The HTC Aria tends to find itself sitting on the back burner when it comes to news, but for those still holding strong with the device you will be happy with this little treat. Earlier this week the Froyo Sense RUU was leaked for this device, and now it has been made available in a flashable ROM form. The wait is over, get yourself some Sense 2.2 on your device today. Be sure to let us know how it is, the good, the bad or the ugly in our forums! [XDA via Android Central Forums]


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Sense 2.2 leaked for the HTC Aria


I wish the Aria was on Sprint. My son would love it as a replacement for his Hero, and the more pocketable size would have even made it a tough choice vs my EVO.

I can't really go that far because It lacks the horse power that I like in my EVO, and the huge bump in screen real estate. It definitely has a really solid build and is faster than the HERO though

Looks like it. I just looked at the XDA forum and there are two new Sense UI froyo threads that are already farther along than the wildfire port made it. Exciting!

I don't know why everybody hates on the Aria. All the iPhone fan boys love mine because it's such a convenient size. The only feature I wish it had was a forward facing camera.