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If you watched Samsung's unveiling of the Galaxy S III (Galaxy S3) at Earl's Court, London back in May, you'll know that the manufacturer made quite a bit of fuss about its new nature-inspired design language. And today, Samsung has created a short video presentation showing how its design team went about incorporating this "inspired by nature" theme into its latest flagship smartphone. In bringing its latest flagship to life, Sammy says it drew inspiration from  the gentle, curved lines found in the natural world.

In the five-minute video, Samsung designers and execs explain -- in broad terms, and with a fair amount of flowery language --how the S3 differs from other Samsung smartphones. One designer remarks that the overall shape of the phone was inspired by pebbles on the beach, while the company's VP of mobile design says it wanted a more emotional connection between phone and user.

Elsewhere in the video, we get down to the technical details involved in creating a curved design without subtle imperfections, as well as the challenges involved in bringing the S3's software to life.

We know not everyone around these parts is a huge fan of the Galaxy S3's physical design, or some of the design decisions it's made in the TouchWiz Nature UX, but whatever your opinion of the phone, this video is worth a look. It's a chance to take a peek behind the scenes, and understand how the S3 came to become the phone we're now familiar with.

You'll find Samsung's full Galaxy S3 design story video embedded after the break.

Source: Samsung Tomorrow (Korean)


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Samsung sheds light on Galaxy S3 design process in new video


I really think Samsung nailed it with the physical design of the S3. It makes you want to use the phone more because it feels so right in your hands. The S3 really feels like a flagship phone, something I didn't get out of my S2 (which was still a really awesome phone). It's such a departure to the iPhone which uses harsh edges and lines and I like that Samsung is thinking on there own now. I believe this is the best phone on the market in any OS.

Touchwiz on the other hand just needs to go. While it does add some functionality, for the most part it makes for a terrible experience when using the phone. I hate to think that there are people out there who think this is what Android is like (average Joe). Even though I am rooted I currently run Apex Launcher to get that vanilla Android Feel to the phone. Touchwiz needs to come from Samsung as an optional launcher. Stock ICS + the physical design of the S3 equals the best phone out there.

I still don't like the physical button on the GS3. I'd have rathered on screen buttons like the Nexus or all capacitive buttons. It's really the one thing that ruins the design for me...until you turn the screen on. Then it's TouchWiz that ruins the design. God, it's so ugly.

This is a simple solution. Put a replacement home screen like Go Launcher EX or Apex and quit your bitching. There are only solutions, not problems!

I agree about the launcher. Nova was the first thing I installed. However, I don't have a solution for not using the home button for multi tasking. I wince every time I press the home button. It feels kinda cheap and I'm worried the more I press that button, the sooner it's going to stop working. I wish I could bring up the recent programs list with a long press of the back button instead of the home button.

Im rooted also and i got to say I still like touchwiz(well parts of it anyways). Like being able to choose how many home screens i want, Being able to rearrange apps in the drawer to where i want, the lockscreen and so on. Ive been on Aosp and CM10 JB, CM9, Aokp and countless others but none of them done it for me.

p.s. I hate how they removed the bottom row of icons when you go into the apps draw.

p.s. I hate how they removed the bottom row of icons when you go into the apps draw.

You can blame apple for that. I think that was one of the things that they were sued on.

amen brotha touchwiz is fking garbage,i dont understand how they continue to use the sht over and over. its the main reason im sticking with my nexus. i would die if i had to see touch wiz everytime i turned my phone on. the moto blurr on my old bionic was bad enough

Pebbles and nature... where have I heard that before, oh yeah, the Palm Pre. Galaxy S2 design... where have I seen that before, oh yeah, the iPhone. When I think Samsung, I don't think innovative design. Don't get me wrong: I'm glad the S3 is curvy and Samsung decided to make it very different from the boring iPhone, but this whole inspired by nature thing is not new either.

Except the Palm Pre and the S3 look nothing alike. People can be inspired by similar things and come to different conclusions. Also pretty sure things were inspired by nature before the Palm Pre hit. Get off it.

"People can be inspired by similar things and come to different conclusions"

Hah! Tell that to the patent office!


"Look at this phone, and notice how much it does NOT look like ANYTHING Apple makes! Behold the design inspired by NATURE, and not by Steve Jobs and his round corner fetish! And the UI! It is so organic that it cannot be compared at ALL to the blocky, over-toned, mechanized monstrosity that powers the iPhone! Sit in awe of the Galaxy S3 and be amazed by how much it is NOT an iPhone clone!"

Don't get me wrong, I own an S3 and have never had an iPhone in the past so I am not trying to troll here, but given all the bad press Samsung has had for like 2 years running, and the debacle in court, you have to wonder if differentiation as a marketing strategy just now occurred to them.

The phone is a powerful one for sure, but I don't see the "innovative" design they are talking about. It's a plastic looking, and plastic feeling device, like the GS2 I own. It's got a curved screen like the GNex or Nexus S. The battery cover doesn't make me think rocks sparkling in a stream, it makes me think anodized aluminium, which would be cool if it really was anodized aluminium.

Don't get me wrong, I'd love to have one, not for it's looks though, but rather for it's powerful insides and HD screen.

I specifically bought this phone because of its 'inspired by nature' selling point. What inspires the design of a phone is a major selling point for me, as I'm sure it is for all of you.

What a disappointment. My Blue S3 is nothing like a pebble found on the beach. NOTHING!

As soon as I took it out of the box and held it I had the buyers remorse. WHERETF IS MY SILVAN GLADE?!?!?

Blatant false advertising.

If you wanted a pebble found on the beach so badly, you should have saved your money and gone and found one. Who the hell buys an advanced piece of mobile technology and complains that it doesn't closely enough resemble a rock? Blatant stupidity.

@danfinger: So did you keep or return the phone? If you kept it why, since you could have returned it within the trial period since, "the design of a phone is a major selling point..."

If you returned it then do you mind sharing what phone you do have, and what specifically inspired the designers of that device?

Or could it be your comments are not for real, and you were just being sarcastic?

What in nature is as slippery a rock as the S3? A slimy brook rock perhaps.

Made the choice for the S3 because
-SDHC card, battery size & are swappable
-PHYSICAL home button is a huge attractor
-Lots of nifty features

Why I did not make the S3 choice?
-Slippery surface. A slippery surface is the #1 dislike.

Thank you for your wisdom. Got a case and installed a case weeks prior to your wordy reply.