help