Samsung washing machine and smartphone app

One of the more interesting things to come out of Samsung's CES 2012 press conference was a quick glimpse at this Android app which would connect to one of their smart washing machines and notify you when your load was done. Details were skimpy, but I got the impression that you would be able to a bunch of other tasks on the washing machine remotely with the app. 

Android Central @ CES

The running theme for big electronics manufacturers like Samsung has been tying up all of their various businesses into one another, and though there are some really obvious synergies between, say, TVs and tablets, utilities like this washing machine Android app are much more unexpected and interesting. LG's thinking very much the same thing; during their press conference, LG showed a fridge which could shunt your grocery list to your phone.

My big worry is that these manufacturers will close themselves off so that unless you're an all-LG house or an all-Samsung house, you won't be able to enjoy a fully-connected home. A washing machine is a big purchase, so if you buy it for this Android utility, then you're more or less locked-in to buying Samsung phones for the indefinite future, right?


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Samsung washing machine pings your phone when load is done



Wow man, I've never just snapped a picture of a comment and texted it to other people.

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I love this idea but Samsung isn't exactly the name that springs to the tip of my tongue when it comes to washing machines. I hope that they're just OEM'ing Maytag or Whirlpool or some other brand.

Go to South Korea and it'll blow your mind how everything is made by:

Samsung, LG or Hyundai. Escalators, TVs and monitors, air conditioners, washing machines, phones, cars... There's even a "Samsung Car Insurance" company. Samsung bank/insurance. It's mind-blowing lol. Not to mention the Samsung Anycall carrier as well as LG U+. Surprisingly those last two don't sell only their own phones, it's funny to see a Samsung phone on the LG carrier haha!

Pff I work on these everyday and Samsung and lg are the 2 I hear from customers the most that HATE them.

And then Apple will come along with sleek, brushed metal washing machines that you can talk to directly, "Use less starch in my shirts, Siri" and it will be magical. Then they'll sue the Samsung and LG systems out of existence.

Yeah I agree with the last paragraph, if manufacturers start integrating their devices with Android services that can all communicate together, I really do hope they keep it open - add value to the whole Android ecosystem (which they are greatly benefitting from), rather than try to keep customers locked-in.

My guess is that since Apple's locked-in, integrated, ecosystem is working REALLY well for them, others are more and more trying to follow that model. IMO this will be the real fragmentation of Android, and I'll choose to support whichever manufacturer keeps things open and interoperable.

My fear is we're walking straight into an era of un-interoperable computing, like it used to be before the Internet craze forced everyone to support TCP/IP, HTTP, FTP, SMTP and so on. I guess these things come and go in cycles, but it'll still suck...

As the owner of an appliance repair company, STAY AWAY FROM SAMSUNG WASHERS/DRYERS/FRIDGES......Cant go wrong with good old Whirlpool & Bosch appliances. LG has suprised me in a good way with their appliance line in the last few years after some initial growing pains. But Samsung & GE are huuuge no-no's at the moment.

My washer already has a way of letting me know my clothes are done it's called a buzzer. Last thing I need on my washer is a kernel panic.

My washer doesn't buzz, but my dryer does. Even so, it's not a feature I have a need for. What's next?

Notifications when the toast pops up?
When the beer is cold? <---(actually, that one I do want!)

I'd actually love something like this, my washer and dryer are in the basement and you can't hear the buzz or beep go off. Would be nice to get a notification on my sgs2 that my clothes are ready to be thrown into the dryer. I wouldnt' buy it just because of this but I don't see how it's a negative.

I forgot that my fridge is made by samsung :)....Seriously though, I like that I can control my thermostat, my car starter, my alarm all from my phone or tablet, regardless of OS. Heck Sears/ Craftsman has a mobile garage door app.

Problem is that some of this is stuff should be work on wifi and not have a fee attached to it.

Car starters like drone mobile, viper, on-star (yeah it's cool) cost monthly fees as do ADT or whoever your alarm company is.
I don't think that Sears should be charging or any home appliance should have a monthly fee associated with it. Give it an ethernet or wifi connection and be done.

These things sound nice but this is gonna make more things to go wrong with your Appliance. There are already 3 boards on most new washers...why not add more sh!t to replace lol

It's cool and all but I'll pass on this one. It's only a washing machine. I've got a 30 year old Maytag that's still humming along quite nicely.