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With less than two weeks remaining before Samsung's next flagship phone is unveiled in London, it seems we're beginning to see the start of the marketing campaign for the device. The image you see above comes from tgeltaayehxnx.com, the address of which is an anagram of "The Next Galaxy". The URL was first outed in a tweet from Samsung Mobile earlier today. And the page's title refers to a "whole new universe", with additional clues hidden in the page's metadata -- "Discover how Samsung is about to challenge the way you view the GALAXY once more."

A quick WHOIS lookup for the domain reveals it's owned by marketing agency The Upper Storey, which has been involved in campaigns for the likes of Nokia, Intel and LG in the past. The agency has also registered thenextgalaxy.com, an unscrambled version of the URL above. That site is currently password-protected, however.

The focus of the teaser site is a giant clock counting down to 12 noon UK time tomorrow, April 23 (7am EDT, 4am PDT). With the London event still a good 10 days away at that point, it's unlikely we'll see an official announcement, but some more clues about the Galaxy S III next Galaxy could be unveiled. One thing's for sure -- we'll be watching with interest come noon tomorrow.

Source: tgeltaayehxnx.com; via: AllAboutSamsung


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Samsung 'Next Galaxy' teaser site appears


Insanely bigger screen, new processor, and improved camera

So they call it NEW UNIVERSE

Someone is reminding me of Apple

No doubt. Bookmarked the site and it tagged itself as "a whole new galaxy"
Sounds like more than a minor upgrade is coming.
Although, even the minor upgrade theorists state -quad core, larger hd screen, newest software and larger battery. Guess the term "minor" is relative.


Yeah if this phones a flop i'm gonna try and grab an SGSII or Nexus on a 12 month contract when its cheaper and wait for a year. The small difference won't bother me, unless its a big change in which case i'll invest in the SIII.

So you wrote a blog post about a website, but you didn't think it might be relevant to link to that website?

I love Android Central, but I hate AC's practices regarding links. You guys almost never link to outside sites when you mention them in an article, you only link to the blog tags at AC. Like I said, I love you guys, but I'd rather go to the source.

EDIT: I see now that you do have it linked, but only have it labeled by a rather unclear domain name. It is not clear that this is the site you're talking about, and my critique of your linking practices stands.

"my critique of your linking practices stands."

Read this out loud, and try to say it with dignity... I shit you not, you'll never wanna look at yourself in the mirror again.

Then only a few months until the USA carriers are rumored and only a few more months until it makes it to America.
See the above article on HTC One X coming to AT&T for how the time frames are supposed to be done.


We ave already seen the htc phone of this year: one x

and this is the samsung phone of 2012: s3

and soon google will release the nexus

which phone should i buy for 2012-2013 ?

Considering this past Nexus was a dud, and really the only real advantage to having a nexus is for developers, I'd say wait til you see what Samsung had to offer and choose between then and HTC. Maybe the Nexus if someone other than Samsung makes it this year.

The above YouTube link shows the Samsung Galaxy S3 (or whatever its called) in a dummy case. That has already been revealed so this isn't a revelation.

@zammo - reply to it, don't just post a new comment :P

i hope they do a worldwide launch and offer peeps in america a deal if they trade in their S2's. i can only wish though :\

Hate to be Negative.. But with the fact that I bought the Samsung Epic 4G Touch and haven't seen any real updates to address the issues with the phone.. I don't know if I'll ever buy another Samsung phone again. I'm sorry I don't have a lot of confidence in a company that throws out a phone on the Market and then just forgets those who buy it. I have even given up on ever seeing the Ice Cream release for it. If I want an Ice Cream ROM I'll have to get it from the Devs.. So I'm stuck with a 1/2 Ass working right phone till I can upgrade again. Unless I shell out the cash for a new phone without a contract change.

I'm really looking forward for this device, if it's anything close to what the galaxy s II was to it's generation of devices it's going to be the greatest phone ever!! Otherwise the HTC One X looks like a good option...

I'm looking forward to see what Samsung brings to the table, hopefully this will be revolutionary phone and not "evolutionary" like other products.

EDIT: The only issue is that Samsung takes forever to update their products (sometimes never doing so), and if the next Android O.S is released/announced at I.O 2012, it would be months before the "new Galaxy" sees that update....

"tgeltaayehxnx" it's a code name, you can take apart galaxy from it and there's a "tetehxn" left that I believe It's gonna be a name for next galaxy phone which is awesome theory :D

They are going to have The Beatles as their main wallpaper :-)and it will come loaded with their entire music collection!